Krissy Schuh N – California


Krissy Schuh N – California

I have to say this. It’s the fuking truth. Kristin is one of those b1tches that will talk about herself and her app as if she’s the American sweet ❤. Well it’s complete bullsh1t. I know this Woman is nothing but a lying con artist. This Woman taking money from people for her app. She acts as if they are investing in her business. It’s not an investment. Because when it’s time for her to give you back your ?. You never get it. She will tell you every lie in the book. Say she doesn’t have it. And say’s take me to Court. You say ok…Then she Sends threatening emails. Has her friends prank call you. Prank call your Mom..your Dad..every one you know. If you look her name up online.. Or any place like people search and other search engines. You’re going to nearly fall over. She has tons of negative blogs online. She’s been sued tons n tons of times. Of yeah. She used to be an Attorney. You will see that come up. She was Disbarred.. She stole a ton of money from a client. So now she has this app called the Vestigate.. If it wasn’t for the 48 investors she probably wouldn’t have gone beyond the drawing board. He first programmer ditched her because she never paid him (ah huh.) Sounds like a pattern here…well moving right along…. she claims that her programmer in 2016 claims if sold… She could get 10 million. (Mmmmm) and why didn’t she sell it.. Because it’s not fuking true. She tells potential investors that story. And then says see that guy. He’s an investor. Then when you if your lucky get to meet him and ask. He will say… Say What??. Another lie. If you google Vestigate lawsuit. You will find Vestigate was sued. I’m told by an investor that was close friends to her. Let me guess they wanted their money back. And Krissy said. I don’t have it. Sue me… He hands right there taking the money order. But giving it back when times due…. Mmmm she doesn’t have it. How the fuk can she not have the money. When her app is up and running. How can she be broke. When she flys all over the US…. She’s a fraud… That person sued her and Vestigate for fraud… Sounds like her app is a real good investment. If you go on Gofundme put in the brouser Vestigate. You will see a guy’s posting. He in 2015 gave Kristin and Sally 50k. Same meal deal. Refused to pay him back. Look it up. It’s right thete. Another person they fuked over. I heard too that in December right after Christmas another investor committed suicide. He trusted those lady’s so much in 2015 with his money. Hoping to get interest on his return. He asked for it back. Nope.. Krissy dirt poor she tells him. Time goes by. He gets so depressed he OD’d. There’s a blog his family wrote. His name is Micky Lamar. A fellow I met Kaleb. He asked I keep him anonymous. He told me his buddy Ngoli says. Last winter Vestigate Accountants Be Free Accounting and Bookkeeping ended their contract with Vestigate. After they found out both Krissy and Sally were acting fraudulent. If I wasn’t shown proof of this I wouldn’t be writing this. I read. We are no longer working with Vestigate. And the reason why. Vestigate had no disclosed to them all the investor monies coming in. Ngoli said Be Free had signed paperwork stating they had no knowledge of investors giving money to Vestigate. That they paid taxes only on what money Vestigate made. Which was very little compared to money coming in from investors….Now am I wrong here… Or isn’t that fraud as well. Well when Krissy and this Sally received a letter from Be Free saying ba bye.. Those ladies were pissed… ? ?. I know Ngoli and met people he associates with. One of Ngoli’s friends claim to be a Victim of what he calls. Krissy and Sally’s Ponzi Scheme. Ngoli is a Gay Political activist. He’s helped people in domestic violence situations. Wrongful termination for being gay. A guy looses his partner and the family throws the partner out of his house they shared. Ngoli helps those that need help in the Gay community of West Hollywood and LA. And he’s helping Victims that fall victim to the two as he calls the Drunken app ladies. The Vestigate duo another name he refers too. What’s Ironic… Krissy Schuh is a Republican and let’s it be known. And she Voted for Donald Trump. Proudly telling people… He’s great for Business and that will be great for my app… But if you look at the Vestigate app all her bars and business are in the Gay Bars. It contradicts itself. As Ngoli says. That’s Krissy for you. You’ll find her seated every afternoon at Happy Hour. I know this she is a person that you can not faithfully trust. And if you do. Then you will end up finding out the hard way……. Cheers

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  1. I was asked to email you on your Web Blog by Ngooli Nyerenda. He said that I have to tell you this. It was 3 years ago. It’s sort of stupidly funny.

