Michelle L. Krafjack


Michelle L. Krafjack

Staff Sergeant Michelle L. Krafjack of the United States Marine Corps, 31 years old female. Currently resides in Glenn Burnie, Maryland. Originally from Middlesex New Jersey.
My boyfriend wanted to join the United States Marine corps back when he turned 18. He attended Severna Park Senior High School. His father was former military and believed his path was to join and served his country.We both wanted to join, but I chose college instead. He met Staff Sergeant Krafjack in school where she provided information about the military.
I was unaware of their activities until one day he received a massive amount of texts from her very late in the day. Sometimes these text will come in as late as 2 A.M. My boyfriend’s behavior started to change since meeting her. We will see each other less and use excuses he needed to spend more time with his recruiter for exercising and improving himself. My friends also notice the different behavior and told me it was very odd how he spend more time with his recruiter as well as her only recruiting men as oppose to women.
I found out that my boyfriend was having sex with Michelle weekly. The excuses that he make were to meet up and drive to her place and have sex. Sometimes they meet up in public areas and engage in oral sex, intercourse and anal sex. She love eating his ass. Exchange of text messages and phone calls were frequent and she advise them both to delete it, so there would be no evidence of their relationship.
From the text she said it is very normal for military member to sleep around and it happens a lot and to not feel guilty for being attractive and with an older women.She use her image of being in the military and vagina to lure my boyfriend in to joining the military and being in a relationship with her.
They both confess their love for each other and when they are apart they wish to be together always. Staff Sergeant Krafjack knew I was in the picture but did not give a damn and continue seeing my boyfriend. She claims she does not need to compete with any women because I can’t have what is her and she doesn’t want what is mine, but she went after my boyfriend. Hypocritical much?

I also learned that Krafjack broke many marriages beforehand in the military. Apparently she has a thing for married men in the military.she was once married, but quickly divorced. Families, young children and wives lives are ruined because of their lack of self control. It is very sad and pathetic to witness and learn that an individual uses her gender and power of authority to ruin other people’s lives. Do not be fool by her friendly false demeanor she will quickly make a move on your boyfriend and/ or husband. Heed warning and stay away from Michelle Lorraine Krafjack.

Published at Tue, 20 Oct 2020 09:01:23 +0000


  1. None of this is true. If I find out who this is I’m suing you for slander, cyber bullying is a criminal offense so you better have solid proof of these accusations.

    • My husband is in the United States Marine Corps and is having sex with Michelle L. Krafjack regularly. I have proof of this. I have all their interactions in my possessions. Michelle is scared that I can go to her command and report her. She is afraid that is why she is trying to hide under this “nice girl act” a bitch willing and is able to be with a married man with children is a whore and home wrecker these two words for Staff Sergeant Michellle L. Krafjack. Also she failed community college what a complete joke not only is she ugly she is stupid too. At the age of 31 she is childless, no education and no real success. Lots of men and women joined the services and hold a high standard to themselves both a few rotten apples get by and should be picked out immediately.

      • Prove it “Kat” Go to my command. If it’s true “burn me and your husband” he’s the one married. You’re low as dirt to talk about me having no children. You’re husband probably goes outside your marriage because you are worthless. You’re still with him and he cheats on you! You’re mad cause you stay with a cheater. That’s nuts. You’re nutter then a fruitcake.

        • Your low as dirt to have sex with my husband knowing he has a wife and children! Instead of apologizing and feeling bad for what you did you defend and attack me! Your a horrible person and a disgrace to the corps! Also I know a lot of men have cheated on you! Your inflicting your own pain and low self-esteem and insecurities to other women now!

          • Point proven, get help. I didn’t sleep with your husband. I’m not apologizing got something I didn’t do. You openly admit your husband cheats on you and you attack women. Forgive him, some crazy cycle.

    • Mommy is here to save the day now? I dated this bitch while in recruiting school in California. I got rid of her immediately. I must have been on some drugs to ever be with this stupid cunt. Pure straight trash from Jersey.Numerous military spouses contacted me about what she was doing with their husband I am not surprised. She is trying to ruined marriages and families. Also having sex with high school boys is a big no no and is a criminal offense. I would report what she is doing to her command ASAP.

