1. My son makes so much noise in the morning. I just lay down fall a sleep and boom boom bang bang. In the kitchen i waked up. So i get up to see what hes doing. He left. The refrigerator was open and as all ways left a mess for me to ckean up. So I text him telling him. He leved the light on in the kitchen and frige open. All i get sorry mom.

    Im exausted. I been up all night and just falled a sleep to be rewoken. Now im awake and it will take me time to get back in the. Sleepy mode. So i took a sleep aide to help. An it usually does. I dont need no more introuptions. An i dont need any Michelle bullshits poo. I decided go a head Michelle play you games harrass me under EUNOHOO name. Do you shit all you want. Cuz in the end the karma will get you. It all ways does. And ya. Know what. You can try hard an say you not EUNOHOO and EUNOHOO is not you. But all if us know EUNOHOO is you. And i busted you ya how many times. You fucked up a few times. A bunch of times and you didnt realize you did. But I cought it. And member last month i said some shit 💩 aboukt Bubby and Foxy being neghbors and live together. You pretending to be EUNOHOO. You said. Tgey are my dogs they not people. If EUNOHOO was a real human from Tennessee. EUNOHOO wouldnt at all know they werent dogs. I not ever mensioned my dogs name online. So ya. You got busted there as being EUNOHOO. So you trollop no matter what you say. You been busted. Oh ya. My daughter sent me a letter. She said that night she wasn’t online and was asleep at 1am. It wasn’t her posting on the blogg. Plus she said she doesn’t call me Mon she calls me Jolynn. And no one I told. An no one know shes Jehovah whittnessed. And Lori her husband. Glynnis and my Son were playing cards at my place and saw postings were made under my daughters name. They wrote letters saying they whittnessed the postings were being made between 12 to 2am. And the postings were made under Arianna Grace Farr. No one knows that her middle name is Graceland after the King. Evreyone thinks its Grace. Cuz thats what she got on her Face Book. Plus michelles busted. Cuz my son looked and said see. Michelles online. He has an app from darkweb that tracks computers 💻 and cell phones 📞. He says Called pinging. He said back last winter he sent a ononomous email 📧 to you and you opended it. Which I guess grants access. He and his freinds are the computer wizzard not me the Mom. So as i said before my son looked and came back to my room and said. Ya she’s online. And you cant get mad. Cuz you opened the email 📧. And doing so gave the permission. So ya. The app he says can see activity and where the lication to. And you were home and online at that time. BUSTED.

  2. EUNOHOO so what if Michelle Corner uses other screen names. It's not a crime. Michelle lijes to have people think she doesnt harrass people. She has that right. We live in the US. Freedom of Speech. Its in the Ten Commandments.

    So ya there you got it HoJo see.

    • She’s not using the EUNOHOO screen name. She never did.

      You seem that you arent ashamed about being an ILLEGAL STREET PROSTITUTE. Why are you so sensitive for being called out for being a FRAUD?!

      And why do you keep covering up posts, Jolynn? Aw, did I hit a sensitive nerve? GOOD!

      Kaember needs to be removed from your home and taken away from you, because you manipulate him into committing fraudulent activities online and other illegal activities. You have no business getting people’s SSNs, DOB, and other bank, credit, or tax information.

  3. Jolynn, you need to have your son taken away, (regardless of his age, due to him being special needs). He needs to live somewhere else, like in a group home, where he can’t cause any trouble, with his computer. He’s been making up a fake profile/resume about you with phony credentials. He has been setting you up to get pay and benefits, like a wounded vet. I wouldn’t be surprised if he made you up a phony university degree too.

  4. Michelle. I mean EUNOHOO..
    Hey do you member Kathy in building 3 on the 3rd floor 3302. For 5 yrs. The one thats skinny and got a reaspy voice from smoking so much.

    She’s 1 other my whittnesses. Just thot I’d tell you. She knows your gay charlie wilkends. She talks allot shit aboult him. And she dont like you. No sir. And she didnt lime Tamika Washington. An she heard aboult Michael Good Speed. The guy in building 4 first floor.

    I got em talking. Well all but you gay charle. None them talk to him and he move when you did. Tamika been evicted in August stupid. She spent money b4 her bills. Dont pay rent. Ba Bye. Her own falt. She did it to her self.

  5. Michelle well…. Ok I’ll say it. Eeeeer The EUNOHOO. And we do know the who you are.

    I got my bases covered my T’s crossed and my I’s dotted.

    So if day ever. Doubtful. Buy they all know your crazyer than Tammi is. That who knoz. Iam not afraid. I got legally sighned papers from people that kno you from elvate. And Koban gave me his last night. Thats why he wanted to drive and borrow. To get it notorized. Returns hours later ofcourse.

    I call it the just in case. Cuz shes unstable unstable. Nicole says. Thats allot for the judge to see. I said. Theyll be no judge no court nothing. Michelle makes all the shit 💩 up. No ones come to the door. I’m just putting shit 💩 together cuz you never know. Doubtful cuz she and her Tim will look really bad. But ya. She likes the attention. She think it makes her look all big an tough. And makes up EUNHOHOO an other screen names to deliver her bull shit. There no court an no judge. If there was. I’de be posting aboult. Theres nothing but her Schizophrentic mind.


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