Complaint / Review: Mohamed Issa – Mohamed Issa corrupt rideshare driv …


Complaint / Review: Mohamed Issa - Mohamed Issa corrupt rideshare driv ...Today a taxi driver named Mohamed Issa, who Goes By Mohammed Aliissa or Mohamed Saleh Issa, on a most important taxi outing platform has accomplished a CANCELATION FEE SCAM, where he intentionally selected to take invariably to select up a trip or reply calls, no message responses, and used to be three minutes for a whilst then again now over eleven miles away with no reply totally to cancel on his cease after a while. He is/was Operating with a red toyota camry with big apple license plate T763509C, whose approximate Age is 24. He certain had the time to renew his license plate on 02/04/2023 round 1:25 Pm alternatively ought to no longer select up a taxi rider who ought to of tipped increased than $5?

This is diagnosed as a CANCELATION FEE SCAM, the location customers after perhaps tremendous size of time are charged a CANCELATION FEE for canceling rides in order a predominant fee of round $5 to $10 and no longer pick out out you up incomes them a CANCELATION FEE for doing nothing. Financially makes experience straight away however in the long run will make it hard for them to even have more riders in the lengthy run.

More records on this “CANCELATION FEE SCAM” is below.
To control this scam, do no longer cancel the ride, you will be charged this fee. Snapshot the information, file it to the rideshare apps you use, make them conscious of this CANCELATION FEE SCAM driver and act, and tell the driver you are aware that he is doing a CANCELATION FEE SCAM and to cancel on his quit or you will report him. Of course you document them in any case to stop this from going on to others.

Drivers like this should be flagged/reported for no longer choosing up and answering for this ride. These rideshare systems ought to reflect onconsideration on developing some kind of algorithm or line of code that both logs and questions drivers about why they have no longer chosen to proceed to omit to pickup the customer even in a sure extent of time inclusive of checking visitors or why they are not transferring etc. It is unhappy that this CANCELATION FEE SCAM is nonetheless going on and it is scaring riders away from the platform and probable exceptional drivers as minimize ridership seems even a good deal much less feasible. On top of that this egocentric fraudulent conduct is affecting actual lives, proper careers and jobs, and might also even cause human beings to free their jobs all due to the fact a driver selected to no longer pick out them up solely to rip-off them first.

Please share this amongst riders and drivers of any principal rideshare systems in order to prevent this rip-off from spreading and affecting all drivers and riders. Do now now not do what Mohamed Issa or Mohamed Saleh Issa did. Please also inform your story here of these issues.

This is a real assertion of an hassle that occured these days and was once once no longer deliberately made to damage the popularity of Mohamed Issa or Mohamed Saleh Issa or affiliated rideshare organizations however was alternatively made to tackle a real concern and a flaw in the rideshare systems and is additionally a real evaluation of a driver and an issue/flaw on these rideshare platforms.

Discovered on Tue, 7 Feb 2023 11:35:1 GMT

Discovered at: Complaint / Review: Mohamed Issa – Mohamed Issa corrupt rideshare driv …


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