Foul Speakers Cheating Jeff Vallecorse

Jeff Vallecorse

Jeff Vallecorse

Stay away! There is another post on here that is 200% true. He is a diagnosed Sociopath! He will make you think you are the one while he steals, lies and cheats! He likes to fuck girls that are younger then his daughter! He is a sick man. Addicted to porn!!!! He cheated on every gf he has ever had. Has lots of criminal charges including beating his ex wife! He is also addicted to drugs! He is a con man!!!! Never trust this man!!!!!!! He has been fired from multiple jobs for stealing also!

Published at Thu, 30 Apr 2020 23:00:31 +0000

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  1. Jeff Vallecorse says:

    Wow! I’m kind of impressed that y’all actually take the time to call me out. Just for fun, I’ve had only 1 phone number over the last 15 years. I only changed in when my sister passed in October. 150 women? That would be awesome, if it were true. The fact of the matter, yes, I cheated on my wife when I was in an unhappy marriage. And as far as the 2 women who posted about me here, Gina and Meghann, I just didn’t want to be with me anymore because I dont want a single person taking up all my time. Yes, I have 1 DUI and I was arrested for a domestic when my wife hit me. I took the arrest because I was on probation for my DUI. If you check records it will show I made the call to police. But hey thanks for wasting your time talking about me.

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