      • I broke up with you. You by no means left me. I left. Nice choice of words Marine.

    • I am a student at one of her schools that she recruits and she is having sex with our male student body. She is also conducting relationships with them. I stay away from her every time I see her.

      • That’s not true. I have a professional relationship with all the young MEN and WOMEN I put in the Marines. Tell me this to my face, instead of hide behind a screen.

    • What a joke. Sue me? That means your daughter will have to admit all her inappropriate and illegal behavior in the corps and in the civilian world. You know nothing Judy Krafjack! Your daughter is a whore and a hoe seeking attention from any male whether young,old, married, ugly or stupid. I should sue you and your daughter for what she is doing to UNDERAGE minors and families. Both of you are disgusting and trying to hide what she is doing it’s so despicable. Your horrible and a failure of a mother and your daughter is shit. She should go get tested for disease for messing with so many different men. Your daughter is a liar and the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree it applies to you as well. She is a beta female subpar in this world old hag witch.

      • I’m an ALPHA female. Tell me to my face I work in Annapolis just drop by. Prove all my illegal behavior. Why don’t you show it to me? You’re super cool with running your mouth on here. Say it to my face.

        • Your a beta female. Say it to your face? Your going to physically hurt me now? LOL your pathetic and a sore loser. You have no children, no education, no home, no husband, no money, no career, no friends, not famous ABSOLUTELY NOTHING and your really trying to fight me? Get out of my face I will be going to your chain of command you imbecile.

          • Go to them. You’re the one making threats. “Mara” who hides behind a website thinking she’s something. Go report me. There’s no proof of this. It’s not true. PS I know exactly who you are by this response. This isn’t a threat. But I know. Thank you! I know you.

        • A mother and a daughter trying to covered up their tracks. Wow how much the Corps has changed. I’m glad I got out.
          Michelle you sound angry and very conceited and guilty. Don’t have sex with your junior marines, young men, married marines or higher ups. Didn’t they teach you that?

          • There are no tracks to cover it’s not true. This person making this claim would not spell where they are from wrong. People from here know how to spell it. This is some woman who is angry at me and is trying to ruin my reputation. Look I’ve got 45 people I’ve put into the military who would have my back on how untrue this is. You’d be angry if people false claimed this on you.

        • Michelle your a pathological liar with schizophrenia and a bi-polar disorder. You need to be seen a psychiatrist and psychologist and be given medications.I am sure the military will cover that you know you being poor. You need a lot of help. I got you I got you thank you for showing who you really are. I got proof on you and you know it. I have it digitally and physically you are afraid and put on this persona that your innocent when your not. I got you and your scared. You look like a damn fool trying to deny your guilt that you come across guilty. You are selfish and insecure. 45 people? Psh that’s little by numbers from the proof I have you will be shaking and crying to your mommy and daddy since that’s all you do when you can’t handle the truth and your own demise. You did this to your self don’t find blame in others. Have a good day basic Karen. I’m sure you smell like wet mutt and hot dog water you know since all the men you messed with informed me on that too. It’s not too much to afford soap and a toothbrush from Walmart.

    • Judy Krafjack trying to hide you daughter’s illegal and criminal activities? It sure looks like you have something to hide. Your daughter will get all the bad karma in the world.

      • Bad karma? You don’t even know what you’re talking about. This is all slander because you all don’t like me. Good, I don’t get paid for you to like me. I have never did anything inappropriate with kids or my clients I put into the Marines. I don’t seek out husbands. I don’t even date in the Marines. Haven’t for years. Like that’s your business. But go ahead and prove all these allegations because they are pretty bad. If it is true, prove it. Oh wait you can’t! Because it’s all lies. But come talk to me to my face “Sally” see some KARMA in real life.

