• I will avoid NewsMax w/ Bob Sellers until he is fired. Disgusting treatment of Mike Lindel!!!!

  1. You just picked up all of these new viewers displaced by Fox News and are close now to losing them already to OANN! Please consider an on air apology to Mike Lindell and the viewers from the on air host. Actual apologies go a long way. It’s what we have never received from Fox, or from any of the politicians we are fed up with.

  2. Bob Sellers is a joke! Dude is the worst that NewsMax had to offer and now he shows his true liberal motives. I prefer Nancy Pelosi over Mitt Romeny and now I prefer CNN over NewsMax. I hate fake!! I would take a straight up wolf over a wolf in sheep’s clothing. If NewsMax does not fix it, I am done with them. I know I am not alone because millions left Fox for the same reason. Bob Sellers is a rude lefty that is not even good at his job. I know NewsMax is scared of Dominion and that is wimpy in and of itself, but to have Lindell on to talk about censorship and then censor him while on air, is as hypocritical as I can imagine!

  3. I cannot add anything to what JOHN had to say! Bob Sellers rude treatment of Mike Lindell was totally uncalled for and disrespectful. NewsMax should fire Sellers ass, issue an on-air apology to Mike, and place a large order of My Pillows!

  4. Bob Sellers Has to go we don’t need another rhino on Newsmax that’s why I left fox if you continue to do this and I will not watch Newsmax anymore either and only will watch oan. I thought Newsmax was different than fox but obviously with people like Bob sellers who is a wolf in sheep’s clothing you’re just doing what fox dead and you will deserve to lose all your viewers also

  5. News Max will lose a boatload of viewers if they don’t get rid of Bob Sellers! It was dispicable the way he talked to Mike Lindel.

  6. Does anyone have a good comment about Boob Sellers? Not me. I switched from Fox to newsmax for conservative views and truth but it seems the liberal hack has infiltrated newsmax.
    I’d be willing to chip in on his contract buy out….fire him and hire someone who is aware he/she is on a conservative news station.

    I think boob sellers amd chris Wallace should join up and start a liberal news show

  7. I see that Bob Sellers has not been fired yet !! So I guess Newsmax is just like Fox after all !! I’m so disappointed !! Bob Sellers is always rude but now Childish !! I already deleted my app and I will watch OAN

  8. I changed cable providers after Bob’s flippen performance with Mike Lindell. I added Newsmax to my last cable package to get rid of FOX. You guys are unbelievably STUPID to keep Sellers! He is a disgrace!

  9. I was watching live when Bob Sellers interrupted Mike Lindell repeatedly and talked over Mr. Lindell. I was shocked! At that moment I thought what Mr.Sellers was doing was very unprofessional for a journalist and being flat out rude to a guest that Newsmax had invited. Yes, that sort of behavior is commonplace around networks like CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, NBC, etc., but not Newsmax. Thankfully! After watching true professionals like Greg Kelly, Grant Stinchfield, Rob Schmidt and Joe Pinion along with all of your very talented and professional lady journalists, Bob Sellers sticks out like a sore thumb who clearly does not belong at Newsmax, regardless of his past accomplishments. He is arrogant like many of the other anchors on the above mentioned networks.

  10. Joe Pinion is awesome. I have been watching him on Saturday mornings over the past couple of months. His language skills are impeccable and his use of language along with a rich vocabulary are inspiring. He is thorough, well prepared, courteous and gives people food for thought during his show. We also very much enjoy Rob Schmidt (great aquisition from Fox), Greg Kelly and Grant Stinchfield. The ladies, Emerald Robinson, Rachel and Ms. Childers are also very good. I’m glad to have switched from Fox to Newsmax.

  11. Bob seller exposed newsmax selling out as part of the fake news propeganda., respecting election talking points.
    I only watch OANN, I want real news, max news left investigative reporting for parroting fake news. I week after newsmax censoring mike’s free speech as he talkied on the root of Twitter cancelling him , Mike ‘s program on proof of voter fraud was featured on OANN. Mike’s program shows the receipts of a stolen election by foreign and domestic characters.

  12. Why haven’t you fired Bob Sellers! His interview with Mike Lindell was disgusting, and terrible to watch! I’ve stop watching until he is!!!

  13. I was shocked by bob seller’s total censorship of Lindell. And I disagree with bob’s statement about newsmax’s view on the election fraud. Bob talked over mike the entire time. Felt like watching cnn

  14. He is still there. Like nothing happened. No explanation, No apology, nothing. He is left leaning and loves to interrupt the conservatives on his show. When he interrupts it is for nothing notable he does it just to shut up the guest. I can’t stand to listen to him, he is so fake to the stature of NewsMax. I love his co host

  15. Until Bob Sellers is fired I will not watch Newsmax, and deleted the app for Newsmax. Shame on you Newsmax!!!

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