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Complaint / Review: Laura Bushnell, Magicklady.com, LauraBushnell.com  ...Laura Bushnell is a Fraud. Laura Bushnell does Black Magic on everybody she does not like. She even does DEATH SPELLS on people who call her a fake. Laura Bushnell is a PLAGIARIST, A STALKER, A LIAR, A CREEP, A FRAUD.
Bushnell is mentally unstable and tells others she has the breast milk of the virgin mary! That is a LIE! Bushenll has been lying to others for decades! Bushnell has been lying and stealing and blackmailing people for 40 years plus! Her real name is LORI NAIL from Lewistan Idaho. Laura Bushnell is one of the most dangerous people on the planet, one of the most corrupt idiots on the planet. Laura Bushnell plagiarized LADY RHEA’S CANDLE MAGICK BOOK , from cover to cover, and put her name on it! and sold it in her store in Idaho called Fleur De Lis. Bushnell then was threatened with a lawsuit by the Gracious Lady Rhea, if she did not stop plagiarizing Lady Rhea’s book,, of course, Bushnell continued to sell copies of the book, claiming it as her own. Bushnell did death spells against Lady Rhea. Bushnell was FRIENDS WITH LADY RHEA AT THE TIME OF STEALING HER BOOK! Bushnell is CRAZY. She thinks she channels the virgin mary,,lol,, What a liar! You can see her go into her fake trance, with a fake weird accent during the fake trance, on youtube at PAX TV LAURA BUSHNELL. She pretends to channel the Earth, speaking in gibberish only she understands. HAHA! What a laugh! Laura Bushnell is dangerous, she does DEATH SPELLS ON OTHERS, all the while claiming to be a channel for god,, WHAT NONSENSE BULLSHIT! Laura Bushnell puts spells on her WEALTHY CLIENTS THAT THEY GIVE HER MONEY, Bushnell does black magic on all clients that come to her, to make them believe her nonsense. Bushnell was even kicked out of her own COVEN, AS SHE IS A WICCAN BLACK MAGIC WITCH, she was kicked out because she was so evil, they hated her. Laura Bushnell records all her phone calls too. Bushnell told people HOW SHE BLACKMAILED MEN FOR MONEY , SLEPT WITH THEM, THEN THREATENED TO TELL THEIR WIVES. Bushnell even stalked the wife of her married lover, AFTER SHE BLACKMAILED HIM. Bushnell has blackmailed many people in her life, so BE CAREFUL OF HER AS SHE RECORDS ALL PHONE CALLS, in an attempt to blackmail anybody. Laura Bushnell is a STALKER, she stalks other psychics, and listens in on their phone calls, by sending them fake clients,,, so SHE CAN LISTEN IN, STEAL THEIR WORK, AND POST IT AS HER OWN ON HER BLOGS AND BOOKS. LAURA BUSHNELL IS A LIAR, A STALKER, A PLAGIARIST, AND A DANGEROUS BLACK MAGIC WITCH. LAURA BUSHNELL CALLS ON DEMONS TO HURT OTHERS. LAURA BUSHNELL DOES MOON MAGIC, she tries to kill others with magic!!!!!!!!!! SHE IS INSANE, BLACK MAGIC HAS MADE HER INSANE. Bushnell needs to stop DOING BLACK MAGIC ON OTHERS. FROM NOW ON ALL THE BLACK MAGIC SHE DOES WILL LAND RIGHT ON HER OWN HEAD. Her sites are all lies, her life is a lie, she has been conning the American Public for years and years. Bushnell is twisted, stupid, black magic witch WHO LOST HER OWN SOUL THROUGH CONSTANTLY TRYING TO KILL OTHERS WITH BLACK MAGIC. Bushnell commands demons to hurt others, she is really sick in the head and heart. Her energy is pure BLACKNESS AND A DEEP DARK VOID ON HUMANITY. Black Magic is against God’s Law, only evil souls with evil intent do Black Magic. Bushnell is a habitually liar and admits this to others freely. Laura Bushnell is a criminal, a blackmailing, and a black magic witch who tries to kill others with black magic. LAURA BUSHNELL IS A SICK TWISTED FUGLY BLACK MAGIC WITCH. Her evilness has made her insane. Bushnell does black magic on herself even so others believe her lies and con artistry. BE CAREFUL, SHE IS DANGEROUS, LITERALLY, SHE IS DANGEROUS.

Discovered on Fri, 23 Sep 2022 12:35:1 GMT

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  1. Big... REVEAL... Big... REVEAL... My son got back from Court House... He got the clerk to print out Court.... On Court House Stationary and date stamped to... Nothing said aboult. Michelle Corner in Court or Jolynne Farr in Court. All Week.

    But Michelle says she Won… She Won… She Won…

    Can some one try and figure out what the fuck she Won and please tell me…

    Email at Jolynngrahamfarr@yahoo.com. if you like me to email the paperwork my Son brought back from the Court House saying. Nothing aboukt muchelle or Jolynn in court this past week.

    I dont know what whittnesses Michelle has. But clearly. They wherent in court with her. Cuz thier was no court.

    So lets all say it together now…


  2. Tonite gona be a great nite. Lori coming over with her husband. My Son going out with his friend Beth. And movie nite. We gona watch Dark Shaddows.


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