Ebay not refunding sale tax for item returned.


Ebay not refunding sale tax for item returned.

Ebay cancelled my account when I had to change phone number and email address. I provided all the answers to their audit questions, gave them all my personal information, professional reference validations, and then they said I was too high of a risk to their buyers. Do not go to Ebay if you want to sell random nice items you own, they are only looking for “serious” businesses as sellers. The days of Ebay being a place you where you can sell stuff you have is OVER. I always had a perfect high rating from the transactions I was involved in as buyer and seller. All I got was rudeness. They told me to go sell my stuff on another platform, no joke!

User’s recommendation: Only for “real” retail businesses, not for normal people selling stuff.

Published at Sat, 20 Jun 2020 20:05:32 +0000

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