        • Nah you don’t date marines but you f*ck them. Doesn’t make you wrong because your not the one in a relationship and you get a free pass? Your the other woman and your fine with that. Reading Michelle response validates she is fine with having relationships with minors, boyfriends and husbands. Your ex, Fritch, wrote about you on here you even admitted to it. He is a marine too. You dated while you both were in recruiting school and after which isn’t too long ago. Your a liar. You do date marines, minors, married men, boyfriend etc. your a complete joke and waste of time. No it’s not my business but it’s the businesses of parents, wives, children and families that you deliberately destroyed you twit. Honey we all have proof of what you done but the most proof of all is you responding and admitting and telling lies and contradictions that proves that you are guilty. You will get karma soon for being a terrible person. Or already have. You won’t tell the truth. I find it hilarious your trying to defend what you are doing and people out there have proof that can get you fire immediately. No one wants to be associate with you. You have a nasty and bad reputation.

          • That’s not true. I don’t sleep with minors, I don’t even mess with anyone here, no one, you’re just running your mouth. Prove it. We were at recruiting school years ago. He doesn’t know anything. He goes off hearsay. He is angry cause I broke up with him. So what. I’m not guilty of this. You understand you are on a site where people just talk shit with zero proof?

        • “See some real karma in real life” is she threatening her? That’s not very noble of you Staff Sergeant Krafjack.

          • Karma is you going off a non credible website and believing what you are reading. I’d be in jail if it was. The publisher, go prove it, go to my command and have proof. There is none. It’s not true. I have every right to be upset. I have every right to defend myself. It’s a false claim.

        • Your a liar you dated me during recruiting school in California you also have been married prior. I must have been blind to even give you a chance your atrocious. Your making contradicting statements as you always do.

  2. Judy Krafjack you have no idea what your daughter is doing. You failed in raising a good human being. Jack and you should be embarrassed of this piece of shit you so proudly call your own daughter. Michelle should be dishonorably discharged and put in jail for having sex with underage males and married male marines. Don’t be so quick to defend your daughter when I have proof of what she did with my boyfriend and other wives I have met in the Marine Corps who has told me what she has done. They too have proof and your daughter knows what she is doing. Michelle knows what she did wrong she won’t admit it to her own mother now kindly go F yourself.

    • Get you’re proof. It doesn’t exist. You don’t even have proof. But feel free to come tell me to my face how you feel.

      • I thought you made some new goals like actually being a homeowner and trying to get in better physical shape? Oh right all marines are homeless and out of shape that’s the reputation you want to put out there now? Also “letting things go right?” You replied to my post on January 12,2021 it looks like you failed already with your bogus resolution. You keep telling lies to everyone and now to your own self. You know what you did. Your wrong. We all know what you did. We all have proof. Funny thing is you did this to yourself and your trying to blame others for it. Truth of the matter is you care what people think of you. Your not a good person.

  3. I work with Michelle L. Krafjack I do not like her. She is lazy, racist, homophobic and lacks good hygiene. There was and is always a strangeness to her. She is awkward and goofy I believe she needs to go see a psychologist and psychiatrist to get evaluated.

    • “Brian” You have a drinking problem. You are also overweight. Worry about your deficiencies. Semper Fidelis

      • Michelle you have a mental issue. You are also anorexic. Worry about your insecurities. Oorah!

  4. Let’s define cheating. Cheating is when you go outside your relationship. I’m not in a relationship. Your boyfriend or husband is the cheater. They prance around without their rings. Go out to bars. Pick up girls. Even tell some you are dead. Tell people you are no longer together. Weekly. I’ve watched it.

    Yet you place that on me? That’s my fault your husband or boyfriend cheats on you? No it’s not. I don’t want them. We just have a working relationship. Sorry he’s garbage.

    I haven’t slept with any of my co workers or young people I have recruited. None of them. I take my job serious in the fact I make Marines.

    Don’t talk on my mother. She’s the best woman. Don’t talk on my morals because of hearsay. You don’t like me I don’t care. You live with a cheater, sleep next to dirt because you don’t do better or can’t. That’s not me.

    Prove it. Prove all these allegations. Do it. I don’t have anything to hide. The fact that I don’t have a child is fine pretty low you had to go there. At least I don’t have kids with some dude who tells people I’m dead or do not exist or we are no longer together. So sad but that’s your problem. Not mine.

    This is an immature hate fest of slander. Grow up. I find it funny because it is all false.

