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KiwiFarms KF GeneralElric of Melnibone gives Kengle X a shoutout and quotes user Trannymura’s cringe put-down. Possibly one of the worst posts on the entire site.


Eric of Melnibone / Genius Anus

thefrogninja · Jul 14, 2022 at 9:53 AM

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thefrogninja · Jul 14, 2022 at 9:53 AM

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Kengle X


With their alog powers combined… lolcow Ethan Ralph will definitely go to jail this time (this time it’s serious!)!

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  1. Amazing how this profile is about Kiwi Farms which made fun of LOWCOWS, like Christian/Christine Weston Chandler, Ethan Ralph, and Russell Greer, but they didn’t know of the big, lying, psychotic, autistic shit that lives in Tucson, Arizona. If they only knew who Jolynn Graham Farr is, they would have a field day posting about this lost cause, bitch! This woman has mental disorders and needs to be institutionalized! Her son was living with her in an abusive environment and I had to report it to his father.

    This is what a former neighbor had posted about having to live near Jolynn:

    Five years ago, she lived in the same apartment as me: Canyon Ridge Apartments in Tucson. Me and her used to be friends in the beginning. Then later on, NOT! I got tired of Jolynn using me. I was nice at the start. Then later on, I realized she was just using me. After I stopped being nice and giving in to her, she made my life a miserable hell! Everyday, it was something: Banging on my door, using an 800 number to call me, making fake profiles on sites…etc. When my lease was up, I moved. Jolynn is a psycho. There is something mentally wrong with her. She will lie to you and make you feel bad for her. Then she turns on you. Her full name is Jolynn Graham Farr. If you meet her, run like hell! Don’t tell her your name, or anything about yourself. Because she thinks she can get something from you. She will take, take, take…until there is no more left! I put a restraining order on her. Right after that, she stopped. So believe me; if you see her…RUN!!! She will make your life a nightmare.

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