1. Readers. Rippoff is back on. I got a new blogg on it. And be working on another.

  2. Yaaaaaaaaaa Hoooooooooooo.

    I think we heard the last of Michelle Corner her Tim and there fake online EUNOHOO.

    I knew this day would come. Member guys. A few months ago. I made a comment. That one day all your shit πŸ’© would come to an end once and for all. And it did.

    Now she’s not pisting anything. Her Tim to an there fake name EUNOHOO. She found out. That she’s in serious trouble. And got the scare of her live. Perfect timing to. Halloween is just round the corner to. Boo.. The timing could just not be so right.

    And those bloggs she made

    1. Postalmostanything.com
    2. Dysfunctional relations.com
    3. Shameshot.com
    4. Cyberbullyingreport.com

    All them and more came back pointing to her. She got BUSTED big time. She know’s it and her Tim knows it to. And more. She know’s that if she keeps it up. She’s in big big trouble.

    So I think we seen the end of her. Her Tim. And there fake EUNOHOO.

    For Good.


  3. I just woke up. Holly shit πŸ’©. I slept to shit πŸ’© all day. With no inreruptoption. So goo so nice. I needed the sleep. Shit πŸ’© 9 hours. I never. Usuallt 7 is my max.

    And I looked and see and saw again. Michelle her Tim and there fake EUNOHOO still no comments. Goooooood.

    I thot today she would. No I was wrong. And I’am glad.

  4. We just got home. The gang said.. Come on let’s go. Drive by and do a looksee. So we did. Glynnis said she lives there. My son said….. Ya. Glynnis pictured a much bigger house. I said nope. And as if they’d even even have enough space for a pool in the back. Bull shit πŸ’©.

  5. Ya Koban.

    Any enemy of my enemy for sure is my friend. That means evreyone still living here when Michelle and her Tim lived here. Ya. Them all are my friends.

    Onestly I dont know how many. Stephanie still here. Michael on the 3rd floor in building one still here. I am counting 3 moor. But I only know them by site. I think they a few more. But I gota think aboult it.

    Yesterday there was 2 moving trucks. An today one other. 3 apartments moved out. 3 more moved out. I dont member seeing any mover in in a few weeks. Mabey last month. I gota think.

    Last night my son an his computer wizkid friend was on the Dark Web. I cant wait to see what they dug up.

    Oh good Lori’s here. Me and her going to shop and lunch.


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