1. The ongoing joke. And Lori came up with it. And OMG I showed it to my Son. And he responded saying. Yeah or I can dress up my Drone for Halloween and fly it to her door when Trick a Treaters are there. Lol.

    Lori said that My son Koban and Glynnis should all dress up for Halloween and Trck o Treet at Michelles.

    OMG that would be so funny. And Michelle and her Tim would got no clue it was them.

    And them flipping them off as they walk away. Ba-hahahahahahahahahahahaha

    Michelle would not a clue cuz they be all dresses up.


  2. Michelle... Show us the truth that their was a court day. And that Won... Show us you accually did and not just still lieing and talking shiy πŸ’© outta u moth. And Queefing in your Tim face.


    Because with out proof. It’s just more you lies and bull shit πŸ’©.


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