Airydress – Returns

Airydress – Returns

I bought three dresses from this firm , one was too tight, so I asked for an address to return it, first They said they had no proof of purchase, I didnt believe so I sent pictures of the two bags of the dresses I was keeping ,a picture of the bag with the dress in that I wanted to return , and a picture of the parcel wrapping that they all came in . They had my name, address, and telephone number, and I filled a form in as asked. On messenger I sent numerous messages, I dont think they were even read , I just received standard replies. I am self isolating and at 87 I bought the dresses to cheer me up, instead I was just left with a bucketful of stress.. I WILL NEVER EVER DO BUSINESS WITH THIS FIRM AGAIN. I have had enough of these people. and I dont ever want to hear or see their name again .

User’s recommendation: Keep well away from this firm.

Published at Thu, 27 Aug 2020 09:05:30 +0000


  1. Did not like the 4 tops- The material w/not good quality. Andre ran to small. Ty!!! Please return on my Credit Card that was charge on👍👍👍

  2. I am sorry. I am returning nine of the 11 dresses I purchased. The quality was poor and the sizes not suitable. I want two dresses out of my order to be charged. This has been an expensive mistake. I am not posting this comment yet, I wish to post a more derogatory post IF I DO NOT HAVE THIS MONEY REFUNDED!!!Only two dresses are to be charged for. The rest of the money needs to come back to my PAYPAL card payment.

  3. I purchased 9 dresses and one blouse. I couldn’t believe that 10 pieces of clothing will fit inside a DHL bag measuring 11″x8″. After I opened the bag and touched the materials on these dress, it felt like waterproof polyester shower curtain. First time buying clothing online and it has been a complete disappointment to say the least. I couldn’t believe i’ve falling for this type of scam. I tried calling, only heard a busy signal. I tried sending my return request through airydress website, to no avail because their website didn’t allow me to submit my request.

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