Complaint / Review: Tauriemusic.com – Tauriemusic.com is run by Justin …


Complaint / Review: Tauriemusic.com - Tauriemusic.com is run by Justin ...Tauriemusic.com is run by Justine Hoffman, the new CEO of a significant online entertainment entrepreneur management organization that comprises Hush Media Networks and Amada Records, as a bogus internet rip-off where they demand money in exchange for promotion. You gave them money under duress, so when you try to remove it all, nothing will be left. It’s even possible that tauriemusic.com, a bogus website, was employed to deceive customers into paying for phony marketing ploys. Making money is a priority for their leaders. They have been altering connections to me lately in an effort to make fun of me. Avoid scammers at all costs! Don’t do business with them at all! This assessment is based on my assessment of them.

Discovered on Thu, 17 Non 2022 11:35:2 GMT

Discovered at: Complaint / Review: Tauriemusic.com – Tauriemusic.com is run by Justin …


  1. Good Morning, fans and other readers! ☀️ I just wanted to let you know that I am so happy! 🥰 Life has been so good to me. I can’t wait to get started in my new porn career! I finally got a hold of Cable Rosenberg. He has mansions all over Arizona, where he films his movies. Hopefully he will let me live in one of them. That means I would have to leave Elevate. I do love the small talk there and sweet, sweet gossip, but my heart belongs to being rich, so I will definitely move if he ever asks me to.

    There are some good gay movies out there, like Homo Alone, Toilet Tramps, Oklahomo, Backdoor Love, and Butt Pirates 🏴‍☠️ The Butt Pirates movie was about gay guys jumping from yacht to yacht, giving each other the meat. These porn producers have so much money to throw around on their sets. It’s nothing at all like the 1970’s, where they had to film it all, out of somebody’s apartment. If Charlie wants to make a lot of money, he can look into this sort of career, like I’m doing. Maybe he could live at one of Rosenberg’s mansions with me, and we’ll both be rolling in the dough! 💵 💰 💴

    I’ve been thinking more about this granny porn. There are some fossils out there, who take their teeth out and give amazing head. I still have my original choppers. My money maker is my pussy. It’s because God blessed me with one that never cools off. I could fuck at least 5-6 times a day, and I still want more. Getting off with strangers sounds like such fun! These film makers want me to start working out my butthole more, because anal sex movies are the most sought after. I was told they will be making a sequel to the Prune Brothers movie. I loved the original! Kathy Jones really got her butt blasted in this classic. I hope I get to have the same guys she had! Maybe they’ll give me even younger ones! I hope I will do a great acting job, like Kathy Jones did! She’s brilliant! Very convincing. See her acting skills for yourself in the first scene of “The Prune Brothers”! No nudity here, but that’s ok:


    • I just read that post you made from last month Michelle... I wonder what others you posted that I haven't read... I bet a lot.

      Lol… I never even saw the above post Michelle you made last month. I wonder how many you posted that I haven’t seen.

  2. That’s chompers, not choppers, you retard!

    Hopefully your new porn gigs will keep you busy and not here posting your stupid shit all the time!

  3. I wonder if they recieved my letter at your Tims job yet… I sent is a week ago…
    I sent a copy of the lwhat the court said about No Court… A copy of what the police said of no cops were sent to arrent me… And no restraining orders in my name…. I sent what Elevate said about you harassing me and other neghbors… Print outs from the blogs… Print out of your hookup profile page… Print out from your Face Book last year when you posted comments about me…. And the current comments you been making… And a bunch of other things… And pix…
    I wonder if they recieved it yet. I paid over 2.00 in postake to send it.

  4. This is funny too! Jolynn is going to be in a new Prune Brothers movie! Hope it’s as comical as the first! 🎥 🍿

  5. Off to bed. I gotta get up early. I have tons to do tomorrow. I got a check yesterday in the mail. I need to deposit it…. And I gotta go to Michael’s to buy craft supplies. and Joanne Fabric… Both Saturday and Sunday doing craft fairs…
    We met my new neighbor Nadine… Nice person. She was carrying a lamp. So I said Welcome and we all talked briefly.
    She said the moving truck coming tomorrow night… She’d give my son a few bucks to help. He said sure. Nadine paid the whole years rent… The only one besides her that did same thing is Charlie. I think you told me that Michelle…
    Omie dokie… Off to bed. It’s 10pm… 1am for the peeps that live in Tennessee… 10 pm here for us. Michelle Cockroach infested Cooch/Fake EUNOHOO/Koban/Charlie/Sage/ Tim

    • Wow Michelle told you a LOT, having only met you, and talked with you, in person one time. 🙄

      I met and talked to actor, John Schneider, once. I guess I could make more out of our brief conversation, we had but there was never any need to do all that. Unlike some people, I’m not some compulsive liar who feeds off exaggerated stories and the drama of lies.

      • I loved the Dukes of Hazzard….. Then I saw the 2006 Movie. Willy Nelson played Uncle Jessee… All he had to do was dye his hair Orange Michelle… And he would be a spitting image of you… Lol.
        I got thru at the bank an hour ago. And I’m at Barnes abd Noble… I picked up the New David Cranche Novel… I would recommend it to you. But it’s to advanced. It’s not like a Jack n Jill that your used too. Lol…I ordered orange spice coffe and a scone… You do know what a scone is right… Look it up. I don’t the time to explain everything to you… That’s what the internets for… You don’t know something… Look it up online…
        I got a busy day. So keep checking the bloggs. I’ll post when I’m… When I’m in line at Joanne Fabrics or Michaels… Tge funny thing when I blog and post 9/10 I’m doing away from my apartment… It’s a waste to do that shit at home. Home is to relax watch a novie with the kids. Cook. Chill. And my new Iphone that T-mobile gave ne a sweet deal. I feel it’s faster than my puter 💻. Kaember thinks hisLlaptop and Tablet faster than my old puter 💻 that I gave him my old puter 💻. I’m sure you forgot I told you that Michelle. Tech amazes me. 20yrs ago cell phones were huge like a brick… And only could make/Recieve calls… Now look. They like computers… I know you not tech savy… And that’s okie… Things I can’t yell to Kaember in his room. And say can you figure this out. Or can you do this. Or fix that. I’m telling you he was in honor roll in his school. They called him the Wiz… Lol.
        Nicoles here. G2G.
        Try and have Have a fantastic day Michelle. 😃

        • The Wiz? Don’t you mean “The Whiz”? 😂They probably call him that, cause he pisses his pants, when he gets nervous, dealing with confrontations. I heard he collapses in a fetal position, when he’s getting scolded by an elder. I’m sure he wets his panties too. It’s submissive urination. Stephen King loves writing about this subject! He often mentions wimpy boys, like your son, with weak bladders getting the piss scared out of them! 😆😂

          • Nicole wants to do Caroling too. But she already made plans. 😔 😔 😔… But I got everyone else on board… I told Koban they’ll be pizza b4 we sing and handing out the 🎄 Christmas Candy bags. Koban said Yes… and who ever wants to Ouija Board Night… And Lori says we are in Full Moon Phase. So for the ones who want too. It will be fun.


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