1. Ms. JoJo asked me to post a comment. So I’m doing it.

    Michell Corner used to live where I lived ay Elevate Apartments in Tucs. We lived in the same building. I was at an end unit on the 3rd floor.

    Everything Ms. JoJo says about Michele is the god damn truth. Michelle is fucking loco. That means crazy in Spanish. She is. She’s fucking nuts.

    I was smoking with Kaember and others out doors. And Michelle walks by. And tells us smoking pot is against the law. Against policy at Elervate. She acted like an Elevate Policy Police Officer. No body else ever waljing by ever said anything or make a fuss or anything. Just her Michelle.

    Only someone fucked in the head and a person with no life would do that shit.

    So yes Michelle. If ever theres a day in court. You can bet you ass I’ll be there and writtness on Ms. JoJo’s side. And I will tell the Court everything.

  2. Ya Koban. Michelle is schizophrenic and shes also a Narcissist. Just like her Mother. Michelle inherited all that.

    And ya. If anything ever goes to Court. I got a shit πŸ’© load to show the Judge.

    We went to Court last year. And I won.

    Michelle is a very sick woman. An I mean. A very sick woman.

  3. My son and Koban just got back from Dollar Tree. They ran into Sage. And talked a bit. Kaember said in line he showed her the Postings you made under EUNOHOO from last few weeks. She told them. What she knew. And she said she will come oner and tell me what she knows aboult her. I think it’s gona be some good stuff. I’am gona record her to. So I have it. I’am dockumentering it for sure.

  4. The fucking office again. Closed. What they expect us never needing them. Fuck. I want to print off stuff. And i dont wana use my printer. Why use up my ink when i can use theres. Now I got to wait to they open. I line to get shit πŸ’© done when Im will an ready. Well im ready now and those fuckers are closed. AGAIN. Im pist off. Easted my time walking over there. WTF. Now I gota cool down. Stay calm. Calm. Caln. Calm. Calm. I texted Smiliey. I know when he free he will go an texted me back. He always calm me down. Hes a Godsend. A very smart and wise man.

  5. Awsome sauce. Lori said I could use her printer. So I just got back from her place and printed all 20 pages. Add to my stack of things. lori is great. Tamika got evicted last month. Her own doing. She gave then a check a few months ago. It bounced she never made good on it. So she moved in with this guy. He own fault. She did it to herself.

  6. Hey michelle her Tim/ and Michelle pretending to be fake EUNOHOO.

    If you read this. Lol. Cuz I know you will. The prints out I printing out. All aboult you. IP address and other info to show if I ever got to show the court proof. More proof on you. And you should be. Cuz it proves you are the EUNOHOO.

    And I printed off stuff I saved from last year. What you said. And its before you made up the EUNOHOO.

    And the things my son and his friend picked up on the black web. I printing all that to. And you IP address on that 411 to. More to show if I got to. If I ever saw the judge in the court. Proof of you harrassing me. And that you been busted.

  7. I just got done texting with Sam. He used to live here with Marge. He’s now with Himi and Marge is with a nother guy. Sam an Marge had a bad falking out.

    Sam said Ya he will. So thats a nother one I got for a whitbess. He knows aboult Michelle an knowes how she is. Seen her walk up to people and get in there face aboult them not picking up there dog shit πŸ’©. And he knows aboukt her and her beggbir fights with Amanda. Tammi and he said a nother name. I don’t member that name. An Sam knows aboult michelle coming up to my patio giving my son and Koban a hard time aboult smoking. He lived in building one in 1202. He has heard michelle talking. Shes lould and obnoxus. And he says neghbors talked aboult her to. So ya. If it come down to it. He said yes he would whittness. And hes going to write all this he knows seen and heard. I said get it notorised. I said banks do it. I gave him 10.00 to pay for it so he dont got to use up his money πŸ’΅. He said he will. And he will make copy’s to. Give me the original he sighns and the notoriser sighns. And keep the 2 copy’s.

    See. I tell you readers that. That I got peeps that sick by me. An willing to help. Thats a nother whittness on top of the others I got. So if Michelle keeps going on harrassing me. An the day does come i got go to court. I got whittnesses. And sighned notorised state ments. What does Michelle have. Her Tim. And EUNOHOO. Lol. I had thro that in. She can’t use EUNOHOO. Cuz hes not a real person. Lol. Michelle only got Tim. I got tons of peeps. Hey. Ya Michelle. To give you an idear. I got more than 2 whittneses an less than 15. Just give you an idear.

  8. Jo jo.

    Do you remember last year. You were going on about Richard. Oil rig Richard. You met online and never net in real life. The guy with several homes and a Mercedes. You went on for weeks. You said you met the man of your of your dreams. And he told you to open up a bank account so he can send you money. You text me pictures of him. And the ring. You said he told you look at rings. He wanted to get married. And every time you thought of him made you bounce around and be giddy. It was pure Love. You were so in love.

    What ever happened to him. Did he find out you weigh about 400 lbs.

    He must have found out about tge 400 lbs of some good Mc Loving. And once he realized that. He said. Jo jo. You don’t look anything like your pic. That Woman’s not you. She’s young and slim. You are in your mid 50’s. And when you did cannon balls in the pool. People walking by would get soaked.
    I guess he didn’t want a Big Mac or a Whopper of a Woman. Jo jo he didn’t want to risk his life getting squashed by you in bed.

    • Now Charlie, that’s not fair. Her 400 pounds may be revolting to you, but there are other men out there who don’t care if they stick their dicks inside a mountain of pungent flab. According to one of her posts, she openly admitted she put a price tag on that shit and sold her services to one of her male friends. Men are paying to crack a fat and bust a nut in one of her many holes, or folds. 😣

      • Michelle your’e back. I missed you protending to be the EUNOHOO.

  9. Kenny Morgan thank you for the nice comment you posted on my Face Book and on my Golddiggers Blogg.

    See I do got real freinds. And know what. Ya. How many freinds do you got. I dont see any one posting on you behalf Michelle. No other peeps than who what your Tim. And your Gay. Oh ya. I almost foregot. Ther’s EUNOHOO. Who. EUNOHOO and who acually is he. Oh ya thats right. Hes you Michelle. EUNOHOO is acually you michelle. You hide behind his svreen name to harrass me. An you know what. Ya. All tge readers know. They know eunohoo is really you.
    Now be a good deprived wife and fetch a Colt beer for your Tim. While he plays his shoot em up games.


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