Angel Nichol Moy Ultimate Homewreker


Angel Nichol Moy Ultimate Homewreker

She’s been married and separated she gets close to womens while her second baby daddy doesn’t want her she’ll play victim and when your not around your other half’s she’ll secretly text and a make them feel bad and tell them lies than she waits for the perfect moment to send them nudes and than ask to have sex in your home etc she like younger guys under 25 years old she the worst friend you could have ever ask for her Name is Angel Nichol Moya she’s sadly a mother of 5 and she’ll do anything for mens attention

Discovered on Wed, 10 Aug 2022 2:30:2 GMT

Discovered at: Angel Nichol Moy Ultimate Homewreker

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  1. Michelle you say I’m full of shit 💩 and All talk if I had something and to proove it. You fucking dont proove the shit 💩 that comes outta you mouth. Abd queefs into your Tims face.

    Read up michelle when you post under you fake name EUNOHOO. And you talk aboult court this court that. Ummmmmm really now. What Court thing. What you talking aboult. Thats a suprise to me. I dont know nothing on this. As usuall with you michelle. Bullshit 💩. As people would say aboult shit 💩. Coming out a you mouth and queefing in your Tims face. Fake News.

    You talk allot shit 💩 out of you mouth. An you Queef in your Tims face. But he probly likes that. Since he Vapes. Oh yaaaah. That re minds me.

    I forgot say. I showed that Dee Woman the comment posted that Your Tim went to Vape store an talked a guy there aboult me. Dee said. Michelle says all this crap aboult you but she doing the same thing. I say back yaaah I know. Its okie for her to. But not for any one any body else. She saw how fucked up tristed you mind works. I say to he michelle say im a narcissist. But after you read all stuff she say. What that make her.

    Did I say she said that you made it all up aboult contacting the office. And that no calls from Tennessee. Lol. Even you pretending to be EUNOHOO an making up that storey about EUNOHOO calling the office and Jenneffa calling him back. And number in caller ID. Dee said Jenny told her that becer happen. So Michelle. It comes doen to who’ lieing. The Elevate Office or you/EUNOHOO.

    Mmmmmmmm I doupt the Office would lie. But You/EUNOHOO would. And have. An will a gain lie an make more shit 💩 up.

    Court. Lol. That’s a good one EUNOHOO. Ooooopsie Dooooopsie I mean michelle. Lol. You do such a good job pretending to be him. I some time think EUNOHOO is real. And evreyone including that woman Dee thinks he’s fake to.

    She said to. For me to contact her if I need. An I said okie.

    On Golddiggers I posted a pix of her business card. You can see it on there. In case you wana say I’m BS. Oh ya. The Elevate office Michelle/EUNOHOO doesnt got her business card. An thats to save you fron saying. That i got her card from the office.

    Fuck its 2am bed time.


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