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William West from Chula Vista, California is the absolute worst. I met him on Tinder and I really thought we hit it off. We dated for about 4 months, and while we went slow at first, for the last 6 weeks we were talking daily and seeing each other at least a couple times a week. But what I didn't know is that while I thought we were getting serious, he was getting serious with about 4 other girls. I always thought he was just so busy with work. Ha! It was so busy alright but not because of work!

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  1. I want to thank you for the comments evreyone. I means so much to me. Thank you all my freinds. You all nean the wrold to me. Thank you thank you.

    • I just got back from Bookmans. I had a bunch of things. Sunday some people were evicyed and threw out all there Blu-rays. So me and Glynnis grabbed them all. Cleaned them up. The ones I didn’t keep Took them in. And I got a 34.00 credit. Momm’s happy. It was added to the 22.00 credit I already got. Yaaa. Momma’s happy.

      • So. I won a $100 gift Walmart card from Pepsi Gameday Giveaway Sweepstakes, today. I’ll be going shopping tomorrow.

        • Where at the 99cent store…

          • Congrats…at Wal-mart woo hoo. That’s probably more than ever you bought ever on Groceries… Miracles do happen. Even for people like you and Tom. Get sone dog food for Hasper and Tobey. They need to eat… Now you have the 100 splurg some on them and don’t be selfish. Well you know.. I don’t shop there or any those places lije that. If I’m slumming it. I go to Target. Wal-mart for well you know. But cool Michelle you finally won something more than a boobbie prize. You will be able to stock up on TV Dinners and Colt beer. Your Tim will be happy… Mavey he’ll give you some… LMLMFAI. Lol

          • Michelle U’m glad you won the 100.00 from Walmart. You deserve it.

      • No one cares about your trivial bullshit. Stop using this site as your personal blog you overweight, narcissistic bitch!

        • Mmmmm I swore the EUNOHOO said the same thing earlier… Oh wait. You and the EUNOHOO are the same… Hehe haha… Ba-hahahahahahahaha go and be your Tims twat.

          • It’s too early, Jolynn. It’s only after 7pm your time. They are like normal people and wait until it’s time to go to bed to sleep, and then maybe sneak in a little, before. You, on the other hand wanna go all day and all night, like the grotesque sex starved nympho that you are. 🙄

        • I can’t really blame her. Posting here is the only way this stupid bitch will get readers. I mean, who’d really take the time to look up the personal blog of an old, worn out, 56 year old cobweb cooch, like Jolynn, for? 🤣

          • My Son says his Dads coming a little over a week

        • I bet it’s the 1st thing you ever one in your whole life. 100.00 dollar gift certificate from Walmart. For you thats a whole heck of a lot of money. Don’t wast it on Vape for your Tim. Or buy junk… You stock up on a lot of TV dinners. And Tang.

  2. HoeJo. There was court. I was there. I dont need to show proove. If no ones beleves me. I give no shit 💩 on that. I was there. That all that matters. I WAS THERE... I..WAS..THERE...

    HoJo… I was there. I was in Court. And you know it…I give no fucken rats ass if no one beleves me or not… I am not gona fucken show proove. I dont need to. I dont wabt to. I AM NOT GONA TO. so there. And stop asken me to. Got it.
    Now HoJo shut up your fat fucken face… And go shove more food in you mouth. And shut the fuck up you fat pig…
    I WAS I. COURT you smelly Cunt.

    • Michelle. You are a lier and you know it. You had no Court. And all of us know it.
      And why is it when peeps call. The clerk says no court in my name or yours. Cuz there was none.

    • Fuck you Michelle… Everyone knows there was no Court. And that you lied about that there was…
      Everyone knows. And including Charlie. I sent him the proof in the mail. And I know he got it. I sent it certified. I had to pay for it to be certified. But worth it. Cuz when he got it. I recieved confirmation. So he can’t say no he didn’t get it. He had sighn for it.

    • Like fuck you were Michelle. You liar…
      And still you talk the shit 💩 with no back up to show…
      It’s Thursday…. You know that means…. It’s Queefing in your Toms face tonight. He loves it when you do that…
      Barrrf Barrrf

      • 🐽🐽🐽🐽🐽🐽🐽🐽🐽🐽🐽🐽🐽
        🐗🐗🐗🐗 You’re such a pig Jolynn. Why do you always talk about sex like some sex starved nympho? The doctors need to remove all your nasty girl shit – hysterectomy, cause you’re a PIG! 🐷 🐷 🐷🐷🐷🐷🐷🐷🐷🐷🐷🐷🐷🐷

        • My tubes aren’t tied like your Tim’s is…

          • Good for Tim. That’s his choice. IDGAF. He ain’t my man.

            What, don’t you believe in birth control, Jolynn? Since you were so young when you got knocked up with Margot, I thought you’d be an advocate for BC.

            No, that’s right…you’re an advocate for BBC. 🧔🏿‍♂️👨🏾👨🏿‍🦱🍆🍆🍆🍆🍆

          • How did you know I watch BBC. I never told you. Brittish shows seem to be better than the shit on NetFlix and Starz. I get it free. My neighbor lets us…
            I’m surprised Michelle you even know what BBC is. I don’t see you or Tom veing the kind that would even know. It’s for highly intelligent people. Cultural. I did watch DownTown Abby. Boring but Doctor Who… Yes.

        • Michelle did it come yet in the mail…

        • You trued to Dupe me saying Charlie Wilkens moving back. That’s a good one. 5 stars to the EUNOHOO shit 💩 I mean Michelle Corner…
          Nope I always one up you…
          But nice try… Next you say hes not rich.

          • You are again BUSTED EUNOHOO I mean Jeff I mean Hellen. Michelle…
            You are Busted Michelle.

  3. Michelle just wait and see what happens… And how I’m counting down the days till does…

    • Well JOLYNN, I don’t get any benefits from DES. And I also don’t get SSDI. So your report fraud that you say you did, won’t work. You know why it won’t work? Because you’re an ignorant, narcissistic bitch!

      • Well you’ll just have to wait and see now won’t you. And no I’m not saying who we taljed talked too or anything and make any easier for you to find out… You will just got to 🕙 wait and see.