    • Wow reading all these comments proves and shows how truly unprofessional and hateful this Michelle is. For Michelle to be so trigger and behaving like this proves that she is guilty and wrong. I would not trust her to enlist my children to join the Marines. One of my son attends her local high school and I have heard things about her, but her immaturity, poor use of language and lack of morality proves she’s guilty.
      As a wiser an older woman I will shed some wisdom on you
      A man who is a cheater who does not wear his ring and goes out to date other woman is bad. That is true, but the fact that you mingle with these woman and claim that you are not in a relationship does not make you guilty is wrong.
      As a woman who supports other woman you should know better. If you know a man is taken or married you need to stay away or keep it platonic. Michelle you shift all the blame on to the man when in truth you are at fault too. You know there is a girlfriend or wife why would you plunge your head first? The right thing to do is not be involve with this man at all. You are just as guilty.
      2) you don’t sleep with underage males or minors at all. It is illegal.
      3) you don’t abuse your power of being in the military over others.
      4) you do not put down others for choosing a different path than you. You are no better than them.
      5) your 31 years old and very immature and are verbally attacking individuals. Your suppose to be a “marine” you do no display any values of the corps.
      6) challenging and threatening to fight others is not very bright idea. It can lead you to getting charges and arrested. It’s very unprofessional your behavior and honestly disgusting.
      7) A mother should teach her daughter how to behave in certain situations I can see why others have made their opinions on here. Your mother might need some time to sit down and have a talk with you.
      I am not trying to be mean or spiteful but it is sad and absolute disgust to see a “Marine” behave like this. Your not kind and your not very smart. I will not put my son or my name on here because of possible retaliation from you. Thank you for showing our family your true colors Staff Sergeant Krafjack. My children will not be enlisting in the United States Marines Corps if these are the kind of people that are in.

      • It’s not true. They are false allegations. This is a slander site. You can post anything on anyone. I put great people in the Marine Corps. I have every right to be upset. It is all lies.

      • Look a wise mother, I’m sorry I let my emotions get the best of me. However, this is not true. You could interview 45 people I’ve put in. I’ve never done anything inappropriate to them. I tell them if anything you do here makes you feel uncomfortable or someone makes them uncomfortable tell me or tell another recruiter here. I have never done anything to them kids. I wouldn’t. This is not a credible website. Anyone can post anything to hurt you. You can’t even defend yourself. This isn’t a girl. This a woman who doesn’t even live where I work. States away she lives and she hurts people because she is clinically diagnosed crazy.

        • This is an absolute bullshit apology. Tom here again. We all know the laws of the medical facility. Michelle do you have access to someone’s medical files? Ever heard of Hippaa privacy rule? If we all had access to an individual’s medical records I will definitely diagnosed Michelle with deranged. Again she is inventing up lies to cover her tracks. Don’t believe it people.

    • You make marines? Wow the corps must be shit then. I would be worried if that is the case, no one tells it to your face? Yeah they do. You choose not to hear it. Not everyone likes you Krafjack. You haven’t completed many goals or successes in your life. It’s a low blow when someone’s states that you don’t have children? But that’s the facts. You don’t have children. Why are you mad? A girlfriend of a boy that your recruited out of high school is telling the truth about you and your mad? The wives who has proof of you fooling around with their husbands while you claim you are not the one in the relationship makes you feel better for being the “other woman” is below low. It doesn’t make you wrong knowing that they have a significant other and it makes it’s fine for you to have sex with them? It’s DEFINITELY WRONG. She is mad she got caught like most female marines. Do you want to fight an old veteran like me who served the United States of America? The USMC needs to start recruiting the right and honest people and keep away the wrong and bad ones including Michelle.

      • It’s not true. That’s the problem. It’s a false allegation. That’s not a girl, that’s a woman who is angry. I’m no longer feeding into this. This is false. The fact that you find this website credible is crazy.

        • This is like someone falsely accusing you of raping a woman. It would upset you. It’s not true. They can go to my command. They can report me. There’s no proof of this. You being a Marine should go off of hard facts not foul mouth speakers where anything can be written about anyone.

