1. Michelles Tim. If she dont use EUNOHOO she will just use Rusty or a nother fake name you dim wit.

    Its a beutiful day. Why not jump in the pool michelle keeps telling people she got.

    Mabey she’ll make you favrate frozen tv dinner. Frozen meatloaf with ketchup on it mashed potatos green beans and apple pie. Splash it all down with some cold Colt Beer. Then after supper. Your Tim be back on his game all night NASCAR. Or sone shoot em up game. While you Michelle sit and wait. Line deprived wives do.

  2. I’ll be missing reading EUNOHOO’s comments. I mean wait a minute. Lol. What am I thinking. Michelle is EUNHOHOO. An she a dumn dumn to think I didnt take screen shots of all the postings. I did. And She to dumn dumn to know I got proove it’s her and he’s not real.

    Michelle knoz she’s BUSTED. And shes BUSTED big time.

    Sucks to be Michelle. Cuz I can show and if I got to. I will. I got the proof them two the same.

    I feel bad for Tim. He could of waited and found the woman he wants to be with. But no. He said to michelle. And Tim. Sorry you got duped in to marrying her at the City Hall. And no honey moon. That really sucks. Bad luck not to take a honey moon. Its true. Its bad bad luck.

    You got sucked in to marrying that trollop.

    Hey. Ya. You know if you get sick of her oranged hair boney ass. And divorce her. Michelle will take half of all you have. And the half she got is zero so u’d get that half of nothing. Cuz the broke bitch had nothing when she married you. And she still gots nothing.

    Sorry sucker. Tim you got duped.

  3. Rippoff blogg back up. I thot they took it down.


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