      • How an I narcissist. You the one that likes to say to everyone that they want to sleep with your Tim. And then you say he’s all yours. Thats a narcissist

        • I never said anything about everyone wanting my husband. I said YOU wanted him. Remember you played poker with the guys and flirted with Tim but he ignored you? You know why? Because Tim isn’t into bestiality. He doesn’t screw pigs. 🤣🤣🤣

          • I’m not into screwing pigs, myself. But if I had the choice, Ned Beatty in his dirty white briefs, along with that mountain hillbilly would win over Jolynn any day! 😆🤣😆🤣

          • I feel really bad for your Mother Michelle. She sounds like she had a very hard life. I’m telling you. If you do what I do every morning and every night this method really helps. I think of wonderful thoughts. All the goodness in the world. And I smile. And I am so thankful to be alive. And I thank God for this wonderful planet he gave us to live on. The clean air to breath. The fresh water to drink. Nature. Plants. The beautiful oceans and seas. The animals. The different seasons. And to be be around good and happy people. And after that. I feel fantastic. And I do. I am blessed. I made a nice apartment for myself. I have really nice friends I go to the movies with. Go out for lunch. Some times we shop. Tomorrow we are going to the Botanical Garden. Me and Lori. I asked Pam but she has to baby sit 👶 her niece. And then do lunch. We plan all this a week ago. It’s going to fun. I’m looking forward to it. And the weathers going to be nice.

        • What does your Tim do when hes alone in his mans cave… Is he really playing w his shoot em up game… My guess… He’s playing with hilself while watching porn.
          BA-ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

          • Jolynn,
            I don’t have schizophrenia. But I think you might. You act EXACTLY like my Mother. You treat me EXACTLY how my Mother treated me. My Mother was a bully too, just like you. She always made hateful comments to me, just like you do. She called me names, just like you do.
            Jolynn, you are nothing more than a cowardly bully. I’ve put up with better. And BTW, my Mother didn’t kick me out when I was 17. I left on my own because I was sick of her verbal, emotional and physical abuse. I bet you slap Kaember around don’t you. That’s what bullies do. It makes them feel powerful. Yep, you’re exactly like my schizophrenic Mother.

        • She doesn’t say it to me. Maybe because I don’t talk about him all the time. You do. You’re obsessed with Tim. You won’t shut the fuck up about him. If he was my man, I’d be wanting to claw your fucking eyes out, for talking about his dick. Your accusation of that phony pregnancy deserves a brutal slap across the face. One that would get your swollen fat jowls a rattling!

          • Michelle. You the one that married a 7incher. I bet his family was against him marrying the lines of you. The Orange hair. Well it dies help to see in the dark if you go to marana.

          • Hey, wait a minute. You had that Size 13 Bigfoot Bastard. You know what they say about big hands and big feet. Was that Irish bloke packing? Did he have a big floppy old wiener to match those huge feet?

          • I dont say it to you… Cuz you and Michelle are one if the same. And as soon as she’s offline. No more nessages from the EUNOHOO…

          • Michelle… Then why are on disability and taking all those Meds. I’m beginning to think there’s a lot more to that story then me and any of my readers want to know. We are peace loving people. And we have our faith that keeps us going. I’m telling you if you pray. It will make a world of difference. And with God in our lives. Our lives are so much brighter and healthier.

          • Michelle if you don’t have schizophrenia. Then what’s up with all tge psychotic Medications you take. Remember after I met you. You told me. But ya… The side affect is blurred memory… Memory loss… Lack of appitite… And Insomnia… And you do melatonin. I remember you told me.

        • Here, this may clear it up for you. And you are every single one of these traits. It’s from Forbes Health:

          What Are Traits of Narcissistic Personality Disorder?

          Narcissistic personality disorder is indicated by meeting at least five of the following symptoms, according to the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders:

          A grandiose sense of self-importance
          Preoccupation with fantasies of success, power, perfect love, beauty or brilliance
          The belief that they are special and only those who are also special can understand or associate with them
          The need for excessive admiration
          A sense of entitlement
          A tendency to exploit or take advantage of others to get what they want
          A lack of empathy and an unwillingness to recognize and understand the needs of others
          Behaviors and attitudes that are arrogant or disdainful

          • Now list what a schizophrenic is. Cuz that’s what you are.

        • You also may be suffering from Histrionic Personality Disorder too:

          Histrionic Personality Disorder – Individuals with this disorder have a pattern of displaying excessive emotion in reaction to challenges and events that don’t go their way. They are unapologetically attention seeking and live lives full of drama. The drama in their lives goes well beyond that of the typical “drama queen”.

          They are overly and often inappropriately flirtatious and don’t like situations where they aren’t the absolute center of attention. In fact, when they aren’t the focus of those in their immediate circle, they tend to become depressed and agitated. While they feel uncomfortable when not in a relationship, their behavior patterns make having a truly intimate relationship almost impossible.

          Blanche DuBois of Tennessee Williams’ play, “A Streetcar Named Desire”, represents a great example of a literary character with histrionic personality disorder.

          • I saved the comment. I save them.And will use them at my review… And say see… And I’m hoping theu will give me more Disability

        • Here you go Jolynn. And I have none of these traits, but you have a lot of these traits too. You should seek mental help.

          Narcissistic Personality Disorder – One of the more common personality disorders, those with narcissistic personality disorder have distorted perceptions of their sense of self-worth. Many of the issues surrounding this disorder stem from the individual’s deep sense of entitlement, which makes them believe they deserve special treatment. People with this disorder typically display five or more of the following:

          Overblown sense of self-importance – exaggerates achievements and talents; expects recognition for “superior” performance without accompanying achievements.
          Envious of others – often secretly jealous of others or believes that others are jealous of him
          Exploits others – manipulates and takes advantage of others to facilitate meeting her goals
          Powerful sense of entitlement – expects an unreasonable level of special treatment and demands automatic compliance with his expectations
          Lack of empathy – inability or refusal to recognize the needs and feelings of others as valid and important
          Arrogant, haughty behavior – displays typically arrogant and haughty attitudes toward anyone who crosses her
          Preoccupied with fantasies of superiority – often lost in daydreams of unlimited success, brilliance, exemplary beauty, and power
          Belief in his or own “special” status – the narcissist believes he is special and unique and only high-status people or institutions are worthy of his company

          • I said list you. Michelle. Your schizophrenia

          • Thank you. At my review. I’ll show them. It will just add more to what will help me get more disability

