Braeleigh Winda Shawnigan lake snake


Braeleigh Winda Shawnigan lake snake

Dear dirty. This fake a55 blonde bimbo is Braeleigh Winda . She a bi Polar mental patient who pretends to be innocent but has already slept with more ppl on upper part of Victoria island than most payed call girls at 22 .We used to be best friends until she slept with my bf . She claims to be a good mom but u can catch her out with the local drug dealers in any town packing her beak or leaving the bar with a diff man every weekend . Well her mom is at home taking care of her 3 year old son. Also be aware she has 911 fingers and will lie to the police about anything to abuse the system . Sadly her last real bf took his life because she loves to play games and cheat . Soo if u see her stay far away . Do urself a favour . Please

Discovered on Tue, 23 Aug 2022 19:3:1 GMT

Discovered at: Braeleigh Winda Shawnigan lake snake


  1. Michelle is EUNHOHOO. EUNOHOO isnt a real person. So readers dont get duped by her pretending to be him. EUNOHOO isnt real. And we all know it. And I can proove it.

  2. Can anyone guess who’z number this is.


    Heres a hint. No it’s not EUNOHOO. Hes not real

    • Michelle, is this your phone number? That stupid, nasty fish cunt, Jolynn is trying to expose either you or Charlie. Let others know.

      • EUNOHOO aka michelle you know thats not your number. Michelle that number isnt that gays number. Its Gary Scotts number. Call it and find out. He knows you Michelle and readers call. He will tell you alk aboutlt muchelle. And what he knows. Him and her knoe each other. Should say knew. He hates her niw. They had a fall out. And he says ya. Shes phsycho. Espesially when you find her shit ๐Ÿ’ฉ out. He says shes a pathelogical lier. And has to do with her bipolar. Along dide with her Schizophrentia and her being narcissistic to. Give him a call an see what he says.

        Hey ya. EUNHOHOO. If you were real. You would of called the office again here. But we all know you not. Cuz you are michelle.

        And I got the proof to that you called and reported me for fraud. And you started an unessasrry investigation that costed tax payers allot money ๐Ÿ’ฐ. And ya. Michelle you been busted.

        • Who the fuck is Gary Scotts? I donโ€™t know these people! I never lived there!

          • Call. 520.665.9652. He will tell you who he is. If tell you evreything michelle. It saves you the time it takes for finding out for you self. If you want know. Go look to find out.

      • Im giving tou 5 thuns up. You will have 6.


      • EUNOHOO,
        It is not my phone number. But if you keep responding to her, our court case could be thrown out because she thinks itโ€™s me. Of which, it is not. Obvious to you and me. Are you willing to be a witness if we need you?

        • It is you. Ya. That number not you Michelle. Not your Tim. It’s Gary Scott from Elevate. And.. Lol. Michelle is EUNHOHOO. So it’s fucking hillarious you trying play it up as he’s a real person. Cuz he’s not real. He’s michelle hughes corner.

          An what court case. Lol. Another make belief.

          Ya. If there was one. What I got to show the court and the judge would make both you Michelle and her Tim heads spin. And the things I got documented and notirised by peeps. 2 peeps you both know notorised. And Koban did one to. And i got 3 diffrent letters from the office. All you got is Michelle her Tim and lol. Who eunohoo. Whos not even a real person at all. I got that proof to.

        • I donโ€™t know, because Iโ€™m all the way in Knoxville. I donโ€™t think anything I say would be relevant to your case. They donโ€™t take anything posted on these shamer sites seriously. Thereโ€™s a YouTuber named Haseeb2), who resides in Tempe (of all places). Well, he had upset a lot of people with his race bating videos. He ended up with his own profile on Bad Biz Report, Dating Psychosโ€ฆetc. Out of anger, he had flame wars on message boards and had posted a lot, just like Jolynn. He later got the crap scared out of him, because he had a gay admirer who said he wanted to make him his bitchโ€ฆetc. Well, Haseeb2 went to the Tempe police with the posts, and they about laughed in his face. There wasnโ€™t anything they could do about it. They couldnโ€™t. They didnโ€™t know who the anonymous poster was. They just told Haseeb2 to stay off these sort of websites.

          If something has been left behind on your doorstep, or mailbox, just go with that. Physical evidence is what theyโ€™re looking for. She harassed you, Tim. She lied, and defamed your character, by accusing you of impregnating her daughter, which you did not do. Her daughter was never pregnant. Youโ€™ve already got something there.

