Mia Emani Jones Fake Lesbian Who Loves P3nis


Mia Emani Jones Fake Lesbian Who Loves P3nis

This girl is the newest trash to hit HBO’s new series F Boy Island season 2. This girl appears to be put together on her Instagram, but behind closed doors she is sucking 60 year old sugar daddy wiener just to have her bills paid and her Hyundai Kona financed. What is worse is that her daddy got her a job and into dental school and she walks around all of Tampa showing off and claiming how she did it all by herself. Funny thing is that her family in Delaware is rich, and they probably don’t know that her daughter is running around with a bunch of other bimbos in Ybor area trying to fuk any dude that is a “high baller”. She smells like a bunch of McDonald’s chicken nuggets that were sitting in the car too long. Funny fact about her is that she claims she’s a lesbian, when really she has about 5 wi3ners in her mouth at any given time!

Discovered on Sat, 6 Aug 2022 2:30:3 GMT

Discovered at: Mia Emani Jones Fake Lesbian Who Loves P3nis


  1. I’m staying an extra night in the Hotel. And Michelle Ian not jelous of you and I dont your life. And no I don’t want your Tim. Can I remind you. He’s a Security Guard. 💂. Now mabey if made serious money and was real rich. Mabey then I would. But he makes way under 25.00 bucks an hour. I dont know how you both get by on that income he makes. And your SSDI gives you under 900 a month. And that bellow poverty kevel.

  2. When we are eating a Peppermint Patty. And we think of Michelle. We don’t think of a cool refreshing breeze. We think of Michelle Queefing in her Tims face when he’s down there. And she’s giving him Military orders.


  3. I been up a little while. I told my son to stop the racket. Hes so lould. I think he forgets I’m sleeping.

    Hey. Ya. EUNOHOO. Im making my famouse Spagett Puzza. The kids love it. Lol…. Im kidding michelle. But I do wonder. Does Tim get sick of the TV dinners you heat up in the Microwave. Walmart has Cold beer at 6.50 a case. You Tims all time fave. Lol

    So. Ya. I heard aboult the Labor Day Pool Party you having. Maybe my son should flying his drone.

    Hey. So Lori was looking at the bloggs and she said she saw that EUNOHOO posted a comment. Well you. We all know it’s you. She said she read some shit 💩 you posted under EUNOHOO name saying about hoping theirs court soon. Im gona look for it and comment. Tell the readers. Ya fake News. Cuz if there was hona be one. Cops would show up given me stuff at my door. Nope no ones come. Last was in November re member. And I appealed it. And in December I won. I’m gona have to remind the fake EUNOHOO this. And temind that I appealed and won.

    • Please stop harassing Michelle, Jolynn. Can’t you see that nobody wants to talk to you? Just quit posting. All you are doing is continuing to harass and upset other people.

  4. Let the Queen JoJo live long and prosper. Kneel to Queen. For she may Grant you your wishes.

  5. I sweare I saw Nicole. When me and my son went to McD’s. I said is that her. He said. Ya. I think it is. If not she got a twin. I thaught when she left Elevate she moved out of Tucson. Now Im gona got to find out.

  6. Movie night with popcorn and smoores. I bought fron Bookmans 2 good ones. And gona start them soon. Right after supper.

  7. Okie readers. Post more mabey on this blogg after the movies. If not i’ll be posting on Golddiggers after 9. In 2 hous.

  8. 🤓 First movie was better tgan I thaight it be. Gona watch the other I think tomorrow. One more bag of popcorn.


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