    This is about Kristin M Schuh.. And yes I did tell her this. And the look she gave me and two friends. Clasic. So classic.

    She was talking about being sued by a guy that invested money in her App Business. And she said. She offered to pay him back in paynents. Stretched out for a year. And he wouldnt hear of it. And his Lawsuit became Public knowledge and this Woman going on hiw it’s embarrassing and making her look really bad as a Business Woman. And he suing her hurting her reputation and she’s losing money.

    So she told us. She’s suing him back for Damages. And he’s a piece of crap. And all kinds of things. She shows us her phone look thats his Facebook page. He’ F this and that. I will have him Court for years. I have a great Lawyer named Michael on and on. This will cost him so much money suing me. Michael will stretch the case out for years. Cost him more in his Legal fees. On and on. How she this and she that. She’s such a big shot in the IT Business. Her App will be worth so much money. And this guys Lawsuit will bankrupt him.

    Then the guy next to me said. Krissy I highly doubt that. Then she said why the F you say that. You don’t know shit. I know my stuff. I know how this will play out.

    Then he said. Don’t you know. That guys Father ownes a Tele Communications Company in Boston. That guys from a very Wealthy Family.

    She looked it up on her phone. She had no idea that his Family worth Millions. They have property in Hyannis Port Massachusetts. Beacon Hill in Boston. Hes from old money.

    Her face dropped. The look. You could tell she had no clue at all. Then she left a few minutes after. She went to call her Lawyer.

    Classic.. So Classic. And she had no idea too that the guy was a friend of the plaintiff. And he had no idea of that Guy was even in a Lawsuit… Until this Woman opened her mouth…. Look guys poor me. Boo hoo feel sad for me…. But I’m a big Woof. And I have a great Lawyer. People think I’m great. Look at me….

    3 to 4 years later. Shes out of Business. Being sued by a lot more people. And her big time Attorney been disbarred. And she lost everything…… I bet that guy today the one from the Wealthy has the last laugh on her.

    Nohooli calls her The Biggest Loser.

    • I know a guy named Wesley. He told me about her. So this isn’t the first time I heard any of this.

      • I remember her. And all the bull shyt that goes on with her. I remember her going on and on about her Business. Everyone on it. Her stupid Bar App. No one was on it. No one used it. It was pure BS.

        I don’t like that she shoves her App down everyone’s throat. Dude. People don’t want it. They don’t want that stupid App.

        • She’s a fool. Because if she never stole from all her Investors. She’d still have a Business today. If she wasn’t so dishonest. But she chose being Selfish and Evil. And in 5yrs. It got her losing everything.

      • When I think of Krissy Schuh….. I don’t think of a cool Peppermint Patty.

        I think of a Woman that’s a real piece of shyt 💩 💩 💩. That should be prosecuted to the full extent of the Law.

      • I have got to share this…. This to show you what kind of Woman Krissy Schuh. Beyond being a sleaze. And not someone you ever can trust.

        My Roommate knows one of the Investors. He says when the guy…. The investor…. Found out Krissy stole money from a Client she Represented back when she was a Lawyer. And she was Disbarred for it. He contacted her and said when their contract is up. He wants his money back.

        She responded. Fine…… A few months later he says. Ok Our contract is up….. She continued saying to give her more time. He said No…. You agreed when our Contract is up that you would give 100% of my Investment plus interest. Or he said he will sue………..

        She threatened him. Said that if he filed a Lawsuit she will Contact his Family… Etc.

        He still filed a Lawsuit.

        This is the Kind of Woman she is…… She lies to People. She threatens People. She Steals from people.

        Does this sound like a Woman you would ever want to do Business with. Does she sound Honest. That she can be Trusted……. Hell No.

        Krissy Schuh is a very mistrusting Woman.

