Is this a common catfish ploy?

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Is this a common catfish ploy?

My mom received a Facebook message from a stranger (a woman named Valerie) that said she recently had an ancestry.com dna test that indicated my grandpa (Bill) is her biological grandfather. She says no one knows who her father’s father was, and she is only looking to learn about that side of her family.

A few years ago, my parents bought my grandpa a dna test kit from ancestry.com, and since neither of my grandparents had a computer, they set up the account with my mom’s email as the contact. So, it’s not impossible that this story is true.

My mom is (rightly) suspicious, but doesn’t want to completely blow this woman off in case she’s honest and not a scammer.

Is this a common ploy amongst catfishes?

Published at Mon, 06 Jul 2020 21:49:55 +0000

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