  4. I woked up in such a good mood. The kids already left and nice and quiet. Last nite I sighned on another for Amway. Now I got 21 in my group. Yaaaah me. So I get 10% from her buying the starter kit. And 10% each month from her sighning up for Equis Financial. And 10% from what she buys from Amway each month and 5% from each of the people she sighns up for her group. It’s lucrative. Last month I made 90.00 bucks from Amway. No one really boughted that much. But hey. 90.00 is better than 0.00 right. So I’m excited to see what I bet for October. I won’t know for a couple of days…
    I had to turn the heat down. The kids had it on 80 degrees. It was roasting. The turn it up and forget to turn it down. Good thing this morning I got up early…
    .i got a text from Patina. She had to see the eye doctor yesterday. I’m so releaved she’s going to be fine. That’s what friends are for. We worry about each other. Yaaaaah friends…
    Today I got to catch up on things. Kaember did that laundry over the weekend. And he cleaned the place too. He didn’t get to my bathroom. He can do that tonight when he gets back from work. I let the dogs out to do thier business. They came back in on their own. I didn’t have to call for them. Which is good…
    I’m expecting a package. I ordered a few things. .. So I need to be around for that. I don’t want them to drop and just dump. I like be home when they come. So I can inspect it. And if it’s not right. He can take it and ship it back to them. That way saves me for having to go to the Post Office and pay for shipping. See Michelle tells people I’m stupid… Ummm I bet she don’t think of this when she gets deliveries… Oh wait we are talking about Michelle. She don’t got extra money 💵 to shop. She’s a one family income house hold…
    It’s been nice not having to read Michelle’s daily dosages of bullshit… My friend from Florida his names Smiley… He says since she’s been caught and exposed with all the lies coming out. She knows she’s busted… And no one believes her at what she says any more… I doubt even Charlie Wilkens does too. Unless withh all the proof I sent him he’s stupid to take her side… I know Gays are all dumb and they only care on one thing… Sex… He’d be stupid to keep believing her… I sent him enough proof. And all he’s got to do is call the Court house and see that there was never any Court ever in my name and Michelles… If she’s going to to him about that… What else Charlie Wilkens has Michelle lied to you about… I posted all year Charley that she’s been duping you. And now you know… So Ya… And wasn’t she a friend… So you thought. Friends don’t lie like she has been to you Charlie… She been duping you all along… All you were to her was a pawn… She was never your friend. You were just a tool. She just used you. To try and her info and that’s it… Hey Charlie dies Michelle text you to just say hi how are you doing… Happy Bday… Happy Hanukkah… Nope… I bat she doesn’t… She only texts and emails you to talk about me and manipulate you to post things online or to call this person that person… Abd ask did you do it… Did you file the restraining order… But she never texts to say Hi… She only does when she wants info from you or to get you do shit… And Michelle says I’m the crazy one…
    GTG I have to get ready. Soon it will be noon…

    • I text her over an hour ago. And she’s hasn’t posted anything. I’m getting tired of waiting. I just restarted Amy Winehouse again. That help pass the time

  5. If I was up for it. Id tell the boys to hop in the SUV and take a spin over and do the Honkey Honk. But I’m very comfo right now. 🚗 🚌 🚚 🚗 🚌 🚚

    • You’re lucky I don’t live out there, Jolynn. If you ever threaten me with that talk, I’d come over in the middle of the night and take a giant shit, right outside your front door.

      • Michelle you been saying that for how long now

      • We lucky you and Tim no longer live here.

      • Michelle remember you told me you hated people calling you Shell.
        And Michelle you do live here… Well not at Elevate any more. Thank F God.
        Remember the pervert that lived in building 4 first floor facing Les old apartment… The guy that wears the robe the flasher…Michelle Godspeed… He died… His wife went to the Casino… When she got home she found him dead. On the floor. His walker was across the room. She told people the door wasn’t locked. All I said to the people asking questions. That he wore a robe always and Les told me Michelle told him that Michelle Godspeed flashed her. That was it.

        • I meant Micheal Godspeed. I don’t know how I spelled Michelle. The News is something. I wasn’t thinking. They are still in the apartment investigating. They think he was pushed.

  6. They want to take me to Rehab and I said No No No…
    Im listening to Any Winehouse. She’s my Jam

    • If only I had known…. I’m not the first person he sexually abused, manipulated.
      Guy Luongo is sick. He goes thru paranoid episodes where he becomes extremely abusive . He truly seems to feel the world is out to get him.
      Guy Luongo is a predator.
      He has raped me, he has physically abused me, he has recorded me without consent in his bedroom.
      He is a sex addict when his dick gets to the point of over use and he can not function he becomes violent, abusive, belligerent. When told no he forces himself, raped me. With the way he treats women, is it possible he doesn’t like women? He has an obsession/compulsion for anal sex.
      His religious personality (one of many) is a scam.
      Do not believe his manipulative tactics.

  7. They want to take me to Rehab and I said No No No…
    Im listening to Amy Winehouse. She’s my Jam

  8. I just got her Concert Blu-ray today. Yes Michelle I have a Blu-ray. My Autistic Retarded son connected the Blu-ray to the speakers and my 50 inch flat screen.

    • Who are going to get to hook up your shit and build your phony resumes if Kaember ever decides to move out?

      • I know he won’t. He hates to cook and and what get Koban to be his roommate. Koban blow his rent money on drugs. Koban isn’t clean. When him and Erin lived together they both lived like pigs. Just as bad as when marg and Sam lived below Tammi. They total pigs. My son knows theres food on the table and everything is clean.

        • Michelle what would you do if your Tim moved out. He moves in with a hot blonde with a nice bidy and tits. What then. What woukd happen to you.

      • Michelle Why do you need an IUD. You already went through menopause. There’s no eggs dropping down there… The only thing that thing is doing daily is Queefing. And I’m surprised at your age it can still even do that. Don’t worry. I’ll keep all this to myself. God says be kind to the less unfortunate… And that’s what I’m doing right now. Being kind to a less unfortunate.

      • Don’t you remember in July you saying you had an 85 inch flat screen…
        You 4got…
        Ba-ha ha ha ha ha

  9. Your a schizophrenic…
    Your Charlie is a gay faggot.
    And your Tim… Poor Tim… Did he even know what he would be getting himself into when he married you… Mmmmmm I don’t think he really did. Did he.

    • And Michelle… I’m looking forward to this weekend. Saturday is going to be a me day… I’m just going to things on my own. I have days where I do things and some times I want to do them alone. So Saturday a… Do what I want to day myself… And Sunday doing the craft fair. Things are really coming together nicely. Always puts a smile on my face and a jump in my step. See. Good things happen to good people. I don’t get how some people can just sit around and do nothing day after day. And sleep in the afternoon. Every day the SoS… Same ole Shit… I would go nuts. I like being busy and you know I’m always on the go.

        • Here’s a hint… People you and Tim know… Got big mouths. As they say… Loose lips sinks ships.

          • You should talk, bitch! Posting personal information about people is coming back to bite you in the ass! You will soon see, you fucking psycho🐗! I hope you are taken to court and sued!!!

          • Butvif youvwana post and tell people you took me to Court. I don’t give your rats ass. They don’t call you loose lips for nothing

          • Well you won’t be getting anymore info from one of your “people who know me”. And you aren’t getting any info from family members either.

        • I can email thier comments to you. And a few of them being tims reletives have said what they think of you.

          • Wendy, or Jolynn, or Kaember or Koban,
            If you want to email me the comments family said about me, you should know all of my email addresses since you like to do hundreds of background checks on me. Just email them to one of those so I can read them.