        • Your one and only source to get and hear the truth behind Krissy Schuh’s Barseen App Fraud. Ponzi Scheme.
          1. Krissy owes money to the State of California Franchise Tax Board. She hasn’t paid taxes on the Investment money she funneled in. And they are going after her for the money owed.
          2. She’s been Reported to the FTC… Thats the Federal Trades Commission. She was Reported for having a Ponzi Scheme as a Business. And stealing the Investors money given to her. All three Business names. Vestigate App renamed to Barseen App and their LLC called Cityseen LLC. The FTC been investigaing them.
          3. Her Accountant Befree Accounting and Bookkeeping when they learned about the Fraud. They told Krissy and Sally. They will no longer be keeping them as a Client. That was in 2017. Beefree is located in Pasadena reported Krissy Schuh and the Vestigate App… Barseen App and Cityseen LLC….. To the IRS for tax evasion.
          Krissy has not paid taxes….. And not just one year. Since 2015 to the present.
          Ngoli Nyirenda says to email him if you want. This guy works for The West Hollywood City Hall. And he’s also another person like me exposing the Truths about Krissy Schuh and her Barseen App Ponzi Scheme.

      • My Vote I put as Awful. I still can’t get over that Krissy chose this kind of life for herself. Stealing from people. Mind you. I read that a lot of people that were her friends too. It shows how highly she thinks of her friends. Talk them into investing and just steal it. That’s just plain and simple rotten. And you are a very sleazy person.

        Karma will get you.

      • Orange will be Krissy’s new Black

        She’s going down. And down fast.

    • I hear that you and them are going to be put in Prison for a long time.

      • Krissy. Sally and thier Poses (the Vestigators) as Krissy calls he helpers. All should be locked up.

      • And Amen to that. If they Prison Krissy. Then Justice will be served. 😃

      • If it wasn’t for him. None if us would know about the truth what went actually went on with Krissy Schuh and Barseen.

        He got the facts and expised the Truth.

        Abd ya. She took in tons of Investments and dud steal all that monet. And now look where she’s at. She got busted and the Court shut her Business down. Froze her Accounts 💰 💰. Her next Court date is September.

      • Ngoli works at the City Hall in West Hollywood. He’s also a Gay Activist. If it wasn’t for him informing people about Krissy Schuh and the Fraud. A lot more people would have been screwed over by her.

      • I read other things that Ngoli posted on other sites about this Krissy Woman and Barseen App. Ngoli hates her guts.

      • I think you meant to say. You agree with Trent.

        We all agree with Trent.

          • I heard that too from a friend. She told me.

        • We said Bye Bye…to Barseen….and Bye Bye to Cityseen LLC…. In 2020.

          Now we will be saying Bye Bye Krissy…. Bye Bye Sally……… We’ll wave as they head to Prison.

          👋 Baaaaa Bye 👋 Baaaaa Bye 👋


      • You meant Trent….. Not Trnt……. But I mistype too on my Iphone.

    • That Bytch Krissy……. Is a big loser. And a fat one too.

      She drinks Vodka and Diet RedBull….. And at home when she can’t sleep. She takes over the counter sleeping pills. Splashes down with Wine.

      7 yrs ago she wrote a comment on the sleep aid she takes. And that’s what she wrote…. Splash the sleep diwn with Wine…

      I wonder how well she will sleep in Prison. When they lock her and her Business Partner up.

      • We will all be 👋 👋 👋 👋 👋clapping when Krissy, Sally and their Barseen App minions are licked away.

      • I can not stand her and Sally. I hate people like them. Dishonest and looking out for for the next person to steal money from.

    • I met them 4yrs ago. And I will say. Something didn’t sit well with me after meeting them. The Chunky Red Headed one I remember her saying over and over about her App Business being so great and people been so positive about it. And again and again she’d tell people that they can trust her…them.

      It was so Robotic. And it seemed she had to convince people that her App Business is great. And trustworthy.

    • You are right. They are both liars and two pieces of 💩 shyt.

      I know because they lied to me. I’m lucky. Because I almost invested. And I was told about them and shown proof that their running a Scam. If those two guys never told me. I would have been out 20k. That was 3yrs ago. I’m so thankful those guys ran into me.

    • We said Bye Bye…to Barseen….and Bye Bye to Cityseen LLC…. In 2020.

      Now we will be saying Bye Bye Krissy…. Bye Bye Sally……… We’ll wave as they head to Prison.

