Foul Speakers Cheating Najmeh Barzegar

Najmeh Barzegar

Najmeh Barzegar

Loves married men.

Published at Fri, 29 May 2020 17:01:29 +0000

11 thoughts on “Najmeh Barzegar”

  1. Ugly people belong together. says:

    Chatting is cheating and getting caught just makes you look incredibly stupid.

  2. PS5 says:

    Isfahan? Which city girl frm?

  3. Fache has many fake payment accounts says:

    What does Oli Del want. OLI DEL wants to hide his name from the world.

    1. Homewrecker says:

      You can have Amir now. Thanks for ruining 6 years of our marriage. I hope you enjoy your nights in hell together.

  4. Ma SahA says:

    I know this woman . We connected on Telegram.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Dont worry. He takes victims that are usually black and Asian women who have no family. You’re Iranian and so is he. He thinks he is better than everyone. He even bragged about how he could put white on his job applications . SO maybe he will be nicer because he is a racist peice of shit who also loves to steal pets. Particularly cats from Females who are minorities with no family in the area. He loves to extort people too. You two probably talk shit about ethnic minorities because I know he talks shit about Afghan people. Who by the way look Asian. Yet he loves to have sex with blacks and Asians but won’t marry them.

    1. He is a liar be careful. says:

      Oh he likes to look at teenage girls up and down to infront of his wife. He also has this closet where he wont allow anyone in. Maybe he is hiding photos of little girls. He used to defend. Hooker he met online that said they met on Badoo.

  6. A liar never changes. says:

    He slept with his hairdresser and gave her a nice tip for a BJ. Good luck having him. Btw. Tell him to return my cat.

  7. A_aa2 says:

    Hi baby I miss you and my wife. Yes I’m a cheater. I am a liar. I like Telegram.

  8. Naj says:

    Amir Arb paid for living expenses and surgery. He is not married. And he has no girlfriend Who is this an what are you talking abour.? We are engaged to be wed when I come to America.

  9. His Wife says:

    Here call him maybe he can pay for your eye surgery. Because you cannot read properly 504 948 7997 . Or did he pay for that also???????? Is that why he couldn’t spend a dime on his wife?

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