        • Michelle… Your personal info are on tons of pages on regular online and more in depth on the Dark Web. On regular online people have access to only so much. The Dark Web it’s so much bigger broader it’s like this. I put it in terms that even you can understand. Because I know you aren’t to bright and you have a very low IQ… Here goes…
          Regular internet a small village in South America. Population of maybe 100.
          The DarkbWeb is like a Huge City. Population of 10 million.
          Does that help grasp the concept…
          And everything about you in any way or form including animal can be found on the Dark Web. And I mean anything and everything. And it’s public information… Just like going to court. Getting married. Debt. Bankruptcy. Work. Where people lived. STD’s. Sex Offenders. Villians. Where a person works. Criminal Activity. Hospital Records. Bankruptcies. Thier Income. Banks. Thier Net Worth. Blood Type. Politi Party they belong. Judgements against them.. Oh ya. You got 6 of those. Lookup Unicourt online. Social Media. I’m telling you. The list goes on. One of my EX Husbands has a OUI. That’s operating under the influence I never knew that. The Dark Web got everything you want see… Know… And buy… On the Dark Web you can buy Drugs… Guns… Passports. Licenses. You can even find where someone was born at. My Son looked me up. I had a bill I forgot to pay dating back to 1996. It’s been charged off. I totally forgot and like you never paid. But I didn’t File Bankruptcy like you did….
          So ya getting back to me being sued. It’s Public knowledge. So if you sue. And okie go for it… And the Judge he or her will say. Public knowledge. Then you will hear the Judge say… Next Case.
          Everyone already knows all this stuff. I’m surprised you don’t… And didn’t you study paralegal stuff b4 Quitting Pima Community College… You should remember something. Or maybe not. You do seem to have very short memory…
          Okie Dokie… That’s all Folks.

          • Michelle… Eunohoo. Beth. Jeff. Nunsense. FAZ54. Hellen. Rusty. Tim. Or Beavis or Butt Head. And all the other names you his behind…
            Okie Dokie maybe you Tim will do some pokie…
            If you want to email me the comments.. you should know too all of my email addresses since you like to do hundreds of background checks on me. Just email them to one of those so I can read them.

          • Your ex husband has a OUI? Do you mean a wee, as in a wee wee? Of course he has one, or else you’d be a lesbian.

            Or do you mean, oui as the French word for YES? I’m sure you know what that word means, Jolynn. 🙄 You’ve been spreading your hairy legs and saying yes to strange men, for well over 40 years now. It’s time to retire that old, worn out, stretched out, fishy smelling, rotten yeast bucket.

          • I know damn well that’s not true. You say shit to get me upset. But no more. I know everything that comes out of your mouth about me is a lie. So keep saying you get on the dark web and find information about me. I’ve gotten on myself and there’s nothing about me on the dark web.

        • Michelle you don’t work… You don’t do much every day. And you don’t have the money 💵 to anything. Because him and you are his paycheck to paycheck. To bad him or you not a Jew. Cuz the Jews all when people Marry also give money to the Groom and Bride. And your’e not a Jew same for your husband he’s not a Jew.

        • Michelle… When I feel the time is right. I will do more reveals…
          Untill then you can find me on Face Book… Under Wendy’s World. I created that page on my other Face Book account over a year ago. I just copied pix from Wendy’s page and I made it look just like hers. I fooled Charlie.. You and your friends and Tim and all his Family…
          And all of you were duped. And none of you had any idea at all. Even Charlie was fooled till I fucked up a few times and he caught it. That wasn’t till a few months ago. What can I say…
          You were duped too.

  10. Michelle try and have a good day. We all know it’s hard for you too. But if you give it a try it will make world of difference.

  11. My Michelle will be having a great day. After I bang her like a slutty rag dog. And blowing my wad in her cooch. After that. My Michelle has a great day.

  12. Eeeeeew gross Tim. I’m gay that talk really makes me wana gag and barf. Yaaaa Gays like me. The word Vagina Eeeeew gross.

  13. Well Charlie the idea guys fucking each other in the ass hole and blowing thier wads in each others ass and sucking each other dicks makes me sick to my stomach. How you think Aids got around. People like you spreading the aids. It spread faster than covid. And more gays died of aids than covid. Then those closeted gays that say they are Bi gave it to Woman. Faster than covid deaths. More gays died of aids than covid. I not be surprised if a Gay started the Covid. Like they started the aids.

    • Well Michelle… I know you hate Gays… And you dont think Gays should be in the Army like you hate black people. And you don’t believe Gays should marry and have equil tites. And you do call me a fag and you talk behind my back. And you hate that Iam from a rich family. And I know you pick on Jolynn and call her names a fat hoe. And you got me to talk to Wendy to find things out about Jolynn and you hate her.

    • Ya. Dumb asses. I fooled you all… And Charlie had no fucking idea that it was me not Wendy he been chatting with. Michelle… You didn’t even know too…
      You know now… And how does that make you feel… Lol

  14. Here’s one of the reveals…
    I duped Charlie since the beginning Michelle. You to stupid as a cunt to even know. He never once been texting to her… I was pretending to be Wendy on my other phone. And he had no fucking idea. Just like you had no idea he was being duped. Same thing with Tanya. I pretended to be her too for a while then he blocked Tanya… Then I thought of who else I could pretend to be and I thought of Wendy… And look how long that lasted…
    And he didn’t know it was me all the time…
    And you didn’t know. It was me the whole fucking time…
    Just like you are the EUNOHOO and all the other fucked up names you comed up with.
    And Michelle… I still don’t want your Tim… Nope. Not once…
    And I know you will tell Charlie as soon as you read this… And tell him I duped him so good too…

    • You know I’m not her.

      Charlie should have told you that by now.

      You just say that I’m Michelle, because it’s a head fuck game you play. You’re just mad, because you wish you knew my real name so you could get Kaember to dig up some shit about me.

      Hopefully his daddy will get him away from you, before he does something that will get him arrested. Knowing your greedy ass, you’re probably getting him to embezzle money out of people’s bank accounts.

  15. No Michelle…you stupid cunt…. O U. I.

    as in Drunk Driving…
    Oporating under the Influence…
    I can’t believe how fucking stupid you are…
    Thats why so easy to fucking dupe you and having you think Wendy was texting Charlie… It was me playing as Wendy on my other phone. And your fucking Gay had no fucking idea…
    No idea at all… See Michelle. It’s easy as pie because with all your mental illnesses and disillusions on reality. Because you are so emotiinally involved. You just see whats in front of you. As what is said or what you read… Then you wiggout… You don’t fact find to see if what you seeing is actually. The truth… And I easily can then play with your emotions and continue fucking around with your head. And Charlie is only a pawn to you. And I am the puppet master and all you the puppets…
    Poor Tim… I still wonder if he knew what he dighned up for when he said. I doooo in City Hall.

    • Well, hell, maybe they say it different in Arizona.

      Over here…East of the Mississippi, we say either DUI, or DWI – Driving under the Influence, or Driving while Intoxicated.