      👋 Baaaaa Bye 👋 Baaaaa Bye 👋


      • Curt… We will be saying Bye..Bye.. Bye

        I can’t stand this Woman. She talked me being an Ambassador for her App. Which now she’s out of Business because she owes so much money to people. And she stole money too. I didn’t know this for the first few months of being an Ambassador. What I did was go out to bars and try and talk people into signing up for her App.
        She lied to me. She lied to others I found out. The other ones that were the Ambassadors too. And her check bounced.

        The checks paying us bounced. That’s when we started talking. And the checks weren’t at all big. We only did it 2 to maybe 4 hours weekends.

        We had other jobs. Just that was just a quick 50.00 a weekend plus free drinks. We mostly did ut for the free drinks and a lil extra money.

        The bars that we went around too. One Bar. The Bartender said that Waldo his boss. The owner. Never got paid back for the drinks. So she scammed the Bars. Never paid them. It wasn’t much 2 to 4 drinks a night. But it does add up. This guy said Waldo was pissed. And I don’t blame him at all.

        So ya. I can’t stand Krissy. She lied to us. We more or less did all what we did for free. Because she bever nade good on paying us.

        I did it for short while. And I said F it. Abd stopped.

        A few years later this Dyke and that other one she’s in Business with. The App stops. And she’s in all kinds of Lawsuits.

        Krissy is a liar and a very sleazy Woman.

        • The Lawyer they had in Court Defending them. Michael Joseph Gulden. Lied. Abd gave the Court Falsified Information. Their Lawyer was Disbarred because of it. That was in 2019……. 6 months before Krissy n Sally was forced by the Court to shut down Barseen.

          So if they were not doing shady things. Then why they been Indicted…. Right

    • Phuk you. You lying fat cow. Krissy you suck. Your app sucks….. Everything about you sucks. Abd I truly hope you asss rots in a Prison Cell.

    • Bytches. We want you pieces of shyt gone.

      Dyjes like you should be locked up. Where Dykes like you that steal should go.

      • And she’s a liar too. Nothing about Krissy is true. Everything been a lie. Other than Barseen App being a Ponzi Scheme. And she stole from over 60 Investors. That’s true. Everything else she has told people been a lie

    • That Woman Krissy is a fat cow…..

      Most people will drink a V8… She will have a Bloody Mary… Most people will do Lemon
      Aid….. She’ll do a Margarita.

      Most people are Honest…… Not her. She’s a pathelogical liar.

      Most people work and earn an honest living….. Ummmm Krissy…. She doesn’t work. Hasn’t since 2012. She steals money.

    • That’s not them in the picture. Sally got Dark Black hair and bad teeth. And Krissy is Red Headed and Fat. They both have the typical Dyke look. Krissy wears Convers high tops. And Sally dark clothing. You can tell they are Lesbians.

    • I can’t stand this Woman. And Krissy knows I hate her. 3urs ago I called her out on it. I called her a low life Selfish Bytch….. She threatened to call the Police on me. And said look all these guys in the Bar heard you threaten me….. Right guys….. A bunch of them said. I didn’t hear a thing…… I never threatened her. She just likes to act like a Victim. She left in a huff. Because people were giving the stink eye after they heard me calling her a Fraud. And I said look I know you stole money from people in the Gay Community. And she cussed n swore at me. People saw her true colors that Sunday at GymBar.

      • Willis. I think many people that she F’cked over would want the same thing for Krissy. She F’cked over 60 Investors.

      • She’d be a dead Woman. I’m sure plenty would want to end her existence. She phucked over 50 people.

    • I went to their App party at The Pub a few years back. I should have just stayed home. It was a total waste of my time. Granted most went for the free food and stuff. But it was bad. Real bad. And no one seened interested in listening about their App Business and stuff. I could hear the Queens making fun of them. And one Queen said. Free food. Free drink. If not for that he would have gone to Gym Sports Bar instead. I think a lot felt the same way.

      I saw my friend Vance. So least I had someobe to talk too.

      • Yeah. People wouldn’t have gone to the App parties unless there was free food abd booze.

        The ones I went to in West Hollywood. As soon as she said the party was ending. And the food was boxed up. People left. If they were there to support the app. And there for Krissy. They would stayed

      • You went. Lol. Sorry. Yeah prople went not for the real reason it was for. And your right people did go for the free food. I know two guys that went. And they pretty much went only for that reason. They didn’t stay. Dylan and his bf left after they had their drink.

