Opinion/Blog Epistocracy


Opinion/Blog Epistocracy

Now, as a newly reformed Episcopal I believe that a rule of the wise is smart if each wise person is in the proper place. It takes more overhead and overview than the other suggestions I’ve seen, true, but I think it’s a good path to move forward to.

I wouldn’t be surprised if it attracted some political thinkers who would all want to drain the swamp and unite disenfranchised independents. The only problem is passing that 15% voting thingie.

Anywho that’s just my opinion, not saying I’d be a good leader, just that it’d be a good system really.

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  1. In 2 hours it’s……… Tim time…
    Then she’ll stop posting when he walks thru the door…

  2. Ah Jo. Your rants and gaslighting would almost be cute if you weren’t so pathetic. Sad really. So sad.


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