          • As a veteran I am seeing what everyone is writing including you Michelle. The way you are behaving and responding is very off-putting I only expect the best from Marines and this is not being demonstrated of modeled after. You being a Marine should know better and behave in a professional manner. All I see is a weak little girl lashing and attacking everyone. I do hope you find peace and I am not of a person of malice.

        • But you do care that’s why you keep responding non- stop. Michelle has been reported many times but her command sweeps it under the rug or maybe she has sex with them so she gets away with it. Michelle is a nut job who is diagnosed with dementia, bi-polar, depression and eating disorder. She needs to be seen immediately before she hurts someone. As you can see with her statements she has been very threatening and menacing to everyone. She is unpredictable in her behavior and she has mentioned disturbing statements about minors and family. I hope she seeks help and come to a realization of this.

  5. Also, “Brian” watch out on the drinking and driving. Let’s not talk about how you treat women. How you drink and drive damn near killing your self or others. I’m surprised you have things to say about me. If anything you need help.

    • I am only here to tell the truth about you. Your a disgusting piece of garbage who have sex with other marines. Your a pathological liar and a manipulator. The corps should have rid you a long time ago. Who knows how many “right” men you had to have sex with to be at your rank? I’m sure there’s a few stories out there about what you did. Personally attacking me won’t make you any better. Go buy some soap and mouth wash Wookie.

      • That’s not true. I don’t mess with anyone at work. I don’t even hang out with the people I work with. False allegation.

        • Liar liar I know many men who you worked with who you had an affair with. Be careful I have all the proof I do not need to go to your command I can go to your general and report what you been doing as well as the civilian police as well as law to put you in jail for life and death penalty. Be careful Michelle I got you for good. Think twice with what you put out there. You don’t scare me with your useless threats. Try to threaten me when your a criminal.Michelle Krafjack is a criminal! Should be a registered sex offender in the county of Middlesex, New Jersey. You have enough enemies to be watching your every move. Soon you will be canceled for your despicable, racist, homophobic, sexist, perverted pedophilia ways. Your life is over.

  6. You wanna know the kicker. The initial post is false. Why? Because anyone from Glen Burnie or in the area I recruit out of wouldn’t spell there hometown wrong. This isn’t a student it’s a lady who knows me personally. I don’t just give out my middle name to just anyone. I know who you are. I got you.

    None of you would say this to my face. Which makes it the best. Annapolis, stop by my office. We can talk.

    • It’s done on purpose the girlfriend in this post does not want Staff Sergeant Krafjack to physically hurt her for telling the truth. We all know it’s spelled Glen Burnie, Maryland . As we seen from these posts made by Staff Sergeant Krafjack she is ready to fight and hurt anyone hence the giving out her location and office. I feel bad for the girlfriend who has to deal with this marine. I keep my distance from Staff Sergeant Krafjack. She claims she recruits boys and girls, but all I see are boys. She is suppose to be a role model but she’s showing everyone how immature she is and how much she cares what everyone thinks of her. Even my younger sister behaves better than this. Her reactions speaks for it self and she is guilty.
      I may be a teenager but I know not to have relationships with younger men and married men even if they are being dirt bags I will not carried a relationship. It shows that adults don’t always know or do best. I will not be joining the military with people like her as my superior I have better morals than her.

      • It’s a false allegation by a lady who doesn’t live in the state. She’s clinically nuts. This is not true. This website doesn’t go off facts. You can hurt or go after anyone you want for whatever reason.

        • A false allegation? I know the student who confided in me about your actions. You really love to play victim huh? Michelle. Clinically nuts? Now you have access to an individual’s medical records? Isn’t that violating HIPPA laws? You are a liar. You are a piece of work. No one is hurting you. You hurt your own self with your own actions and are now facing the consequences. I will never want to be put in a program with you as my recruiter let alone mentor. Your poor leadership has been reported by many students you choose not to be truthful.

    • A Wookiee! A walking mattress! POG! We don’t need you in the gun club get out!

