HappyEasyGo —CaseId-1589275086614:


HappyEasyGo —CaseId-1589275086614:

Never ever book your ticket with this fraud company called happyeasygo.
At the time of booking, i already paid higher amount to avail zero change fee and would just have to pay the difference in fare if any.

Now when i want to reschedule the flight, they charge me 500₹ as a convenience fee to accept the change request and later tells you to pay 1455₹ as the flight fare difference for the new ticket, whereas there is no difference shown on their website.
Also they are not honest enough to share the actual difference or a flight fare of higher amount.
To make it worse, they threaten you saying if we don’t pay 1455₹ as the difference, they would refund you 500₹ which was initially charged.

Published at Sat, 20 Jun 2020 21:06:15 +0000

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