Ashro – No goodwill for loyal customers.

Ashro – No goodwill for loyal customers.

I was a customer of Ashro for 13 years and never have they had an issue with me paying on my account. In fact, they have raised my credit limit without my requesting due to my payment history.

My Ashro Account was a zero balance.

My credit is very important to me and I work hard to pay my bills on time. I returned a dress to TdAshro because it was too big on me. Right around the period that I returned the dress, COVID-19, and many other issues occurred. I faced many challenges as everyone did during this period.

I was notified that there was a negative reported on my credit. Upon further research, to my chagrin, Ashro had reported a balance of $12 to credit bureau!!! This is action shows me that this company does not care about their customers nor do they practice Goodwill to securing their customers. I reached out to the company, was transferred at least four times and each person including a Supervisor were uncaring, rude and nonchalant to the fact that this was so unnecessary.

They blamed me and stated that if I had contacted them, they had a 30-day program for hardship. They actually bragged about this as if they were doing something to help. I need to mention that I was unaware of this petty balance and if I could pay $1000 on time and bring it to zero balance, I certainly would have paid the $12 had I known. Quite frankly, I thought I had a zero balance after returning the item.

My comment to them was, in light of a worldwide pandemic, why could they not have programmed their system to hold all accounts for a specific time period. To add insult to injury, one of Ashro’s Representative mentioned that if I want to pay the $12 through Customer Service there would be a $2.00 fee!!!! THEY ARE MONEY HUNGRY and couldn’t care less about their consumers. I paid the $12 online.

Apparently, they needed that $12 more than me. It meant so much to them that they reported it to credit bureau and dinged my credit over a shipping balance that I was unaware of. The company’s attitude was unprofessional and unsympathetic. There was not any motion of making any correction because they believe they did the right thing which is infuriating.

I will never, ever give Ashro my business again. They have lost a customer and I will tell anyone who will listen, please do not give Ashro your business.

What’s a world pandemic to them? $3.00 or $12 balance, they show No Mercy.

Preferred solution:
Negative reporting pulled from my credit report..

Published at Mon, 06 Jul 2020 22:05:12 +0000

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