    • If I was da girlfriend I would stop by your office in Annapolis. You in da DMV area. U sound like U wanna fight and with that I’ll slap ur pasty dumb ugly face in to the next century. White bitches always playing victim when they are sinful. I’m sure she’s a racist homophobic Karen that drinks her coffee from a stupid mug that has “blessed” on it, wears UGGs and wear cheap tacky perfume. Also her over bleached bob hairstyle screams Kate Gosselin. I got a number 4 u to call my hairstylist.U lucky I don’t show up and whoop UR flat pancake ass.

    • I’ll swift kick this loser in the face if she messed with my man. Break her hideous obstructive nose! Also your boyfriends and husbands must have bad taste to go with this basic Karen.Get rid of them both.

    • Initial kicker is Michelle knows what she did. I have proof in what she done. She is very aware of that. She should be ashamed of herself. Finished recruiting? That won’t stop her from preying. She is scared. Stay safe everyone. I got you Michelle Lorraine Krafjack.

  7. This is crazy. This is way out of control. Don’t be afraid. Report it. Have hard proof. These are false allegations because there isn’t any. This website is where you can post anything on anyone.

    • I’m the girlfriend who is going through all this and for Michelle to play victim and act innocent is insane. She could have apologized and own up to her mistakes. I have hard physical proof of what she did. I really do, but my friends told me to not let a high school fling and an old bag who amount to nothing destroy my future since she is willing to do anything to hurt others even thought she is at fault. You can hurt others Michelle but you won’t ruined my future. I don’t need the Marine Corps thanks to you since I will never be joining and karma is really good since I am accepted to an Ivy League and pursing a career in law to put despicable people like you in jail for life.

    • You are a needy clingy little girl. I got all the proof that you provided to get yourself kicked out of the Marine Corps. Can’t grow your hair out? Lmao keep frying your hair and cutting it you look older than you are. The girlfriend of the post should have ended your career but she’s doing better than you and is younger than you with more opportunities.

    • Boohoo keep complaining and crying! You sound guilty! If it wasn’t for COVID I would stop by and have more than just a talk with you. In fact I would talk to your superior for your behavior.

    • Yawn* another boring white female we could care less about. Just admit you did it and move on with your life Michelle.

  8. OK everyone, first off if any of this was true where are the complaints to her commanding officer from the parents of the underage boys she supposedly slept with. For the woman with the “proof” of the her cheating with your husband, why have you not brought it to her commander? Because there is none to give. I don’t know you people but I do know Michelle and these are just slanderous hurtful posts to destroy someone’s reputation for your own glee, someone earlier said karma comes back and your right it will come back to you. Michelle is a driven and dedicated Marine goal oriented and knows what she wants for herself. She absolutely has the right to defend herself from these accusations this whole thing seems to me to be one person starting the bullshit and everyone else playing follow the leader. This site is just a slander site for bitter ex’s to destroy good people’s reputations

    • So you slept with her too? Michelle is a lying scumbag who is mad that she is being exposed. She is a terrible person and a liar. The time we were together I truly saw her true colors and I am even embarrassed that I was even with her for a time. I know the truth about her and what she does in the dark. These are not slanderous post Brian these are people who know Michelle and wants to warn others. Brian I hope you stop your drinking problems and aren’t overweight like your good old friend Michelle has claimed. She is a real good Marine and friend for turning on you like that at a drop or a hat. Michelle does not know how to control her emotions, immature, insecure, has sex with minors and married marines, willing to throw anyone under the bus, lies, cheats and steals. She is about to be 32 and still acts like she is in high school. I find it hilarious when she is the crazy person on here responding back in a maniac manner. Also she is talking about minors and families in a very derogatory manner it’s very alarming and suspicious.

    • Fat drunk Brian how many times you had sex with that ugly broad? Your simpin over that bitch. She’s not that good in bed bro and not worth it. Your an incel Brian.

    • Apparently she does know what she wants:
      Young men
      Married Men

    • I didn’t know sidechicks like Michelle constitutes as “good people” you need a lesson on ethics and morals.

      • I also know the married marines she’s sleeping with. The wives are way better than Michelle in looks and education and jobs yet I’m baffled how idiotic these little boys are. She is so ugly on the outside and inside. Michelle is used trash. They use her as a dumpster. No wonder she is childless and has no serious relationship.

