1. Michelle…

    Youre biggest fear is that your Tim one day will leave you for another Woman. And if he does. You loose his paycheck that you desperately need. Cuz you only get up to 900 a month from SSDI. Dissabillity. And you don’t want to work. You havent done shit 💩 since your Army days. And right after Army. Taaaa Daaaa you went on SSDI Dissabillity. And the old owner of Elevate Terry Moore says. That you been looking for a guy to marry that will support you. It took a few years. But OMG you found one. Your Tim. And you latched right on him. And got him to Marry you. I member when I first met you. You were single walking your dog. Then you met your Tim on a hookup site. And Boom less than a year he moves in with you and you get married and move to a 2 bedroom in building 4 on second floor. Then a year after you and your Tim move out of Elevate. TFG all I can say TFG. I remember the movers you hired. Cost you what 600.00 bucks to move your shit 💩. Koban and me walked by. Saw the shit being loaded in. And talked to one of them. He said he never moved people like you b4. He said you didn’t leave them a lone. And acted as they were going to steal stuff. Michelle I remember. What you had. A homeless person wouldn’t want to steal. All shit 💩. I got to look. I must have the pix I took. I’lk check and if I do got them. i’ll post on my Face Book for evreyone to see. Ya. I member him saying it was around 600.00 to move you shit. You got jipped. Cuz they’re others much cheaper. Ya. They saw you dessprate to move you shit 💩 an said 600.00. I bet you where pist off paying that. The guy said you was a real bitch to deal with. I said that’s Michelle. I said I doubt she’ll give a tip. I’am right an I. You never gave them a tip. Lol.

    I gota see if a still got them pix I took. Your shit 💩 in the truck. I member Sassafras and her owner walked by to. I said Michelle moving. She kept walking. Ya. I gotta look for them. I took 4. Now I’am courius if I still do.

  2. Ya. I do. I posted them on my Face Book. I wrote. I remember Michelles moving day. Look at the junk she got. Plastic container draws. Paper work in it. And junk. I think most peeps would ditch the shit 💩. Looks like from dumpster diving. Ya. Just think. If you threw it all out. You could of used the 600.00 to buy all new shit 💩.

  3. I remember Terry More the guy that owned Elevate b4 the knew company took over. That you bitched n bitched aboult your frige being small. An to shut you up he gave you a bigger one. You say b4. Him and me never talked. If we didn’t… How the fuck would I know that.You so stupid michelle. Very fucking stupid

  4. I’m sick of all her lies and bullshit. You know there’s such a thing called Karma and the truths all will come out and be told.


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