They asked for more money


They asked for more money

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  • They asked for more money

    Jun 02, 2020

    The puppy was suppose to be $750. And to shipped $150. A total $900. They asked to pay through cash app and in half payments so that it will go through. And to screenshot the transaction and send it to the person. So I did. The next day, I received a text saying, that the person was on its way to ship the puppy. When he was done with everything, that he was going to give all the information and tracking. After hours later I receive a email saying that they can’t process the shipment of the puppy because it had to be insured of a total of $1850. And that when it was delivered, that the money would be refunded back. Then the person called explaining this to me. I told him, I did not have that kind of money. So he told that the puppy would stay there and the bill would then keep going up more. And I repeated, that I could not pay that kind of money, and that this was not explained to me at first, I paid $150 for the shipping and that was it. Then the person told me, how much could I pay? And I told him I only had $100. And he told me that it was fine. So he told me to cash app it, and to screenshot it. And after that I haven’t heard from him.

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Published at Wed, 10 Jun 2020 23:01:44 +0000

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