    • Brian your an idiot. You think her commanding officer will release to all the marines? No. They will try to cover it up like they always do because their neck is on the chopping block. I like how she also verbally attacked you for your drunk driving and being overweight. Looks like she is willing to throw you under the bus. You might want to have a chat with the Chaplain. No one is bitter. Michelle is wrong and all that was done in the dark is coming to light.

    • After all the allegations I admit I do have sex with underage males that I recruited in to the United States Marine Corps. I also have sex with many married marines knowing they have wives and children. There are proof circulating and I know what I have done is wrong. I apologize to all the young men and families lives that I ruined. I need medical attention to re-evaluate my life.

    • Brian you need to start attending classes for English. I can see the stereotypes of Marine Corps taking anyone in these day. Still eating crayons? Your branch is a joke. Air Force all the way. You speak so highly of Michelle yet she also told everyone that you have a drinking problem, fat and treat women horribly. There are organizations that can help deal with your own internal issues. Based on that we know BRIAN and MICHELLE are incredible and ridiculous people. She is absolutely guilty in what she did. Sounds like your post and convictions on Michelle is BULLSHIT, but carry on devil dog.

    January 12, 2021 at 11:31 am
    I know who you are. I’ve never stole from anyone. You spelt Glen Burnie and recruiter wrong. You have issues. Clearly you are obsessed with me. It’s cool. I got you.


    January 12, 2021 at 11:32 am
    Tell me his yo my face. Bet you won’t.

    January 12, 2021 at 4:09 pm
    Spell Glen Burnie properly! Clearly you are not from where I work or my state. People who live someplace do not spell their hometown incorrectly. I don’t steal from kids or people. Have no fear, when your kids turn 18 they can see pictures of your weird ass digging through trash and taking inappropriate photos in bed of their father and your dirty body with some other woman’s things. I got you. Say less. If it’s your friends have no fear. I got them too in ten years. It’s okay keep slandering me. Cause your bored and just waiting to get knocked up again to collect a check.

    This is disturbing.

    • Super inappropriate Michelle super inappropriate your a middle-aged women and your behaving worst than a child. Thank goodness you have no children I would called Child Protection Services on you immediately. Get some help Michelle.

  10. Oh shit I saw this too Michelle wrote that! That’s freaking crazy. That’s proof she is a lunatic. Man imma stay away from her crazy ole ass.

  11. This is true. I am one of the students that attend a school she recruits out of. She molested me and made very inappropriate comments towards me. She is a predator.

  12. Nutter than a fruitcake? Wow you are a basic Karen in every way! Not only did I leave him because he is infested with your sexually transmitted diseases that you gave him I’m building a case against you. I have all the phones call and text messages that you so desperately exchange with my loser husband. He is just as pathetic as you are. Keep preying on the young men you so called “put in the corps” we know what you do on your spare time with them. Not only did a few fellow female marines have told me what you did in the corps but also what you do with minors. It’s appalling! You should be ashamed of yourself.

  13. I’m a fellow female marine I know SSGT Krafjack. I always though something was off and odd about her but tried not to make any judgement. I heard the gossips about having sex with fellow marines. I am shocked that she is engaging in sexual relations with her poolees! As well as her response stated above. She recruits children and she is talking about them in a very disturbing and alarming way. I wouldn’t trust a woman to enlist my child in to the corp meanwhile make comments about minors just turning 18 and her showing them pictures of the children parents doing inappropriate things. It is a very alarming and borderline pedophilia remarks.

  14. Basic Karen strikes again! I know her ex-husband and he told me everything about her. She is a clown.

  15. I am sorry to everyone the allegations are true. I have sex with underage males and married men in the service. I am not proud of my actions and all my lashing out was to protect the truth from getting out. I know there are proof out there and I can’t hide it anymore. I’m sorry to the girlfriends and wives and children who’s lives I have ruined. I am not a good marine let alone leader. I admit I have an eating disorder, love home wrecking and taking money from innocents as well as jealously and insecurities of my own self. I hope everyone respects the time I take to redirect my life I need a lot of help. I want to thank the United States Marine Corps for supporting me through all this.


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