THIS UGLY APE HAS KNOWINGLY PURSUED, LEAVES PHYCHO VMS, TEXTS AND STOCK US. She’s a true POS with no morals, self worth or KOOTH.. She’s ruined many marriages and laughs as she does it to us all. MARYANNE GARCIA resembles a BABOON, is FAT, SLEEZY, FRUMPY, DESPERATE AND HAS ABSOLUTELY NO SELF RESPECT. She’s an IGNORANT WHORE men use and NEVER leave their wives for..LOL!! LOOK AT THIS FAT BITCH!! She beggs husbands to FU#K HER and BEGGS HUSBANDS to come see her all hours of the day and night..WHAT A PATHETIC POS..She works at DBaC Construction in Newport Beach, Ca., where she meets married men , blackmails them, stocks their family and just WONT GO AWAY!! MARYANNE GARCIA IS JUST THE EPITOME OF A PATHETIC, LOOSER, DESPERATE, ZERO MORAL C#NT!!!!!

Published at Thu, 27 Aug 2020 21:06:35 +0000


    • That “creeper” looks mentally ill to me. Is that a monkey or a really FUGLY ape

    • there are no word’s to describe this piece of shit. Garcia is incapable of keeping her own “man” with her and finds joy in breaking up marriages for her small ego. Maryanne C Garcia is one of the most ugly, filthy human beings upon this earth and most all of OC, her relatives, children and workplace KNOW maryanne garcia is a lost cause, a KNOWN whore/scumy/slut in newport beach. She needs
      serious mental help. Maryanne Garcia is a used up piece of trash to avoid in any way or you will be harassed, obsessively called form “unknown” numbers, stalked and this bitch dosent seem to understand what “NO” MEANS AND TO GO THE FUK AWAY!

  1. Maryanne C Garcia-Hopkins is just as gross and skanky as a chick can get. A Known WHORE who thinks she’s the “shit”!🤣🤣We all makes fun of Maryanne Garcia ! SHES a JOKE

  2. Maryanne C Garcia DBAC, Newport Beach, Ca , 😂 she is the WHORE of OC


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