1. I just read my texts. Koban texted me. Lori and 2 others. I had my cell on mute. And cuz that I didnt here my cell ding. I’ll got to texas them l8tz cuz its to early. Its 5 am. I will after i sleep. An wake up. I hate it when I miss Texted.

    Koban. Text he helped comfirm. And hes person number 6. So that there pretty much comfirms it. Good good good this is great. Cuz what they all say. Is eckxackly the same thing. Pretty much wird for word. So I will say this. Michelle you are BUSTED. Thats 5 peeps plus Koban. 5 diffrent peeps and Koban. Them all dont know each other. But they know an talk to me. This is real big real big and it proves even more an when I say big. Its huge.. And shes fucking BUSTED. Ya. And that adds more to what I got all ready. I wana say a gain… Michelle Hughs Corner is Busted big time Busted. I thaughtvI’d share that. Cuz Michelle lije and talk outa her ass and queef in her Tims face when hes down there doing his you know what. Aaaaagh the thought. Yuckie. Lets us not think aboult it readers. It’ll aaaaagh make us all Gag.

    Ya. So it nakes a great morning. The sun is just coming up. I put out cinnimon buns for my son and Glynnis to warm up and eat. So easy quiet and no mess. And theres fruit to for them. And minute maid oj. Lol not Tang like Michelle majes for her Tin. Tang only she be the one buying and drinking that. Yukie. LOL

    Bed time for me. Love all you.

  2. Jolynn, why are you always running your gob, yakking about queefing for? Is queefing something you do regularly when you’re riding that 🍆 carousel 🎠 ???

    Are you sure it’s just queefing, and not full-on farting? Are you ripping some serious ASS, while you’re turning tricks?! You stated in your phone sex menu that you do ANAL. Are you an ANAL queen in real life? If so, your fart box 💨 is more than likely ripping out noxious wind and Hershey squirts left and right. Your stink canal is supposed to be an exit. It’s not another vagina.

    • 🇺🇸 Michelle did’nt other day last when you petended to be the EUNOHOO you say leave peeps a lone. 🇺🇸 But look at that you just post. Complete diffrenced. Other post you then say stop. But this post you try entagonizing me. Mmmmmmmmmm. 🇺🇸 Mmmmmmmmmm.

      • No, I’m just replying to you antagonizing Michelle. Why did you have to say all that disgusting shit about queefing for?

        How dare you criticize her MARRIED intimate moments with her HUSBAND, while you’re spreading your legs, giving up your gash and anus to every swinging dick at Elevate that gives you gas and grocery money.

        Isn’t it welfare fraud to be getting an EBT card and other welfare payments, while you’re selling your pussy to the neighborhood?

    • I laughed when I read this michelle. Cuz a week ago. Under your name. Michelle Corner you posted a comment to your fake name EUNOHOO to stop posting comments. You posted it for yourself. Lol.

      And you still been posting under your fake name EUNOHOO.

      You can try and play its not you. But evreyone knows it’s you michelle. Me an my peeps not stupid.

    • https://www.worstgolddiggers.com/laura-beach-aka-johnni-black-homewrecking-slore-ex-porn-star/#comment-3206

  3. EUNOHOO know how to we know that you michelle. An not a real human being.. Cuz you call me Jolynn. No one but Michelle. Evreyone else calls me JoJo. BUSTED.

    • No…you stupid bitch. You said before that I was Michelle, because I called you JoJo, instead of your real name, Jolynn. Now you’re saying I’m Michelle because I’m calling you Jolynn, instead of JoJo. Whatever. You spew absolute bullshit.

      I’ll just call you Hojo, Sea Hag and CUNT, instead.

      • Ya michelle. Stop pretending to be the eunohoo. And stop harrassing me under that name. Evreyone kniz its you. And all the peeps know you hide behind that fake screen name to keep on harrassing me. But I know you. An other peeps to. And them an me know. You won’nt stop. You will just keep on doing it.

        Ya an know what. Keep doing it michelle go under EUNOHOO name and harrass me. Call me fat. Call me names. I don’nt care. I’am a better people than you an your Tim. Peeps here know me. They like me. I show them the bloggs and what you say. They all know. An they glad you dont no live here no more.

        So ya. Stop harrassing me michalle. Leave me and my son a lone. Go harrass a neghbor in you neghbor hood an leave me and the others here at elevate a lone. Cuz i hear you harrass some others here. To try and get them to talk to you aboult me. An you dont know. Them all you harrass an contact tell me.

        Stop harrassing me. Them all and my son. Harrass peeps where you live an not us.

        Get it got it good.

        • Stop posting your stupid shit, talking about Michelle and others, and I’ll stop posting. How does that sound?

          No more blogs. No more talking about Michelle.

          • Michelle. So ya.. Have you heard of the Freedom of Speach. The 5th Element. And the Ten Commandments. Theirs you answers to that.

            And evrey time I see online. EUNOHOO posts. Evrey time You offline no posts from EUNOHOO. Then Boom when you pop back online. Taaa Daaa EUNOHOO posts more comments.

            As we all know. An i prooved it way back. Axually my son prooved it. You an The EUNOHOO are the. S A M E.

            I got a busy weekkend. Tomorrow got tons. Then Sunday another craft fare. I got 16 doggy gift baskets and im selling doggy treats and biscuits to 🍪. Those bags sell 5.00 each. I got 30 of them. They sell like flapjacks. Sundays gona be a money day.

            What will you be doing for the weekend. Oh Ya. The Labor Day Pool Party. Are they bringing pool sticks or swim wear.

            Dont worry. I’ll find time to blogg. That will help fill up your days. Give you stuff to read an you to blogg.

  4. You totally missed what I was telling you. You want Eunohoo to stop posting. Not gonna happen unless you quit posting about Michelle. I got freedom of speech too, bitch. You’re not special.

  5. You keep blogging. I keep blogging. Simple as that.

    Your lies and stories about Michelle not knowing how to cook and not having a pool are as boring as fuck. No one cares! We all know it isn’t true. But the shit I know about you, is true. You lied about your own child! You told everyone that a married man got her pregnant. You use your own children as ammunition against people you dislike. That shit is abusive AF! Your daughter needs to tell you to fuck off, and should wash your hands of you.

    And you use Kaember too. You steal all of his money that he works for, after begging other people for their money on another GoFundMe to put him through college. He never went to college. You just took all that money, and kept it for yourself, you greedy hog!


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