Lake Mary Tramp Marsha Garcia, Florida


Lake Mary Tramp Marsha Garcia, Florida

It is beyond me why a mother of younger children wants to stay high, be a criminal and a tramp by running around with unavailable married men. Marsha Garcia (dob 1/8/1980) who is from Lake Mary, Florida is exactly that kind of women. She sleeps around with man after man, attempting to ruin other women’s marriages, goes to jail continuously because of her criminal activity, doesn’t hold a job, lost custody of her own children, milks her terminally ill mother’s finances, and mooches off everyone. Why she has deluded herself into thinking she can lie enough and give enough sex and BJ’s to have a man leave his wife for her is unbelievable. She has nothing to offer of value because she is a selfish, fake and treacherous person. No one in their right mind wants this used up trash because who wants to have a person who is so willing to be that low down. She has set herself up to go through relationship after relationship without ever having anything genuine and real. Men avoid this nightmare as she is about using you and milking you and nothing more.

Published at Thu, 23 Jul 2020 12:06:02 +0000


  1. Slutty Marsha Garcia is all about advertising herself as the best lay and BJ in hopes of snagging some unsuspecting dude who may be wiling to take her on financially. What youve got here guys is a whore who has wore out her welcome in every relationship because she is a sorry ass excuse of a human being who is always scheming and conniving and covering it up with lies heaped upon more lies.
    If you want a crash and burn relationship, Marsha is your ticket because she will deliver her brand of misery guaranteed

  2. This junkie, theif and home wrecker is in the best place, behind bars in Lee County, FL chilling out until she can get to court. This miserable human being has burnt so many people, she cant even convince someone to post her bail any more. Thats what happens to people always trying to hustle others. Her own selfish greed has done her in. Maybe sitting on her laurels for a month behind bars will give her enough time to contemplate the POS person she has become, the sorry no good absent mother who cant even manage to give her own children any consideration. Marsha is a sick puppy who needs to go from jail to intense therapy.

  3. Marsha Garia is a classic Narcissist, bulldozing other people without a care so long as she gets what she wants. Marsha is a manipulative user of people and extremely deceitful. She is one of the most underhanded people I have ever met


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