Complaint / Review: Yssamar Uribe following people in corona queens ny …


Complaint / Review: Yssamar Uribe following people in corona queens ny ...If you are following someone and trying to get their phone number, Yssamar Uribe, also known as Yssamar X Uribe, can report you to the police. This person has ties to Anely Uribe, a native of the Bronx in New York. They are disturbed individuals who may have become overly paranoid by reading or watching the news. Yssamar Uribe, also known as Yssamar X Uribe, and Anely should be avoided. This portrayal of the individual, their character, and the risks involved should you come into contact with them is correct.

Discovered on Thu, 17 Non 2022 11:35:2 GMT

Discovered at: Complaint / Review: Yssamar Uribe following people in corona queens ny …


  1. Today was a glorious day. The days are always fun, because I have friends, unlike Michelle. I like pisting on here, about Michelle, cause it’s fun. I’m up at nights. I’m so tired of having to work so hard and I want to be home while others work instead. Drew took our son away. I needed him to support me, because my craft jobs, AMWAY, and welfare don’t pay enough. I told Drew if he took Kaember away, I was going to kill myself. He didn’t believe me. I’ll show him.,that’s what I will reveal next week. I don’t keep secrets very well. If Drew doesn’t bring Kaember back, he will be sorry.

    • Oh ya….. Michelle… BTW…
      And BTW… Everyone knows… I don’t call my ex Drew…
      I made it up… To see if you would impersonating me…
      You been Busted.

      • Whatever. 🙄 Pull the other one. Just last week, you got mad when I told you his name was Andrew. You said his name wasn’t Andrew, and that you never called him Andy. I saw in your Facebook post and pictures, that you DID call him Andy. Last week you said his name was Drew, not Andrew. Now you say his name isn’t Drew. Well, which is it? If anybody is busted, it’s you, because you keep lying about shit we already fucking know! His name is Andrew Farr. Various nicknames are also accepted. Shut up!

        I know what your problem is, Jolynn. You just lie whenever we bring Andrew up, because you don’t like us talking about your husband, or ex husband…or whatever the fuck he is! You think it’s too personal, don’t you?. Funny, but you don’t seem to care about Michelle’s feelings when you’re always bringing up her husband! Why is it so different for you, you selfish cunt?!

  2. Everyone all knows…. The truth… That Michelle Corner is EUNOHOO…
    She’s been Busted…
    And everyone knows that Michelles been lying to everyone online…
    And Michelle been caught…
    And everyone now knows the Truth…
    I now got 25 blogs… And I exposed Michelle on all of them…
    Karma got Michelle and she’s been busted…
    And she knows it.

    • Shut up, you stupid bitch! You waste so much time wanting to hurt Michelle and pull tricks on her. Yet, you cry like a bitch, when someone turns around and does the same to you. Eat shit!

      • Just wait and see for more reveals Michelle… There’s 9 I have. And the next one will be on Thanksgiving… Not only will your Tim be reading it. Hint hint hint… The Hughes and Corners will be too…
        Get the popcorn ready… It’s gona be better than Black Friday. You Sloot.

      • Shut up, you stupid bitch! You waste so much time wanting to hurt Jolynn and pull tricks on her. Yet, you cry like a bitch, when someone turns around and does the same to you. Eat shit!

  3. I wonder if they recieved my letter at your Tims job yet… I sent is a week ago…
    I sent a copy of the lwhat the court said about No Court… A copy of what the police said of no cops were sent to arrent me… And no restraining orders in my name…. I sent what Elevate said about you harassing me and other neghbors… Print outs from the blogs… Print out of your hookup profile page… Print out from your Face Book last year when you posted comments about me…. And the current comments you been making… And a bunch of other things… And pix…
    I wonder if they recieved it yet. I paid over 2.00 in postake to send it.
    I’ll send out another to your Tims work on Monday…Lori says they need to know about your mental condition and the lengths you go too to harass me. I never thought about it till she made a comment last Saturday when we had breakfast at Village Inn on 22nd… She’s right. Your Tim’s job need to know.

  4. Wow it’s after 3pm our time the EUNOHOO Michelle. Her security guard job Tim. Wendy. Beth. Ike. Jeff. RamsPaul. Rusty. Issac Gates. And after 6pm in Tennesee…
    Wow… No comments by her majesty Mrs. Butt Fuck…
    It’s a miracle…
    If Michelle and her fake names never post again… It would be Heaven…
    But we know Mrs. Butt Fuck will…
    People let’s enjoy while it lasts…

    • You’re an asshole, Jolynn. Take your reveals and shove them up your ass! The Karma bus is gonna pay YOU a visit! 🚌

      • When will that be… Lol…
        Is that like you posting and telling people the cops were coming to arrest me… Lol

        Is ir just lije you posted and told people that there was Court. And an appeal. Lol…
        . All words. Just words…
        Stop singing like a canary.

        • Not telling you. It will be an unwanted surprise and you will shit your pants out of fear and rage. 🤣😂

          • Right. Michelle… You said that how many fucking times in two years…
            And next year you will still singing like a canary about it.

  5. 🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨

    Beware…PSYCHO ALERT 🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨

    Block these phone numbers from your phone immediately! They belong to Jolynn Graham Farr, her kid, and their nutty fucking neighbors! The whole lot of them are batshit! These jobless fuckers sit around all day, making prank telephone calls, like a bunch of preteen douchebags! Jolynn is pushing 60, and that slovenly old hag is the most immature bully of them all!




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