Removal Options

Foul Speakers offers several removal options. They range from single item removal to bulk jobs with prophylactic measures and third party services.

Single Item Removal

Any item can be removed from instantly using the PayDelete button.


If you see this button below the title of an item you want removed then you should be able to remove it instantly with one small payment:

NOTE: Foul Speakers is the first website that PayDelete has ever been used on. We have tested it extensively in our development environment, but there could be unexpected compatibility issues with the live server. Our biggest concern is communication problems between our webhook and the payment processor. That could cause customers to become confused and frustrated by a lag between when the payment is processed and when their system informs our system. If anyone experiences a delay of more than 10 minutes please Contact Us.

Bulk Jobs with Prophylactics

UPDATE: In June of 2021 we began using a plugin to delete items with duplicate titles in bulk. We intent to repeat the process periodically. If there are a bunch of items about you with duplicate titles there probably will not be for long. This process typically removes all but one copy.

Foul Speakers is a search engine and web archive that aggregates content from a variety of sources. Sometimes users post identical or strikingly similar items about the same subjects on more than one website. Those subjects often find multiple items about themselves on Foul Speakers. In such cases it often does not make sense to charge the same person or organization the same rate. In an effort to keep removal affordable we offer bulk discounts, but keep in mind that affordability takes time due to human resource requirements on our end. We provide bulk removal quotes through two types of channels.

Contact Us Directly

If you are only trying to remove content from Foul Speakers then you might want to contact us directly for a quote. Time permitting we may even do bulk jobs for the price of one provided there are not many items. We don’t want to guarantee anything at this point because we don’t want to be contractually bound to time constraints, but our goal is to generate revenue on a per customer basis as opposed to a per item basis. If there are more than 10 items we may charge more and if there are so many items that removing them would require considerable time we will certainly charge more.

Third Party Services

Foul Speakers works with third party reputation management services to help find affordable solutions for their clients. These services operate by establishing working relationships with webmasters so that their clients can remove items from as many sites as possible. We began working with them after they reached out to us on behalf of their clients. We only work with two at the moment, but are willing to work with any reputation management company provided they agree to similar terms.

These two companies work with several websites that Foul Speakers aggregates content from. In some cases you might prefer to purchase a comprehensive package deal via one of them that covers source websites and others that they work with. In such cases we will gladly offer them (and ultimately you) a bulk discount on items found on Foul Speakers.

Learn more:

If you own or work for a different reputation management company and would like to establish a working relationship contact us.

Prophylactic Measures

Foul Speakers offers prophylactic measures to decrease the likelihood of your name appearing on this site in the future as part of any bulk job. We will attempt to block unique text sequences likely to be detected in future items mentioning the same customer provided that the text being blocked is not so generic that it would likely block a lot of unrelated items. Text sequences like the name of a person, a business, or some other identifier unique to the customer or the content removed.

We do not advertise prophylactics with single post removals due to the automated nature of the PayDelete plugin. Prophylactic measures require human resources, so we do not want to make any guarantees that would force us to drop what we are doing every time someone uses PayDelete. That would defeat the purpose of improving efficiency through automation, but we also prefer that the Foul Speakers bot not pick up the same content in the future, so if you are a PayDelete customer feel free to contact us with a request.

Think of our prophylactics like condoms for your reputation. They will probably keep you safe, but they can break. Keyword blacklists can fail when someone spells something differently or uses a special character. If we have previously blacklisted anything for you and it does not work contact us. We will try to address the issue within a reasonable time frame.


If the option you are hoping for is not included above it might be for reasons outlined below:

Are You Claiming a Statement is False?

If so, remember that the purpose of Foul Speakers is to document foul speech and lies are a form of foul speech. Thus any claim that a speaker uttered a false statement is also a claim that the speaker is a foul speaker. As we explain on our home page:

“A lie is on of the most foul types of speech that there is. False statements are typically far more deserving of inclusion in a foul speech archive than truthful ones. We will not remove results simply because they are false because when someone claims that a statement is false they are admitting that it was made by a foul speaker.” –

Every time the Foul Speakers bot documents a false statement made elsewhere on the internet it essentially make a truthful statement of its own. That truthful statement is that a statement was made by another. When the statement of another if found to be false, that does not change the fact that stating that the statement was made will always be a true statement.

Do You Have a Court Order?

Then get another one ordering whoever is responsible for creating the content in question originally to use PayDelete, buy you a PAARIS Silver Package or purchase removal services via one of the aforementioned third party reputation management companies. We do not honor “orders” from courts outside of the country within whose borders the website is physically located unless the “order” is sufficient to establish that an observation made my our bot is inaccurate or in the case of comments a TOU violation that by itself would qualify the content for removal. Keep in mind however that there are some types of content that we will do not tolerate under any circumstances and if your “order” establishes that the content in question qualifies then we will treat it the same as we would treat it if those facts were established any other way. The country where the server is physically located can be found in our TOU. Doing otherwise would cripple our assets while creating unnecessary expenses. It would also legitimize courts in countries that lack a legitimate government. Countries like the United States where its citizens have been stripped of protections they are entitled to under the Bill of Rights by centuries of unconstitutional legislation and court decisions that could not have been made by anyone that swore an oath to uphold the Constitution without breaking that oath.

Our position is necessary to combat forum shopping, strategic lawsuits against public participation (SLAPP), and due process violations. Forum shopping takes place when a plaintiff chooses a forum more favorable to them either because local laws favor their position or the defendant lacks the ability to defend a suit in that location. SLAPP lawsuits are designed to force a defendant to choose between censorship and the expenses of defending the lawsuit. Due process violations take place when courts issue “orders” that if honored would deny someone liberty (ex: the ability to speak) or property (ex: a web page) before a jury renders a verdict. Even a jury verdict is not necessarily proof that someone did anything wrong due to courts lacking checks and balances sufficient to prevent juries from voting with their hearts instead of their minds. Any court that entrusts decisions as important as those made by juries to people too stupid to get out of jury duty cannot possibly be relied upon to produce accurate results. These concerns would not exist if courts upheld the First and Fifth Amendments of the U.S. Constitution literally as they were written in 1791.