Dalilah boutarfa LISTENS 2 GOD, United Kingdom

Dalilah boutarfa LISTENS 2 GOD, United Kingdom

Liar Cheater Woman, United Kingdom

Dalilah boutarfa is the mother of Katia Assma Benaissa and Linda Benaissa and Sarah BenaissaThey all live in Great Britain.Dalilah boutarfa is an undocumented migrant in the United Kingdom who has been hearing voices she says are from God for almost 20 years now.Dalilah proves gods existence by telling her daughters misfortunate events that will take place in thier LIFES because God told her it will happen to her daughtersOne in particularLinda Benaissa who is a victim of molestation of her older sister Katia Assma BenaissaDalilah boutarfa says that God instructs her to poison her daughter Linda Benaissa’s food and God told her to beat her daughters and abuse them as childrenDalilah regrets nothing in her life because God was always talking to her throughout her time abusing her 2 children! Katia and LindaDalilah has no remorse for her abusive mean streak because GOD INSTRUCTED HER AS TO HOW TO ABUSE HER CHILDREN! Make no mistake THE DEVIL DOES NOT EXISTTHE HOLY SPIRIT SPOKE TO VIRGIN MARY FOR GOD IN THE FORM OF VOICES!This was the same for Dalilah boutarfa!She was hearing the Holy Spirit talk for God instructing her on life and how to be abusiveJust like Virgin Mary got told about Jesus!GODS DISGUISE IS THE DEVILTHE DEVIL IS NOT REAL

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