Foul Speakers Scams/Ripoffs Shitou Tech co. Review – Sichuan dajian road 289

Shitou Tech co. Review – Sichuan dajian road 289

Shitou Tech co. Review – Sichuan dajian road 289


7 hours ago Ripoff Report on: Shitou Tech co. Limited – Shitou tech co limited scammed me
sichuan dajian road.
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  1. Geoff says:

    I was scammed by **bleep**ou (sz) Tech co limited – they sent the Sanding strips only and when I contacted them and said that I hadn’t received the machine they said no we have proof that you received what we sent and so then through much correspondence I showed them what I received and the packing (which was small so there is no way a polishing machine would have fit in it). Anyway they came back with a discount for the goods received – I said no I want a full refund then they offered me a bigger discount of which I then informed them that I would raise a dispute via Paypal. With all the evidence it has taken a month to get to me sending what I had received back to China – AT MY EXPENSE!! and to upload the tracking details and then I would get a refund once they have received the item. What a waste of space Paypal has been. Normally Paypal are awesome with this kind of thing but with this one they dropped the ball. They have a history on this company. They should have stepped in and said – No the purchaser doesn’t need to send back what they received as they have indicated that they are useless without the polishing machine and you are advised to give a full refund – simple. I found a web page where someone bagged the company but can’t find it again, will keep looking. We need to get it out there about this scam. Potentially they are the 1 company but using many different names. I also requested Paypal to stop any trading/service that they do with this company as obviously it is an ongoing scam and Paypal should not be accepting their business.

    1. kingkookie says:

      NO sorry to say paypal are still letting purchasers buy i have 2 items outstanding from this company and pay new about them not sure we can trust them any more.

      1. Debbie Preston says:

        I ordered the battery powered pruners 5/4/20 took the funds out of my bank same day. Haven’t received my order or email tracking my order it’s 5/29/20

        1. Jacque says:

          I also have been a victim of this scam company. Out $299 for a swimming pool. And like the rest of you the money came out of my paypal account immediately. I never heard from them via email rhen one day decided to look through my scam/spam file and found their confirmation email in the spam folder. Tried to contact them via PayPal account, via the website email, via the confirmation email. All came back undeliverable.
          Decided to esculate a claim through paypal for a refund, but….paypal keep extending the resolution of the case and still no refund. The initial transaction was May 5. I also will be closing my paypal account if this doesn’t resolve in my favor of a full refund. And I have never received the pool.

          1. Sheila Landers says:

            I never received my 10ft- 30 pool I’m so angry I’m out 219.00 did you go on raindrop

        2. Sheila Landers says:

          I ordered a pool on june 3rd 2020 I havent received it yet I was scammed

          1. Tracy Russell says:

            I just received mine. Ordered a 18 x 48 pool with filter, ladder, ground cloth and pool cover. After 4 weeks I received a blow up pool that is 10′ x 30″. It comes with nothing. I logged into paypal and they don’t even show the transaction. I have the receipt from paypal but they don’t show the transaction. This does not sound promising at all. If I don’t get my refund I will be hitting up FB, Instagram, Snap Chat and perhaps I’ll make a twitter just to post there!!

          2. ROBERT BASS says:

            scammed as well, waited and waited and waited, then tracking info said it was delivered, but it was not

    2. Connie peltier says:

      Order Garden kneeler and seat 5/2000 still nothing they didn’t have a 🤬probably taking my money. Let’s see if PayPal fits my money back 🤯

    3. Leanne says:

      Geoff, I have the exact same problem only I ordered my “diy polishing machine” on 10 Oct 19.
      How did you contact them?

  2. Ellen says:

    How did you contact them??I ordered the kneeler and have not received it.

    1. Claudia Jones says:

      Yes I want to know how you contacted them

  3. Wayne Aucoin says:

    How do you contact them ?? I order the kneeler / seat and have not received it. I order on May 2,20.

    1. Jean says:

      I have contacted them thru PayPal (Which I used to pay). I ordered two Garden Kneelers 5/5/20 and mid June received two 7″x8″ “tool” bags which are a joke. I am still corresponding with them thru PayPal and I am going to be turning it into a claim. They said they were “sorry” I was disappointed with there product and would give me a 20% refund if I wanted (out of $40 that I paid. .LOL

  4. Judy Willits says:

    I ordered a kneeler on May 5 it has cleared my bank when will I get it.

  5. Karen Overholt says:

    I ordered a kneeler on May 5 it has cleared my bank when will I get it

    1. Tom Reiter says:

      ordered garden kneeler May 4, 2020 haven’ received it yet

  6. Dale Rosenlund says:

    I ordered a kneeler May 3, 2020. Tried to email the company, it came back undelivered. I think I’ve been schamed‼️ Dale Rosenlund

  7. George Martin says:

    I ordered a kneeler on May 2nd. When will I get it

  8. Mary-Jo Giamberardini says:

    I ordered a kneeler May 11. No word from this company!

  9. Christopher L Link says:

    I have not received my barber clippers posted on my credit card May24, when will I receive it

  10. Debbie Preston says:

    I ordered the battery powered pruners 5/4/20 took the funds out of my bank same day. Haven’t received my order or email tracking my order it’s 5/29/20

  11. Hugh Saxon Jr says:

    I ordered a kneeler & seat on May 11. Payment cleared the bank on May 12. Where is my merchandise? Why don’t you list a phone #?

  12. Lillian Mazura says:

    How can we contact them?

  13. Lynn says:

    I ordered a Luxury Cat Villa Paradise on 4/18/2020. They took the money out of my acct, sent me a confirmation email with receipt number, invoice number, and email address if I had an problems. I emailed them to see where my order was and I got a mail daemon back saying message NOT delivered! People in this world just suck.

