Cars24 Services —Full amount not transferred


Cars24 Services —Full amount not transferred

– payment acknowledgement receipt no [protected] dated 24 february 2020
I, brigadier ajeysethi, am a serving army officer and was the owner of a car – maruti alto k10 with vehicle registration no hr26ct0522. I have sold the said car to cars 24, vide vehicle appointment id no [protected], through the relationship manager mrupendra pandey who is an employee of cars 24. An amount of rs 3540 was collected by car 24 from me against the sale of my car vide acknowledgement receipt no [protected] dated february 24, 2020. As per my conversation with the relationship manager and the fourth para given in the terms and conditions of this receipt, it is clearly mentioned that
“seller agrees to provide all documents mandatory to cars24 in order to proceed for rc transfer”.

2. The car was sold on 24 febuary 2020 on the agreed amount of rs 2, 30, 000/- (Including the cars24 commission charges) and an amount of rs. 2, 26, 460/- was paid to me in three installments. Rs 2, 16, 460/- was transferred by cars24 as advance payment on the date of sale of the car i. E. 24th february 2020 and rs 10000 was held up by cars24 as holdback refund, which was to be released on submission of documents by me for transfer of rc. Accordingly, the documents for transfer of rc were handed over to the cars24 relationship manager – mrupendra pandey on 9th march 2020 from my residence in new delhi. Mrupendra pandey assured on receipt of these documents, that cars 24 will take necessary action for transfer of rc to the buyer. It is also hereby confirmed that no self-transfer has been mutually agreed between buyer and seller in this case. For this reason the signed documents were given to the relationship manager mr. Upendra pandey. On receipt of the documents, mr. Upendra pandey assured me that he will release the holdback refund and proceed with the rc transfer.

3. On 17 march 2020, when i spoke to mrupendra pandey to ask about the progress of transfer of rc and refund of my balance rs 10000, he told me that an additional charge of rs 1000 will be deducted on account o[censored]nderhand payment for transfer of rc at the rto office. I refused to pay bribery charges and asked for the complete refund of rs 10000 without any deductions. This balance of rs 10000 (Holdback refund) was transferred by cars24 to me on 19th march 2020 as rs 9000/- and rs 1000/-. It is abundantly clear from the above events that cars24 verification team was fully satisfied with the documents given by me to cars24 for transfer of rc by cars 24.

4. On 1st may 2020 and 4th may 2020, when i sent e-mails to cars24 to ask for the progress of transfer of rc, i got a shocking email reply from cars24 on 04 may 20, stating that it is my responsibility to transfer the rc. A forged consent form was attached along with the e-mail that cars24 sent me and the same is attached with this e-mail as well. I have never signed any rc consent form. The rc consent form forwarded to me by cars24 does not bear my signatures and has been apparently forged by some employee of cars24. The holdback refund of rs 10, 000/- kept by cars24 regarding submission of documents for rc transfer, collection of those documents by employee of cars24 and the release of holdback refund are testimony to the fact that i did not consent for self-transfer of rc and this rc consent form is forged.

5. It has been a long time, since i had handed over all the documents to cars 24 for transfer of rc, but no confirmation of the transfer has been received by me till date.

6 as government servants are mandatorily required to inform the government about the sale of any car they own (Copy attached), i am required to submit complete information about the buyer including his name, full address, aadhar number, and profession.

7.in view of the above, car24 is requested to take following actions
(A) expedite transfer of the rc to the buyer.
(B) provide all the information about the buyer including his full name, designation, office address, home address, aadhar number etc.
(C) the rc consent form forwarded by email to me has not been signed by me. As someone has forged these signatures, car24 should investigate the forgery and take necessary legal action against the culprit under intimation to me.
Regards and best wishes.
Yours sincerely
Brigadier ajey sethi.

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