      I used to live in Australia too. Over there, they say “Drink Driving”, instead of “Drunk Driving”. Bet you didn’t know that, did you? And over there, they pull random people over for breathalyzer tests, on the highway. I got pulled over once on the Gold Coast Highway, and then was sent on my merry way – No alcohol. I didn’t even have to show my license or rego. Fair dinkum!

  16. Yaaaaah my lunch is here. Finially I’m starving. 2 hours for an oil change. So I played the angry bitch… bitched and complained. The manger gave it to me free. Saved me 39.00 bucks

    • Yeah, he knew that bribing you with food would shut your fat ass up. It’s amazing what people will do to get a loudmouth cunt troll like you out of their faces!

      • 👨‍👩‍👧👨‍👩‍👧‍👦Jo Jo Lynn Grace Farr👨‍👩‍👧‍👦👨‍👩‍👧

        Unlike you Michelle I’m having lunch with Nicole. Yeah out to lunch. I got friends.
        I bet you just home. Sitting. Looking at the clock.

        • No, you idiot…you’re WRONG, as usual.

          I went shopping with my $100 gift card, at Walmart. Then I had BBQ pizza over at Big Daddy’s Pizza. I’m getting things ready, because I’m going on a road trip to Tallulah Falls this weekend.

  17. We took a spin around. She wanted her old digs. And did a drive by. Yup you are home as I figured. I said that’s it. With the huge ass swimming pool and The solor panels and all the cameras… I asked Nicole… So tell me are you jealous… She said of what… That’s what I mean… No ones jealous of you. And what you say you got and we know not. Then I dropped her off on just off Golflinks. She lives in a trailer park very close by you and Elevate.

    • If I lived in a nice, refurbished house with a swimming pool, I wouldn’t care what two fat oinkers 🐷 🐷 who lived in a roach 🪳 infested apartment and a trailer park thought of me. Zero fucks given! 🖕🏼🖕🏼🖕🏼🖕🏼🖕🏼

      Michelle, next time Tim needs to take the trash out, tell him not to forget Hojo and her fat, ugly friends. That trash should have been taken out a looooooong time ago! 🗑🚮

  18. Jojo……… What ever happended to Richard. The Oil Rig Guy. Last year. Last Fall. You sent me pictures of him. You showed me pictures of his humongous house in Tucson. And the cars he had. And don’t forget the pictures of the 25 Carat Diamond Engagement Ring……. You never said anything more about him after Halloween.

    • That’s because he was a figment of her imagination and overblown sense of self worth. That’s a narcissist for you.

    • I know Michelle put you up to post that. I never said any of that shit 💩. An oil rig man WTF you pisting about. When last yeah. You are so of bullshit. It’s coming out of your ass. I never said shit about a Richard you lying faggot.

  19. He was such a hunk and you said he had a huge one too. Bigger than any one you knew. I still think that was a horses dick pic you sent me. But I didn’t have my contacts in when you sent it to me. It was Huge………… What happended to him.

      • Charlie show ne the proof that I said that last year to. You are just like Michelle you make the fuck up shit up. You fucking HoMo I hope you fucking die frim Aids.

        • Jolynn,
          This is you posting as Oil Rig Richard.

          Oil Rig Richard says:
          October 18, 2021 at 3:58 pm
          For all you out that. That are nosey on JoJo. I want you to know. I am so in love with her. And I plan on marrying her. Right baby. I’m sitting next to her conversing. I tickled her little toes.

          That is correct. I have never met a Woman so special in my life. That bring joy and happiness. Even when being far far away. We zoom. And I get a great smile. She just what can I say. She sparkels. No Woman has ever done that to me ever. Right babe. Oh she’s giggling. I love to make her laugh.

          Over the weekend we picked out angagement rings. 4 carrots. She deserves it. And the great joy she brings to my life. Jojo is a keeper.

          Yes. He he. For the people that think that I’m not real. Well I am here I am. In her place. In her 2 bedroom 2 bathroom home. She has such a nice home. She says. Richard. All the furniture I have. Will fill up one room in your humongous home. I said Jojo. We will just have to buy you more. Right babe. Oh the smile she gives me. It’s priceless.
          She says people pick on her. Because of her weight. Well. She’s not. I know. Trust me I know. When I say I know. I mean it. I know. Isn’t that right babe. Oh now she’s blushing. She doesn’t like it when I talk about our *** life. Sorry babe. I just want people to know just how great you are. And oh yeah. You are great. 4 times in one night. Babe don’t cover your eyes. I’m blessed to be with a goddess like you.
          Yestday we went swimming in the pool. People walked by and looked. One lady shook her head. I said. She’s mine. I know jelous. He He. And Jojo sashed around. We played Marco Polo. Others walked by by cuz Jojo said that’s Stephanie. She won’t seim when I swim. I said babe. More room for us. He He. And she said a guy in a bathrobe walked and starred. If I saw him I would of said. What you looking at you perv. What you going to open your robe and flash Jojo again. I’ll punch your face in. He’s lucky I not see him. Right babe. Your all mine.
          Today we are going in my mercedes to a place called Olde Town. Jojo says it’s great fun. And never not been and I wanna see it. And with Jojo I know it’s going to so much fun.
          JoJo making me lunch. She cooks very good. Healthy home made. For breakfast bacon sausage eggs hashbrowns and pancakes. Oh yum. A meal for a king. And that’s how she is.
          And for the ones. Her Family. Peoe she went to School with. Yes. She was Military. She worked hard in it 12 yrs babe. Right. She says yes babe. Why would she make that up. So don’t beleve her. I don’t care. Say I don’t exist. I don’t care. Cuz what I do care is not any of you. Not any of the ones that marry a guy to get him to buy her a house. Any you jelous ones out there that can’t find the great happyness and joy that me and Jojo bring into my lifes. And her lifes. All that matters is her and me. And just that. Get it got it good.

          • Nice try Michelle aka the EUNOHOO…
            You all that shit up…
            I’ll give you a gold star for trying.

          • Oh gawd…that is definitely her. She usually misses that “a” in the word “jealous”, and writes: “jelous”. Somehow she turns it into an “R”, and adds it in the word “Father”, making it “Farther”. What a dumb ass she is. 🙄😆

            Oh and her romance story made me wanna 🤮. I can’t imagine any man being romantic with her. It would be like making out with Anne Ramsey from “Throw Momma From The Train”. 🥴🤢🤮

          • Yaa. Michelle made that up… Just lije all the other crap she makes up…
            And still she hasn’t shown proof of Court and the Cops going to your door Jo…
            I’d say she can email the proof to you Jo… But she don’t got any proof. She only got bull to crap to flap outta her trap…

      • Michelle you the one that married your Tim. Every time you Bark he comes running to his Bitch.

    • I did not post anything of a guys dick and sent you naked pix. You are a fucking liar.

  20. Look Charle you fucking fagot the next time you see Michelle…You tell the fucking bitch to bend over and Queef a nice one in your face.

