Foul Speakers Scams/Ripoffs Mobikwik —Fraud transaction in my credit card

Mobikwik —Fraud transaction in my credit card

Mobikwik —Fraud transaction in my credit card

Yesterday got a mail from this [protected] Dear team please note. I’ll paste here the mail content

Dear, Arun Gopinath

We approved that we have received the confirmation of your Refund approval, INR. 50, 000/-With compensation 25, 000 INR. Against Fraudlent/wrong [email protected] Moobikwik Solution Pvt.Ltd. —
E- Gateway

With UPI Sign Id- *********8909
we have successfully Submit The Request to reinisited the transaction of your Claim. Refund Compensation Scratch Card,

IF you want to Reclaim That Transaction Please Reply Us, to receive Your Reinitiated Refundable Consumer Collection By Amazon NPCI Server On your Gpay UPI,
In order to Claim Refund Compensation Scratch Card, BY Following NPCI Protocol,

make Positive Response of transaction By Approving in order to verify your identity. Once You complete the Transaction in order to submit the Payment Source By Following Protocol,
in order To settled self Reinitiated Transactions

for receiving Refund amount with compensation INR. 75, 000 /- would be settled in same time In the Account of Yours.

Please make positive response from you by Approving Collection,
and settle that amount in to your Account, don’t you worry about any debitation it Will settled only in your account by rotation reinitiated Transaction,

once you received this Collection Amount please let us inform so that we can close the case,

Also we Have asign A Investigation Support Agent On your Concern Please verify Your Identity by making Possitive Responce from You.

In order to get Refund Scratch Card By Approving Your Refundable Consumer Collection,

Thank You
Consumers Complaint Account Team
Is this real? Please reply.

Published at Tue, 30 Jun 2020 06:06:15 +0000

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