          I only post to her, because I think she is a horrible human being, the way she uses and abuses people. She needs to be shamed and told off, by various people. But Iโ€™ll stop, if you need me to.

          • EUNOHOO. You not even real. So of course you cant be a whittness to anything. Your as real as muchelle made 80k for work and you as real as Michelle isnt a schizophrenic and a narcissist. You as real as I dont live at elevate apartments. You as real EUONOHOO as koban fucked me and I have sex with my son. As Michelle would say. Ya. I got those postings screenshotted to.

          • I understand. But the detectives might just want to call you. Thatโ€™s what we meant by witness. If so, you can Messenger me. Iโ€™m not going to repeat your name on here. You can look me up on Facebook

          • I been ask’n Michelle show the proof. Wheres the proof of a court. And that was 3 months ago i asked for proof. And still. She shows nothing. Nadda. Zip. Zero.

            Cuz there isnt one. Just more words coming out of her ass and more queefs she’s queefing on you face Tim. When you go down there. Eeeew. Barf.. So gross. She’s line the sea hag. Orange grey hair. Boney ass. That not even a nasty sea sailor want. Eeeeew just the thot gags me. I think i gotta go barf.

          • If there was a detective. Michelle wouldnt be posting it for peeps to see. She’s only posting as a nother one of make beliefs. Lol. But nice try tho Michelle. I give you 100 thums up for that one.

            And the other thing.

            EUNOHOO not even real.


          • Michelle telling eunohoo that is a joke. He’s you. Hes not real. But then a gain just like the rest stuff you queef in you Tims face. Its all made up.

            EUNHOHOO. I mean michelle. She does allot of talking. But ask her to show the proof. She cant. Cuz there is none. But she will run her mouth like non stop taljing aboult it. LMLMFAOANA

          • I would appreciate it until everything is said and done.

          • Ya. Lol. That’s trll’n yourself. OMFG.. This is so funny.

            Ya. EUNHOHOO. Michelle is tellin you.. Is tell’n her self. Cuz you and her. Are the same. OMFG this is funny.


  3. And what court case. Lol. Oh ya. Cuz there isnt one. It’s a nother made up thing Michelle makes up.

    • There’s no Court Case. There’s no Detective. That woman making it all up. Cuz why would she throw it out there for all the readers to see. It’s as real as Donald Trump won a second term. Its what would be called FAKE NEWS.

      • She knoz shes busted. And that why shes not posting under her name her tims name and there fake name EUNOHOO.

  4. Oh Wow. I saw a guy walk off and not picking up after his dog. I think he’s in building 4. Should I follow him like a Nazi. See where he lives and go to the Office. It’s against the Tucson City laws. Mabey I should call 911 ๐Ÿ‘ฎ

    • Ya. If that cunt Michelle Corner was still here. You damb well know that Hoe would be walk’n rmarching right up to them like a Nazi. Shed say what Laws they broke. Yell at them. And run to the Office to report them. And i wonder if she knew. She was wasting her time. The office did jack shit ๐Ÿ’ฉ. People with schizophrenia are like that. Report people and try and creat drama for all mommas.

      Oranged hair twat that she is. Lol.

  5. Yaaaaaaaaaa Hoooooooooooo.

    I think we heard the last of Michelle Corner her Tim and there fake online EUNOHOO.

    I knew this day would come. Member guys. A few months ago. I made a comment. That one day all your shit ๐Ÿ’ฉ would come to an end once and for all. And it did.

    Now sheโ€™s not pisting anything. Her Tim to an there fake name EUNOHOO. She found out. That sheโ€™s in serious trouble. And got the scare of her live. Perfect timing to. Halloween is just round the corner to. Boo.. The timing could just not be so right.

    And those bloggs she made

    1. Postalmostanything.com
    2. Dysfunctional relations.com
    3. Shameshot.com
    4. Cyberbullyingreport.com

    All them and more came back pointing to her. She got BUSTED big time. She knowโ€™s it and her Tim knows it to. And more. She knowโ€™s that if she keeps it up. Sheโ€™s in big big trouble.

    So I think we seen the end of her. Her Tim. And there fake EUNOHOO.

    For Good.


  6. We just looked.

    Michelle Hughes Corner is online.


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