    • Remember, Charlie is not into women. He’s too busy looking at that big dick you sent him.

      What about that Size 13 Bigfoot Bastard? You know, big feet and big hands. Did he have a big dick to match? He probably got scared and ran off, because you couldn’t get enough. You’re a nympho, gutter trash pig who has been fucking for over 40 years. And you still think of sex, nonstop! Why don’t you go fuck a horse or a donkey, you sick bitch! Get it on video, so I can laugh at you.

      • Dont you ever fucking read Michelle. Charlie made this Richard guy up. He’s a liar like you. And I never sent pix of this Richard guy. Another fucking lie…
        So fuck you both lias.

      • Yaaa. So my Son been messaging on Face Book for a little while. My son wassurfing the net. Came across a guy that knows knows Charlie’s Ex….. So I said message him message him. And Kaember been messaging him… The guy said they had a very bad break up… He said he went to work. And Charlie was gone. And they never spoke after Charlie left… Wow this is big stuff. They met at a School called Phillips and later lived together in a loft in New Hampshire. Then he heard Charlie was in California. And that was that… I want to know more. So Kaember been waiting to get a Face Book email back from the guy. I want to see if he will talk to me. This could be the leverage I need. From the sounds Charlie left him. And left all his furniture and stuff… And it sounded like nice stuff too. Wow… Wow… I’m keeping fingers and toes crossed that he responds. I want to know more.

        • Leverage for what you dumb bitch. You have nothing on Charlie. So what’s this “leverage” you talk about?
          And you are such a nosy busy body it’s unbelievable. You say I sit around and do nothing all day but yet you sit around and harass people online you’re just a dumb bitch.

          • Oh, that fat fuck is just pissed off because her texts to Charlie have now surfaced and she’s all the sudden got a hard-on for him. Jolynn is now out to destroy his life. I can’t wait until everything just explodes in her face, like a vulcano spray of diarrhea. Karma needs to pay back that hateful cunt, in tenfolds!

          • EUNOHOO,
            Maybe I’ll cast a vengeance spell on her ass to teach her a lesson.

          • Good! Hope it works for you. That fat pig needs a mute button. I saw some voodoo dolls in New Orleans. Too bad they don’t make ‘em big enough to be Jolynn! 😂 If she gets any bigger, they can remake the Gilbert Grape movie, starring Jolynn as his mother, and Kaember can play his retarded younger brother. 🤣

          • We all know you’re a witch with a capital B Michelle…
            Casting spells… If that were true I would of casted one on you a long ass time ago…

    • Lol…
      Koban you crack me up

  21. If Michelle didn’t marry her Tim…
    And lets say married Charlie…
    And then she would Divorce…
    She could take 50% of everything he has…
    Then from what my Son says he found out the other morning. From the sounds…
    It would be enough that Michelle could really buy a house. With a pool. And satlelights…
    Ba-Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha …
    Hey Tim… Don’t ever Divorce Michelle… She will talk half everything you got… And half of what Michelle got. It’s still nothing…
    You’d get half of your assets… And she has nothing so you’d get half of that… Nothing…
    Ba-Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha …
    And if you two do split and when you go to Divorce Court… Don’t worry… I’ll tell you Tim… I told you so…

  22. Michelle it’s 6am our time…. And 9am in Tennesee…
    Why hasn’t the EUNOHOO posted anything yet…
    Mmmmmmmmm very suspicious.

    • Michelle’s not up yet… She get’s up maybe 9am..10am…
      Then we will hear from EUNOHOO…

      • 👨‍👩‍👧👨‍👩‍👧‍👦Jo Jo Lynn Grace Farr👨‍👩‍👧‍👦👨‍👩‍👧

        Yaaa. It will. 12pm or 1pm Tennessee time for the people there…
        And 9am or 10am for us… And the EUNOHOO.

  23. If I narried that Bitch… And she Divorced me…
    That Bitch would get nothing… I don’t got a pit to piss in…
    Oh wait she can have 50% of the dog shit 💩 my dog crapped on the ground at Elevate…
    Hardy Ha Ha Ha Ha

      • You got that right The EUNOHOO… I meam Michelle.

        • Shut your fucking cake hole, Jolynn. Don’t you have some client’s dick to suck, right now? It’s past noon time, where you’re at. Aren’t you supposed to be tricking the neighbors here soon, and giving them some? You have too much down time for an experienced prostitute. You’re supposed to be on the game! Get out there and hustle that fat ass!

          • Did you know that I printed off you hookup page. And it got sent out a while ago along with a bunch of other things. I always wondered what Janes B Hughes had to say about seeing it and the other things I sent for him to read. When was the last time you talked to him. Maybe it’s time you give him a call and catch up on things.

  24. Lol… And if she still lived here…
    She would report you to the office…
    I think she did that too… Reporting people… To help fill her day. Lol

  25. Wow…. It’s 845am our time… And 1145am in Tennesee… And no comments from the EUNOHOO…
    Michelle still not up yet… We will hear from the EUNOHOO when Michelle crawls her body ass outta bed. And that most likely be after 10am our time… And after 1p. Tennessee time…
    Abd that’s when we will hear from the EUNOHOO…
    Ba-Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha

  26. Holly Smokes Batman…
    Still no c postings from Michelle and her evil alter ego the EUNOHOO…
    What do you think tge resin is.

  27. Don’t worry Robin once the meds ware off… The bitch will be up to her no good tricks…
    This Bitch needs to be euthanized. And put her out of our miseries.

    • Wendy, you need to find other friends than that fat, worthless cunt, Jolynn.

      Once she loses her son, she will be on the rampage, using other people trying to swindle money out of them, because she is too lazy to get out and work a real job!

      Look at what one person said about Jolynn. I copied the text. Beware of this bitch. Someone left this bad review about Jolynn:

      “Five years ago, she lived in the same apartment as me: Canyon Ridge Apartments in Tucson. Me and her used to be friends in the beginning. Then later on, NOT! I got tired of Jolynn using me. I was nice at the start. Then later on, I realized she was just using me. After I stopped being nice and giving in to her, she made my life a miserable hell! Everyday, it was something: Banging on my door, using an 800 number to call me, making fake profiles on sites…etc. When my lease was up, I moved. Jolynn is a psycho. There is something mentally wrong with her. She will lie to you and make you feel bad for her. Then she turns on you. Her full name is Jolynn Graham Farr. If you meet her, run like hell! Don’t tell her your name, or anything about yourself. Because she thinks she can get something from you. She will take, take, take…until there is no more left! I put a restraining order on her. Right after that, she stopped. So believe me; if you see her…RUN!!! She will make your life a nightmare!”

      • I never lived there Michelle… I keep telling you… You need to see if the information you’re given is accuate. Because you are wrong. Wrong as usual.

        • Another lie. All you do is lie, Jolynn.

