Dumbass Test

Dumbass Test

Foul Speakers has developed a simple test to help you decide if you should believe what you read on the internet. The test involves one simple question. How you answer it determines whether or not you should believe what you read on the internet.

Are You a Dumbass?

A. Yes

B. No

C. I Don’t Know

What Your Answer Means:

A: If your answer is A then by all means believe what you read on the internet. You clearly have such a low opinion of yourself that you are incapable of competent thinking. You are the reason why IQ tests should be prerequisites for voting. You are a stupid person solely responsible for your own stupidity and its consequences. You are most likely hopeless, but capable of change if you decide to stop making stupid decisions. You should take your first step towards self improvement by deciding not to believe what you read on the internet.

B: If your answer is B then prove it be deciding not to believe what you read on the internet. You might not be able to get what you read out of your mind, but you can decide not to form conclusions based on it. You can consciously decide that an unverified accusation is nothing more than a possible subject for further investigation, but until then not worth your time. You can tell yourself not to let what is in the back of your mind motivate you in any meaningful way.

C: If your answer is C then you are most likely in denial about the correct answer being A or not aware of your own potential due to the correct answer being B. Take some time to reflect upon yourself and your action until you can answer this question conclusively.


There you have it. The Dumbass Test that everyone should take before deciding to believe anything they read on the internet. It is a good test because even if someone is a dumbass they are naturally inclined not to categorize themselves as such. Since most people do not wish to be a dumbass they should find enough self motivation to show the world that they are not dumbasses by consciously deciding not to believe what they read online unless they investigate the matter beyond face value.

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