  2. Kristin Schuh is a thief. And the Court shut her Barseen App Business down. And she’s been Indicted for Fraud and Money Laundering. The Court froze her Bank Accounts.

        • Honey….. The Bytch is out of Business. She’s Been Indicated. And the Court shut her down and seized alk her 🏦 bank Accounts……

          Krissy Schuh is going to Prison along with her Business Partner Sally Kushner.

          And their Lawyer Michael Joseph Goulden been Disbarred in 2019. He lied to the Court. Falsified paperwork…. And the Court was shown the real facts. And disbarred him.

          So then all are in deep depp 💩 Shyt. And getting locked 🔐 up.

          They will be wearing Orange real soon

    • 🍺 🍺 🍺 🍺 🍺 🍺

      I went one of their App events. It was a bomb. A lot less people went. And the ones that did. I’m certain went for the free food and the 1 free drink.

      At 9 🕙 pm when it was over. Everyone left. I heard later on. That no one but a few bought drinks 🍹 the whole time they were there. As I said. Most went for what they could get because it was free.

      • Krissy Schuh and Sally Kushner they both are Republicans. And both times Voted for Trump. And they don’t believe in Sane Sex Marriage. And take Investment Money from People in the Gay Community.

        How can you be Lesbian Dyke. Had a Gay App. Drink and have App Parties in a Gay Bar. And be Republican. That Contradicts everything you believe in.

        You just used the Gay Community in every way and form. And Screwing everyone over doesn’t mean anything to you.

        I’m all those People took you both to Court. I’m glad. 😂 you lost all your 💲 💲 💲Money. Your Reputation and your Barseen App Business. And I hope you both lose your Freedom. And both wind up in a Prison Cell.

        You both are nothing but lying pieces of Shyt 💩 💩

    • Yes she is. Did you know Krissy used to be an Attorney. And she was Disbarred. She stole money from her Clients. And lost her license. I think I read back in 2012.

  3. This Woman and her Partner Sally. Are both just plain pieces of White Trash Douche Bag Dykes.

    And Good. Yeah. They are shut down. They are just both washed up Lesbians. And now broke.

    And We all will be thrilled hearing that both of your nasty Kunts are put away behind bars.

    I will host a….. Krusty Kunt Krissy In Prison party.

    • Todd those two smelly cats. Krissy Schuh n Sally Kushner are good for nothing thieves.
      💩 💩 💩 💩 💩 💩 💩 💩 💩 💩 💩 💩
      And lying pieces of Shyt. And should rot n Hell

        • We said Bye Bye…to Barseen….and Bye Bye to Cityseen LLC…. In 2020.

          Now we will be saying Bye Bye Krissy…. Bye Bye Sally……… We’ll wave as they head to Prison.

          👋 Baaaaa Bye 👋 Baaaaa Bye 👋


        • EEEEEEEWWWWWWW.. Gross…… I just threw up in my mouth.

          The idea….. OMFG…. Do you even know what they look like. The dark haired is ugly as F….. And the other one us a chunky Dyke. They are Disgusting.

        • Well all they do is fish…….. Fish and wait for the next potential Investor. They can manipulate to give up their cash ti them. Krissy fishes as she tells people…… She wants Investors with deep pockets.

  4. Krissy Schuh scam tons of people out of their money. Conned them to Invest into the Barseen App.

    Jerry lives in Hollywood. And Krissy and him met back in 2010. Back when she had her Law Practice with Michael J Gulden on Sunset Blvd in West Hollywood. Jerry met Krissy through Michael

    Back when he kept failing at trying to be a Director. He woukd meet Krissy up at a Bar and drink. And do tell all tales. 

    In 2014 Krissy was Disbarred. She stole money from a Client and ended up losing her privilege to Pracrice Law. Then in 2016 she cane up with the idea of starting an App business. And the rest is history.