          You better practice up on your lies, Jolynn. You got to give Andy Drew a load of bullshit to suck and swallow this weekend.

          • No you dumb shit 💩… You don’t read… Next fucking weekend. I never said this weekend. Tead bitch read. Tell your Tim you need to get some reading glasses.

          • Who cares? You better stop making up lies, saying that your ex and his friend and brother are coming to get Michelle. That is a load of bullshit, and you know it! They are there as witnesses, because Andrew doesn’t trust your flaky, sinister fucking ass!

  28. Then Tucson will be once again…
    A safe place to live and walk around again…
    No worries of Michelle and her Evil alter ego marching up to people dressed like a Nazi… Yelling and screaming at them. People will be at peace. And the US Army will be ever so thankful.

    • Jolynn, after all that shit read about you, Tucson will never be safe with the likes of you there, with your sloth ass feeding off people, and your scamming, begging, and panhandling.

      By the way, did you ever tell Kaember that lie you made up about him being a child of incest? Yes, you told people one time, that you were raped by your relatives and had Kaember. You were trying to get people to listen to your sob story and feel sorry for you and give you their money. Do you remember saying that? You are such a selfish, lying pig! 🐷 You will say or do anything to get into people’s wallets.

      • I fucking never said that Michelle about my son being it’s just more of your bull shit 💩 to try and get me mad and set me up to go off on you… Well Bitch it didn’t work…
        No Mother would ever say that. You’re not a Mother you never will be… Thank God (Oh Gawd) for that….. And if you were ever to become pregnant the chikd be born with birth defects…Because with the meds you take. So thank God (Oh Gawd) one those guys you did the 🤢🤢🤢🤢 with never knocked you up. And you’d have to have it aborted. Remember b4 your Tim… Money was tight… You think you can afford a baby. Hell No…
        No my Son is not a product of incest. You just trying anything to get me pissed off… And nope it didn’t work… Sorry Sucker… Now go give your amazing handsome husband a nice big Queef and call it a day…
        Ba-Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

        • Why don’t you go queef, or fart on your clients, Jolynn? It will give him a break, hearing your hot air come out of your other holes, instead of your rancid foul mouth.

          Get out there and sell that ass, Jolynn! You spend too much time on here. You’re not being a good hooker. You should be fucking at least 5-10 clients a day. Nevada ranch girls stay busier than you.

          Hey EVERYBODY! Here is Jolynn’s phone number: 520-409-1370

          Give her a call for a fun time on the cheap! That fat pig is the K-Mart Blue Light Special! She especially loves dark meat! Big black cock is on her phone sex menu. She loves fucking horny black men! 🤣😂

          • Michelle why don’t u call… Lol…
            Be R Back Michelle…
            I gotta change my sons diapers… He did poopy doopy…

          • Why would he lie, Jolynn? He would have no reason to. He doesn’t live there anymore. He wouldn’t say all that, unless it was true. He’s like your other former neighbor warning others about what problematic parasite you are.

          • Michelle ask your fucking Gay. Cuz you and him love the Gossip about me. And the Teaders too.

          • Just like you lie Michelle… You both are out to get me.

    • If you call… You will get my Voicemail… And it’s not set up now.

  29. Did it come in the mail yet. Blue colored Envelope with stickers on it. It should of gotton to you Michelle…
    Did you ask your Tom. Maybe he got it and just didn’t tell you and threw it away so that you don’t see it and he has another one of your Michelle Episodes that he’s sick and tired of dealing with…
    Like I said. It should of gotton to you by now.

      • And I never received a blue envelope in the mail. Once again, you’re lying.

        • Then why did you tell Charlie that? You know damn well you told him that. Compulsive liar.

          • I didn’t tell that fucking faggot any thing. You making the shit 💩 up…
            Then proove I said it to him cunt… Or as you say say when you pretend to be the EUNOHOO… Shut the fuck up you cunt 🥑

          • Jolynn…why do you keep calling yourself a millionaire, when you have an EBT card? You collect welfare, but call yourself a millionaire. You can’t even spell millionaire, with your lousy eighth grade education. Is that what grade you were in, when you found out you were pregnant with Margot? That kid was better off, being put up for adoption. Poor Kaember is screwed, being stuck with the likes of you. Hopefully his father will rescue him soon.

      • And you are no EUNOHOO or Rusty…
        You need you need to stop with your bullshit. Michelle

        • Michelle wouldn’t have gone as far as I’ve gone. She can only see for so far.

          I saw right through your lies and threats.

          You’re busted, bitch! Andy knows everything!

    • Hey Jolynn,
      Read this article and take special note of the first paragraph: Sociopah. That’s you! I’ve read quite a few of your posts and looked up what a sociopath is. Your face should be in that article! You are a very disturbed woman. And why do hate the Michelle person so much?

      • Here’s the article

      • OMG Isaac. How things going… Thank you so much for your 50.00 donation last year to my Gofunme accout. But I ended up not using it. Did they send your money 💵 back to you.

  30. I took a screen shot of what you said about my son. And I just texted it to him… He said which Uncle Mommy…

    • Jolynn, you are one big fat liar! You told Charlie that load of bullshit when you first met him. You were panhandling people, feeding them your bullshit sob story, of being a victim of incest.

      When Andrew comes up to get his son, you can break the news to him, by saying that Kaember isn’t his child, and that he’s a victim of incest. One of you Mississippi hillbilly relatives bred with you, and Kaember was born. Thus explains his social retardation.

      • Michelle I texted Drew what you said… He said. Which one of you brothers was it… Because you don’t got any Brothers…
        Yaa. I don’t got any Brothers Michelle. So you are Busted in another lie… Ha Ha Ha…

  31. I tezted it to Drew… I can’t wait to see what he has to say… OMG… Thank you for saying that… I needed a few good laughes this morning while waiting for Nicole. OMG that was what I needed. I’m still a little Giggling. Lol

    • Jolynn, you are not as close to your ex husband, as you let on. You are his EX WIFE for a reason. He knows what a liar and a money hungry, grubbing cunt you are.

      If he’s bringing people up with him, he’s bringing them as witnesses, because he knows you’re impossible to deal with. He needs the witnesses there, to back him up in court, in case you lose your shit. I hope they take Kaember away from you permanently!

      • Michelle… Where do you get you info from. You are so wrong. So way off…

        And again his names Drew…

        • His real name is Andrew. Back in 2011, when you and he were still married and you took the kids to Gatlinburg to stay in that cabin, you called him ANDY. His name is Andrew, not just Drew. Drew and Andy are nicknames from Andrew. Don’t lie and don’t be stupid.

          • Yaa. Michelle Drew is a nickname. But you don’t know him. Never talked to him. You don’t know shit 💩. You stupid twat…
            You’re stupid trick didn’t work… Why not do something today more productive than doing the blogs. One day you will be 68yo. And you will say to yourself… I wasted my life. And now I’m almost 70yo… Oh Gawd.

