Steven C Inzalaco


Steven C Inzalaco

Steven C Inzalaco is nothing but a flat out cheater whose stories vary from being a widow, married and just a plain cheater seeing several women at a time and telling them the same story that he loves them. The results are the same your the flavor of the month, you go out, you post pictures, you get the not so truthful truth and then there’s don’t believe that its my ex trying to break us up and don’t forget funding your so called lovebug.

Published at Sun, 18 Oct 2020 07:00:06 +0000


  1. So?? Steve is the man. If you think your men don’t cheat then you’re some dumb women. Steve is a hero.

    • What do you mean so Irma you obviously did a search? And if Steve is the man why are so woman talking about his inequalities his short falls? So obviously your one of the dumb women out there as your man must cheat on you and you cheat on him you have no morals of course. A hero more like a man full of crap.

  2. Steven is a devoted individual. Rubbish lies. Plus what a fake fb picture. That’s not even that woman’s name. Hard to believe someone actually has the time to create a fake page. Lame.

    • Devoted to who himself that is correct. If this is a fake page why would he be connected with her or maybe he created the page? You call people lame when your the one that is searching about this person why is that? Not just to praise a person so take a look at your dumbass and lame would be flashing on your forehead.

  3. Looks like Steve’s at it again he created another fake page trying to manipulate another prey poor thing Nora Jimenez of Highland Park the red flags exist don’t ignore them looks like you actually have friends that know of this fools short falls, open your eyes with the constant lies put two and two together do the math dear! Does he even work for LAFD anymore? Who does he live with its not you? Have you met his daughter or family? This fool is nothing but liar and cheater and talks to get out of his lies eventually things will fall into place lmfao!

  4. Stay far away from this toxic person hes nothing but a time bomb waiting to blow. He will call you every name in the book and make you feel like your in the wrong when your not he likes the control over you. Trust me hes nothing but trouble and will do nothing but bring you misery. Maybe the new one has found that out or maybe not just find the exes they will fill you in and you will see the pattern.

  5. So try to expose me. You are such a chicken shit you hide like a little lying child that more than likely rejected you. Provide proof otherwise its what the sites disclaimer indicates. “That you’re a hater…jealous and have zero life productivity. Please proof me wrong. I triple dare you. Until I love living rent free in your head. Chess not checkers you effin nerd”

  6. Sound familiar when things begin to sour for the narcissist Steven this is common place:
    1. If evidence is presented, Steven will seek to have it invalidated or claim that it is false, fake, or a product of conspiracies.
    2. Any evidence presented, and those that present it will be attacked aggressively.
    3. Foolproof evidence will be portrayed as false and the result of: pettiness, jealousies, negativity, haters, enemies, losers, conspirators, opposition, or “fake news”.
    4. As he lashes out with vindictiveness, the narcissist Steven will continue to talk about themselves in glowing terms; irrespective of their actual situation, as they are incapable of introspection or contriteness
    5. He will seek to find someone to blame for his troubles or downfall, preferably someone that cannot defend themselves.
    6. As circumstances become dire, the narcissist Steven will not take any responsibility.
    7. In the process of casting blame, even the most loyal and stalwart will be discarded with indifference.
    8. Expect lies to increase and to be repeated exponentially. Steven will, in light of factual evidence to the contrary, lie more profusely and adamantly.
    9. While lies will increase, so too will the need to devalue others in order to further value himself. Steven will attack everyone and anyone in the most vicious and vindictive ways.

  7. If you can orovide any evidence I promise I will stare about all my imperfections. I will say you’re the shit and you got me (hypothetically). Do not consider this me firing back at you. It’s merely me having extra time to naturally like anyone else defend themselves from internet bullies like yourself. By the way nice CUT COPY AND PASTE and just adding my name on your post. Great Trump being a narcissistic person article. Nice try!

    • LMFAO this is a site to uncover someone’s infidelities so get over what your interested in what’s being posted and said guess the truth hurts.

  8. Hey Lorie Alonso you make big claims that you and Steven love each other even posted lmfao profile pics of you two on FB what a joke just another hoe that has no clue. So Lorie what are you doing with a still married man or did you not know this? So did you bale him out when he got arrested on 11/14/20 for drug possession or were you with him? What you think you have is nothing but a joke he definitely isn’t yours will never be dream on lol.

    • Get over what your obviously posting and searching what you can’t handle that people are saying the truth about Steven so until he stops the lying and cheating the posts will continue and the way it looks the court cases will continue as well.

      • What good comes from the post??? Just saying if alligations are true.. then let karma do its job. Judge not least ye be judged.

        • LMFAO there are no allegations there is just the truth that Steven fails to say and karma don’t make me laugh Steven never believed in karma and what your a philosopher if that’s what you want people to believe learn to spell. Your a joke just like Steven whats wrong with actually telling the truth.

          • Look up Cheryl M Hashimoto another one of Stevens lies, I was with him for several toxic years everyone needs to know about this con-artist and don’t forget funding this fool beware.


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