I sacrificed a recently captured telemarketer to the Oracle at Startpage.com and the oracle revealed the following.

Other than being a possible DNC scofflaw, 4r (or is that 4F?) seems like a singularly unimpressive operation. It is apparently owned by someone named Dan Campbell. It is located at is located at 6902 Pearl Rd Cleveland OH, 44130. The phone number is (440)885-2501.

CCA Promotions (http://ccapromotions.com/) “Essential Telemarketing Services for the print media industry” shares the exact same address, so I would assume it is another identity for the same company. You may find the website interesting.

I did find the resume of a former 4r “sales partner” who had moved on from invading our homes to shout things like, “Read all about it, Cat kills rat while dog looks on, get your hot news right here”. It seems she found being a shift manager at Taco Bell more rewarding, as would I. Good for her!

I also noted that complaints about them (and posts by them) show up elsewhere on this site, and on other similar websites.

Are they DNC compliant? I don’t know. They swear they dot i’s and cross t’s as appropriate.

But the bottom line is that unless they switch to “opt-in only” calling lists, they are in a fundamentally intrusive and shabby line of work, and they are promoting a dying industry.

And to digress slightly, newspapers aren’t failing simply because of technology. They are in part failing for the same reason network news is struggling. Many papers aren’t doing their jobs very well, and many people no longer view them as honest brokers of information.

Frankly, the paper where I live is frequently no better written than text messages between under-achieving middle school students. They absolutely butcher the English language. A recent favorite was, “The crook snuck[sic] in through an unlocked door.” Print journalism is moribund with cause, and a bunch of yammering telemarketers will not save a gangrenous cage liner from its just fate.

Published at Sat, 20 Jun 2020 21:05:43 +0000

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