    People say this and it”s a known fact too. That when ever Krissy needs something and she doesn’t want it trailing back to her. She gets people to do it. All it takes is Krissy covering his drinks at the bar and he will plainly do it. He’s mailed things. Delivered packages for her. He’s met people she wanted Investment money from. He would talk about how great her app is. And that they will make allot of money. He’s made obscene phone calls or text people. I know a few he’s harassed. Any thing Krissy would need she gets him to do it. And all it take are covering his bar tab. Then got Ernie Perez to help her. He’s an alcoholic. And for Ernie for free drinks he’ll do anything. Around 4 years he lost his job.due to drinking. Going to work hung over and drinking and getting drunk at work. He hid it for a while I’m told but after 4 drinks. It starts to show. So they had no choice but to fire him. Of course he sued them like a normal alcoholic would. He said it was because he was gay. Then he tried the DRD Poz. Angle. But that didn’t fly. It was Documented by several people in a 3 month period. I have seen Ernie wasted in Bars in West Hollywood. And Krissy usually there drinking. Or his other half David Klein. Who’s a heavy drinker too. Ernie gets to the point and Blacks out. Says and does things he the next day doesn’t remember. That’s Alcoholism for you. Krissy enables his drinking by paying for his shots. And So he’s her vestigate app minion… I’m Nogoli. All said is true. I know this for a fact. And too the Bartenders have told me. They see and hear everything. And they’ve cut Ernie off many times. They call Krissy…. The Drunken all Lady and Ernie the Endless Drinker.

    And Jerry Buys is hiding Low. 

    Michael J Gulden in 2019 was Disbarred. He also helped in Krissy Schuh Investment scam. And the Court Disbarred him. 

    Ernie Perez moved to Boston in 2019. To get away from his Investment in The Barseen App Scam.

    • Hey Jow. I’m sure I can say this for everyone 😃
      I know I agree with what you said. I’m sure everyone else does too.

    • Throw her in a Prison Cell where she belongs. Her and the other Barseen App Fraudsters.

  5. All this is true. And after I foubd out. I text her. And she text back cursing at me. So I said. I am blocking you from my phone. And I posted on Facebook what she texted back to me.

    • There’s over 30 Blogs written alone on Krissy Schuh. All together a lot more. One blog has over 90 Comments. There are so many blogs that I can’t read them all.

      • Honey there’s a lot more than 30. She’s in the News…. News Blogs…. Unicourt….. Facebook…… Personal Websites….. Instagram……. Tic Toc…. 👧 gurl…… Krissy and her Barseen App Fraud been written on every Social Media. People found out she stole the monet. And talked about ut.

        Now the Bytch been Indicated and heading to the Big 🏠 House.. Prison

  6. My Comnent. Is a Comment and a Question to Krissy Schuh

    I met Krissy many moons ago. Back when she was a Kaw Student at Southwest Law School. She was Bubbly.. Cheerful.. And when ne and her talked. Which wasn’t a lot. Mabey 10 times maybe a lil more I’m not sure.. But anyways she always made me feel good. She was happy. Determained and brightened a room and you left feeling energized that you can achieve anything.

    That was in the early 2000’s

    It’s roughly 15 years later. What the hell happened to her in 15 years.

    I’m reading all kinds of stuff. 2014 She was Disbarred. Then 2018 Sued for Fraud. 2020 The Court had her Business shut down and Assets Frozen.

    So how from 2006 to 2020 she had a complete Personality twist around. Was she Possessed. I read in 2015 her car was Reposessed. Not the same thing but close…. How did she go from being this Happy Woman with a Good outlook on life to a Woman that would take Candy from a Baby. Does some one have the answer.

    It’s like what I’m reading is of a completely different person.

    Any one know

    • So I think Torrence. Most would agree with you. Krissy is a very bad abd mistrusting person. And Krissy will one day will get legally what’s coming to her.

      I work with a guy that years ago net Sally. Sally Kursher. That’s Jrissy’s Business Partner. Or was her Business Partner.

      They no longer have the Business. The DA and Court shut it down.

    • 💲 💲 💲 💲 💲 💲 💲 💲

      If you ever see Krissy…… Hold on to your Walket. Because she will try and sbatch it

      • You meant Wallet Todd……. Were you drunk writing this…….. Lol.

