Foul Speakers Scams/Ripoffs Ubereats – Missing items from my order

Ubereats – Missing items from my order

Ubereats – Missing items from my order

My $4 smoothie was not in my order. I called McDonald’s so Yusuf could bring it to me..

nope.. it should have been in the order when he picked it up.. either I get it next time or I call Uber Eats and be refunded! How completely unfair, now I’m angry.

At first I said I would get it next time because I felt I shouldn’t have to spend more time getting a refund. I called Uber Eats to do that and their call centre is closed temporarily. So now I don’t have my drink to enjoy with my meal after spending $50!!! Again completely unfair.

No one cares to do the right thing!! Ordering out for my family it’s a big treat we don’t do it often.. single mother. I’m also new to ordering online I find it very frustrating.

Only had $50 in my account. When I went to give a 15% tip. I was $0.40 short so I had no option but to give10%. So glad I did because the driver is not held accountable for delivering the whole order.

Unfairness really triggers me so now that I’ve calmed down, I want a refund for the Smoothie as well as my tip.

My understanding is that we tip for Good service. Good customer service is becoming a thing of the past.

User’s recommendation:
Do not order from ubereats.

Published at Sat, 23 May 2020 05:00:21 +0000

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