Puppy Scam

Puppy Scam

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  • Puppy Scam

    Jul 15, 2020

    This person or couple has been running this scam for a minimum of a couple months. They have websites called “sweet” and then whatever the breed of the dog. They ask for however much money and then the transportation cost. For two Shar Pei’s for my parents they asked for $1800 up front. That was $1600 for the pups and $200 for transportation. So I was to believe that flying two puppies and get them to my parents door was $200. First huge red flag. They only take money via Zelle which is suspicious. They also can’t tell you the name of the transport company. They then will ask you to pay an additional amount for “insurance” payable, as you can guess- to them personally again. They send out contracts and ask questions initially, so they attempt to reel people in. My parents almost got taken. They lost their dogs due to old age and just are ready, so people who do this are truly low life scum. However, I also Google and do my research. When you look up this number and everything, there’s tons of reports of scams. Not to mention their big mistake for me was they gave a fake address in Houston, but even before I knew it was fake, I lived in Houston for 10 years. They gave an address that would have been in a really bad part of Houston, huge red flag. Please be careful and don’t give these trailer trash people any money.

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Published at Sat, 01 Aug 2020 00:05:59 +0000

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