Foul Speakers STDs Worried While waiting HIV results

Worried While waiting HIV results

Worried While waiting HIV results

I (30M) hardly post on here at all but to make a long story short & without divulging too much personal info.

But 11 days ago I ended up experimenting & messed around with someone (CD) I met off an online dating app. Which I’m embarrassed to admit.

I went to their house, they started off with oral (a couple mins) on me and then said that they’re clean and have no condoms but they’re on prep. They used a crazy amount of lube (anal) & kept grabbing me to pull me into them. I literally slipped the tip in for a few seconds (<5) before freaking out and pulling out. From there I got cleaned up while apologizing, and clearly they were pissed. I feel stupid because people can say they’re “clean” just to have sex with you and not miss out.

Fast forward to 2 days ago I’m experiencing headaches and allergies/slight cold (maybe due to the old building I work in & it’s flu season) but to alleviate my paranoia of me experiencing “flu-like symptoms” as well my crazy amount of googling.

I ended up getting the early HIV RNA detection test. The test takes 3-4 business days to get results back and it’s currently day 2. So I more than likely won’t get an answer until after the weekend. Am I tripping? Just trying to be positive here but don’t like this feeling while waiting.

Edit: just to mentioned I’ve been tested for HIV before 3x in the past 4 years and they’ve always been negative.

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