@essieee_ Trashiest h0e in all of Vancouver


@essieee_ Trashiest h0e in all of Vancouver

This h0e thinks she’s cool because she fuks lower mainland drug dealers. There isn’t one dealer in this city this sloooooot hasn’t fuked. Don’t trust this disrespectful sk@nk. And beware. She likes to post dead guys initials on her ig even tho the person wasn’t her friend or didn’t like her. Low life loser. Surprised this sk@nk hasn’t been on her before. Expose this b1tch.

Discovered on Wed, 10 Aug 2022 2:30:2 GMT

Discovered at: @essieee_ Trashiest h0e in all of Vancouver


  1. I am in a fantastic mood. I went to Home Depot bought a few things. My son can put his flat screen on the wall. That will keep him busy.

    Glynnis at UA. Orientation I think. I don’t know. Sonething with UA. She’s always on the go. She’s line a 3rd Daughter. I have my oldest Margot. . Arianna. And I feel I adopted Glynnis she’s been a big help.

    I’m waiting for the mail. New postman not like the other one we had. I’m used to having the mail around 10am. This new guy gets it done after 1pm. I want to go to Bookmans on Speedway. I still have credit left from the stuff I sold to them a month ago. And I watched all the Blu-rays I got. So I’m hoping that they have some new ones. Fingers Crossed.

    I texted Lori and see if she wants to go. And we can go to Beyond Bread after. They have the best breads and the sanwiches are to die for. They take EBT.

    • I decided today last day Iam posting on this blogg. Cuz you all know I got the others. And I can post pix and more content. And its faster. This foulseakers blogg slower. An it takes to long. I hit send. Some times I got to hit send more than once to send. An I wait an waid and wait. I do’nt got that time just to wait and wait an wait. And this blogg suck. The other one is better. And allot more followers to.

  2. I checks my Ebay posting. Xanadu album. It’s now at 180.00. Wholly shit 💩. I’m in the wrong line if work. I should just do Ebay. My Ebay ad been on 6 hours. And it’s at 180.00 now.


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