    1. JANNIS says:

      I unfortunately ordered same thing on 5/05/20, wish I had seen this site before I placed the order. They instantly pulled the money from my account yet as of 6/08/20 I’ve still received nothing, here either. 😪

  14. Gloria Snead says:

    I ordered a pool then cancelled the order the same day within an hour. No response on the order cancellation, no refund, but the funds were taken from my account within minutes of the order.
    I think we have been scammed!!!

  15. polly anderson says:

    I ordered recliner luxury camp chair on May 8th. Have not heard a word from them and my email came back undelivered.

    1. Jennifer Yocom says:

      I also ordered the luxury recliner camp chairs on May 9th. I opened a dispute last night with PayPal. The company sent some bogus tracking app. The website and original tracking have been deactivated.

      1. Denise says:

        What is PayPal going to do for you?

    2. Jill says:

      I also ordered the chair I emailed them stating I was going to dispute without an update. 5 days later they sent me what appears to be a footstool, my 7 year old daughters behind couldn’t even fit on it! Wtf

      1. Karen Hamer says:

        I also ordered the camp chair and pay pal site sent them an email.They sent me a tracking number and it states my item is in the USA as of tonight. I will give them a couple more days then I will make a report to PayPal

  16. MM Mueller says:

    I ordered a ball thrower machine for my dog as I thought it would be fun for my dog to retrieve. This was in early April. Today I received a tennis ball only! I thought I had been scammed and this proves it along with all of the other people on this site who have complained about this company. I will Never knowingly order anything again from China!!! Most items ordered from there over the Internet are either cheap and tatty or are scams!!!!!!!

  17. alan smith says:

    when I made my order it was what I thought a bargain it took a month and a half to come but not what I thought I ordered an indoor cycle trainer I received a cup for the front wheel to sit in not happy rip-off merchants

    1. alan smith says:

      I paid $26 for a lump of plastic that is no good to me there is no way I can afford to return the item

  18. Michael says:

    Ordered 2 Recliner Luxury Camp Chairs on May 14th and haven’t received anything but a demon returned email when I used the billing email address ( listed on my PayPal invoice. Unless I receive chairs or full refund, I will not be using PayPal for any transactions.

    1. Denise says:

      I did the same and received this thing I can hardly explain what they sent here to me. Beyond frustrating!

  19. Gloria says:

    I ordered for electric grill.its bern more than a month now. Not received the item.They send the net but not the grill its a joke net costs 26.89 USD?? E mail them but bounce back. Paid via paypal. Its a fuc…ing scam. Never trust this site all my life now. Beware of scammers online!!!!

  20. Leo Didier says:

    Where is my kneeler? Case # pp-d-68700668 transaction ID

  21. Rob Rifkin says:

    I ordered a kneeler and seat on May 13. The merchandise has not been received. Looks like I’ve been scammed along with numerous other folks.

  22. Carol Ball says:

    I ordered the kneeler on May 7. I have not received the item. SCAM My account was charged on May 8.

    1. Carol Clark says:

      I ordered the exact same thing on May 7 and have yet to see it. Filed a dispute with PayPal. If everyone has the same complaint, maybe PayPal will do something about it. When I tried to email this company, it was “undeliverable” so you know it’s a scam!

  23. Jeanne Harding says:

    I ordered the Kneeler on 5/9, still haven’t received it as of 6/11.

  24. Ken Dias says:

    Ordered swimming 05-24-2020 $125.00 still not received June 13-2020

  25. Jeanne Wilder says:

    I ordered the electric mop on May 5. Money instantly came out of bank via paypal which I haven’t had in years don’t know how they got bank info as I’m sure the info I used years ago is no longer valid. Then last week I received the 2 mop sponges but
    still never got the mop and I tried everything to get them. Sent email and it came back saying deamon unknown.

    1. Marjorie Yeager says:

      I ordered the same thing and haven’t received anything.

  26. Earl Thompson says:

    I was scammed by this company. I ordered a LP album of etta James. They send me a screen.

  27. Carol S says:

    Ordered 2 kneeler son May 10; 2020. No kneeler received as yet. Today in the mail, I received the tool attachment that goes with the kneelers from an address in Kent Washington. No kneelers though. Definitely a scam and a ripoff!

    1. Linda Vezina says:

      I also ordered the kneeler on April 30 and received only the tool bag, but no kneeler.
      Still trying to get PayPal to issue a refund.
      Moral of the story. DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM CHINA.
      Order from AMAZON PRIME with fulfillment by Amazon. At least if there is a problem Amazon returns your money ASAP.

  28. Dot Kanipe says:

    Ordered a Garden Kneeler and Seat on May 5th. Money pulled through PayPal immediately. Never received anything at all. Yes, this my last time to use PayPal
    or order anything from China!!

  29. Vicky says:

    I ordered the garden kneeler back in May 2020 and still have not received anything. I have emailed them twice and nothing in return other than email could not be sent.

    1. Jillian says:

      Ordered pool on 6/6/20 and never received. PayPal no help. Luckily paid with American Express- they actually f/u on scammers and reimburse. Canceling PayPal!

  30. Janice Austin says:

    I received at tent for out side when I received it it was a 32″x32″ Not even large enough for a baby. It was a rip off. Showed it large enough for an adult

  31. Shirley Williams says:

    I ordered (1) Non-Stick Fast BBQ Smokeless Grill-Indoor Electric Grill and an unauthorized amount of $27.89 was debited twice from my bank account. I’m unable to reach the seller from the email noted and no phone number.

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