      • She’s going to lose it if that happens. No more child support for Jolynn.

        • No more of Kaember’s paychecks neither. After that, Jolynn won’t be a resident of Elevate for very long. Once she’s evicted, her neighbors will throw a block party to celebrate her being gone! 🎊 🥂 🍾

          • Don’t worry Mommy… I’ll give you my paycheck tomorrow. I dont want you to beat me.

          • 👨‍👩‍👧👨‍👩‍👧‍👦Jo Jo Lynn Grace Farr👨‍👩‍👧‍👦👨‍👩‍👧

            They won’t evict me. I never been late on the rent…
            And next month Michelle… They will have new people in the office…
            And earlier today… Corporate called. Allowing 100.00 off next month because the water was turned off in all 4 Buildings and I did a Michelle… So I get 100.00 off from now on.

        • Tim is short for Timothy. And in Latin means Frog. Now if I remember right kelsi told me you and him got married in city hall and bought a truck in phoenix. And you couldn’t get it right away because it needed repairs. And when we do drive by’s if the house you renting was brown. It would look like a Cabin. Woot Woot…
          This is fun…
          . Do more Michelle do more. Nicoles gonna be a lil late. It’s 130 our time and 430 in Tennessee…
          And soon be your nap nap time… And the EUNOHOO won’t be posting till you wakey wakey…
          Ba-Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

      • Why would you be scared. You are the big and piweful Michelle… You Bark… And your Tim comes a running..
        And no I’m not afraid of you or your Tom. You two are nothings in this big world we live in. You started with nothing… You will always be nothing… And you will die with nothing…
        You are the lowest mammal on the food chain. A vertebrate has more a brain than a Hughes on a Corner trying to make an ends meet on a one income house hold.

        • Shut the fuck up, Jolynn. You talk shit!

          Michelle and I have blogs about you too. You should see the ppl we show the blogs to.

          Jolynn, you are one dumb fuck for listing people’s SSN, DOB and contact information. You do this, because you are a dumb cunt who thinks it’s funny. But it’s backfiring on you. They love the blogs Michelle and I have on YOU!!!

          • Michelle… Who cares… I know no one cares what you say. Because… A bunch called the Court. Called the Police and they were told………… Nope…
            Everyone knows you made it up… And on 4 bloggs I posted what the Court gave my son and the Police gave my son about No Court and No Cops to my door to arrest me. And I posted it on my Face Book too…
            And I maikd all that and other shit to James B. Hughes… Nick name Jim… And give him a call and see what he says… Oh wait… You and him don’t speak right.I remember you told me 3yrs ago about him…
            Hey does your Tim still go to the Vape store… He he he ha ha… Lol

          • 👨‍👩‍👧👨‍👩‍👧‍👦Jo Jo Lynn Grace Farr👨‍👩‍👧‍👦👨‍👩‍👧

            Michelle… The Sunday paper has a coupon to your favorite restaurant… Ruby Tuesdays.

          • James Hughes? I think I remember him. They used to call him Mickey. He was married to Francine. They had three or four kids together and lived up in Michigan somewhere, near Jackson.

            Heard he was a bit rough on his wife, Francine and she had to burn him up in his bed. Fucker has been dead for over forty years. What do you know about him?

            Nobody cares about your lame, stupid background checks, Jolynn. We tell people shit about you too. You make it so easy by posting their contact information. You fucking moron!

  32. James Brian Hughes. Ya Michelle you do remember him. They used to call him Mickey. He was married to Francine. They had three or four kids together and lived up in Michigan somewhere, near Jackson.

    Heard he was a bit rough on his wife, Francine and she had to burn him up in his bed. Fucker has been dead for over forty years. What do you know about him?

    Nobody cares about your lame, stupid background checks, Michelle We tell people shit about you too. You make it so easy by posting their contact information. You fucking moron!

    • We’ll then I guess you can’t call Michelle a spinster anymore, can you? She’s been married before.

      But you don’t know her maiden name or anything else about her. Better get Kaember to get on the dark web while he still has time. His father knows all about the deviant stuff you get him to do on his computer. He probably thinks Kaember embezzles money for you too. I hope he gets Kaember away from you, before you get him arrested.

  33. Michelle it’s 3pm where you me and your EUNOHOO… And 6pm for everyone in Tennesee… They all must be having supper.

    • Dinner will be late tonight. It’s 6:10 here. Some of us are working overtime.

      But what would you know about that, Jolynn? You don’t work a job. You just post fake bullshit about working some insurance job on your LinkedIn. Your whole life is a lie. No wonder you can’t keep a husband.

      • It’s Pizza night… Glynnis friend works at Black Jacks on Broadway. He gives her 50% off so we get 2 large for under 10.00 bucks…
        See Michelle. When you are a good person. Good things happen…
        So that’s what we are doing…
        And me and Nicole are on Bookmans on Speedway and Wilmot.I’m going to use some of the credit to get a few movies and things…
        Oh Gawd…Michelle you don’t got a job remember you are disabled… House Bound…

  34. Must be Michelle nap nap time…
    Shit… That means no more the EUNOHOO postings to you wake wake. 😔 😔 😔

    • Yep, she’s napping. She ain’t posting. But I am. You really hate knowing we’re not the same person, don’t you?

      See, Michelle has been affected by your bullying. Your lies are so toxic, Jolynn, that some people who are closer to you cannot distinguish fact from fiction, because you lie so much. It takes an outsider like me to point out the facts, and to tell the truth to save other people’s lives, like your son. You got him fishing illegal shit on the dark web. You’re going to get him in trouble with the law. People need to know about the malevolent drama that’s going on in your home. Your son is being used and abused by you, and his father needs to know.

      • Oh Gawd……Ha Ha Ha Ha… Michelle you just crack me up…
        Did you see the pix I posted on the blogs… Theres 4 sites that allow video and pix… Drive byes… And one you walking at Elevate. And Walmart. And the others the proof of no Michelle courts and no Cops… You need to see them

        • You always give me “thumbs down” and you quickly change the subject, when I call you out on your dumb shit, Jolynn.

          You are a sinister, conniving fuckwit, Jolynn. All these lies you’re telling, along with your illegal activity are coming back to bite you on your big fat ass! You will soon die a miserable, lonely, unhealthy woman!

        • We all do know Michelles plays the victim well… 😢 😢 😢 😢…
          Then we play the Justin Timberlake song… Cry me a River… 😢 😢 😢

          • Wendy, watch yourself. You are one big bag of stupid for hanging out with the likes of Jolynn.

            Michelle isn’t the only person on this board. Others are sick and tired of Jolynn’s scamming lies and her trifling bullshit. You are a gullible moron for having anything to do with her. If you have any brains 🧠 in your head at all, you better run away from the toxic bitch!


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