Metabank – Card locked

Metabank – Card locked

Card has been locked 9 days for no reason. They refuse to take birth certificate and ss card and check stubs plus expired id as proof along with a photo of me ace checking took and has on file as proof of identity.

They have my money locked so I don’t have money to get a current id like they’re asking for .plus with covid situation the DMV here only goes by appointment.

No appointments for another three weeks. I’m about to lose my home have no food and have over a thousand dollars they won’t unlock my card so I can survive.they lie and say they don’t get my emails .every person you speak to tells a different lie .the last was a supervisor who laughed along with their co-workers I heard laughing about my situation and then hung up on me .I’m sick to my stomach bc of what they are doing to me .then I read BBB reviews and see hundreds of people they have done the same thing to

User’s recommendation:
No way this is a evil scamming bank they steal.

Monetary Loss:

Preferred solution:
Unlock my card before I’m homeless.

Metabank Cons:

Lock card for no reason.

Published at Tue, 30 Jun 2020 07:00:25 +0000

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