    • The Barseen people lets just say. Are the worst of the worst

  7. Hey 👧.

    💰 💰 Krissy. Steal from anyone today. 💰 💰


    • Todd. That Bytch would steal from her own Mother if she could

    • She didn’t steal from me. I hate that fat Cow. She’s so Dishonest. She’s very shady. I don’t like people that do what she done. And walk around as she did no wrong.

      Any of you see the Youtube Video from a few years ago. Thanksgiving night. She cusses and screams at a few guys at a Gay Bar. Calling them f@ggots. She slams the door when she walks out. The video went Viral.

  8. And Krissy says to people she’s not a Lesbian.

    But Sally and her had a relationship 10yrs ago.

    But Krissy says she’s not a Lesbian.

    If she’d lie about tgat. She will lie about anything

    Don’t trust her. Or you will be sorry you did.

    • 😔 She stole 100k fron a guy named Mark Miller. And another guy in 2017 right after Christmas committed Suicide. He left a suicide note saying Krissy owed him 30k. And he got manically depressed and over dosed. 😔

  9. Krissy Schuh is lower of the lowest you rate. If there was a -10000000000000000000000 that would be her score.

    Im glad she lost her Business. Im glad the Court shut her diwn and froze her Bank Accounts. Im glad she’being prissecuted. And I hear she’s in Prison. We alk will be happier.

  10. There are tons of stuff writted about her and the others that helped her Con people and steal their money.

    Barseen App wasn’t a Business. What it was. Was a Ponzi Scheme.

    And I still can’t believe Giovanni Vitulli got in on it helping you lie and telk people your Business is a great Investment. I am no longer friends with him. And I told Hunter about Giovanni. And Hunter said he knew. He’s had so many people tell him. So If Hunter knows so doesn’t Rick. Their boss.

        • 💀No one does. After what they have done. They violated their Trust with Everybody. Would you trust them after hearing what they done. Hell No 💀

          • If you look at all the other Blogs out there. You will see all the comments people leave. People Hate on them. And they express their Hatred to Krissy n Sally so well.

          • And yes they do Todd. A lot if people hate them.

  11. No. You can in no way trust this Woman. Krissy Schuh is a Con Man… Con Woman….. Wait she’s a Dyke so that would make her a Con Man.

  12. 😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠

    I hate this Woman. She stole from so many people in the Gay Community. I hope they throw her assss in jail. She stole so much money. From so many people.

    She’s lucky I bever Invested. If she stokle my money. I’d have run her down. And she would not be around to take any more mo ey from any one and steal.

    Krissy is a phucking Criminal.

    • Krissy Schuh is a lying Kunt. And we all know she’s a Fraud.

  13. I’m with you on that Harrold. She deserves Prison time. To be locked up for a long time. Share a cell with Bertha.

  14. Last time I saw her was at the store Out of the Closet in West Hollywood. Before Covid. She was buying clothes and things.

    Funny. I remember her saying….. Only poor people go to those kinds of stores.

    • Shame on her. That Krissy is only a Con Woman and nothing more.

  15. We said Bye Bye…to Barseen….and Bye Bye to Cityseen LLC…. In 2020.

    Now we will be saying Bye Bye Krissy…. Bye Bye Sally……… We’ll wave as they head to Prison.

    👋 Baaaaa Bye 👋 Baaaaa Bye 👋


      • Bbbbbbbbbbbbbyyyyyyyyyyyyeeeeeeeee
        And Sally

        I wonder if you two will get any Visitors in Prison.

        • I’ll say it too Todd.

          Bye. Krissy. By. sally. By Barseen App People. Bye

  16. I wasn’t but then I decided I’d write.

    I know a bunch guys that that hate Krissy. And they say the same thins as the people here pisting.

  17. She probably saw you and tried to avoid you from seeing her.

    Well she’s poor now. The only money she had was the money she stole from all 60 of her Investors. It paid her rent. Sally’s rent. Buying stuff……. In 2016 Krissy’s Volvo was Repossessed. And she was months behind on rent. At the point of Eviction. She used Investment money to buy a new vehicle and get current on her rent…… So see…. The money barely went into the Barseen Business……. It went to other things that had nithing to do with the Barseen App….. And Krissy n her Business partner were caught and sued.

    And in 2020 they were Indicted for Fraud n Money Laundering.

    😂 and I’m glad 😂


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