kressy is a cheater


kressy is a cheater

this girl kressy/kresencia of los angeles who lives in echo park and works in silverlake is a wild animal. she is out of her mind half the time on various drugs and has no standards and will screw anyone who gives her attention, especially if you are a D list actor or acquaintence or anyone who has pills. she is emotionally unstable and dangerous and will stalk you while simultaneously stabbing u in the back. she is rotten

Published at Fri, 19 Jun 2020 06:05:12 +0000


      also on sunset

      let’s meet
      HA HA HA, BUT
      I would love to share over email if or text
      you’ll love these photos and findings. AH! I feel I share a similar disgust /obsession with this girl
      anyway, hard time. please reach out.
      truth is none of us really know her…I know a few others deeply disturbed with her existence, in a good way thats too much it is bad.

      let’s roast!

  1. this girl cheated on me she is damaged goods. lots of drama surrounds her she also accused me of cheating when all I wanted to do was be with her. don’t be with her she will give you PTSD

  2. someone catfished me pretending to be kressy. we talked on the phone daily for months but she would never skype. I flew to LA to see her and she ghosted me. It hurt me so badly. Then I just saw Kressy on Pauly Shore youtube and her voice is different than the pictures I’ve seen. Now I realize I was scammed. Still breaks my heart. Valentines day is approaching and I am alone again I don’t trust women now. I wouldn’t be surprised if this happened to other men.

    If I knew she looked like this I would not have given “her” the time of day she looks wrecked by drugs

  3. Guys are we still getting together for the circle jerk later? The last one was really fun.

  4. who are all you dudes does she really get around that much? I thought she had a boyfriend but she mindfucked me and is toxic. I’m still trying to heal


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