Eli Whitney and the Cotton Gin.


Eli Whitney and the Cotton Gin.In 1794 Eli Whitney patented the Cotton Gin which greatly sped up the process of removing cotton seed from the fiber which in turn greatly improved the production of cotton on Southern Plantations.


His new invention was intended to help with removing seeds from what is known as Short Staple Cotton. The seeds with Long Staple Cotton were easy to remove but this variety grew well only along coastal areas. The other variety could be grown in a much larger area but the seeds were very difficult to remove. A slave could only remove seeds from 1 pound of the short variety per day while the hand-cranked version of the cotton gin could do fifty. Larger gins could be powered by horses or water power. This invention revitalized cotton production in the American South and had the unintended consequence of encouraging the expansion of slavery as well since cotton plantations depended slave labor to operate successfully.



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