Katrina Juncaj


Katrina Juncaj

THE DIRTY ARMY: Katrina goes by name Kat – has no home life style, always in Miami, NYC, Montauk, St Tropez. No job just flys around from city to city in a very raspy smokers voice. Loves to be center of attention and loves to show off her boobs. Her motto I don’t date millionaires I only date billionaires. Gets a Bf but can’t seem to make them stay long term. What’s her deal? Comes from Michigan from a small poor family? Sports the hat of most corniest Italian restaurant in NYC where gold diggers prey on upper east side dudes!

Discovered on Sat, 6 Aug 2022 2:30:3 GMT

Discovered at: Katrina Juncaj


  1. I cought the bouquet. OMG. Yaaaah. I cought the bouquet. 💐 I’am not counting really finding my Prince an gett’n Married. But its real good luck catching the bouquet. 💐 So mabey som’tin good will come out of it. Like PowerBall. OMG if I ever Won that. I would be so rich. And Michelle would be jelouse at that for shur. Yaaaaaah me I cought tge bouquet. I cought the bouquet. 💐

  2. You know your hefty 300 pounder ass plowed into the other women, like a quarterback, going after that bouquet! 😆So, if you do remarry, will that be your sixth, or seventh time?

    • Hey Michelle At least I had weddings. And Honeymoons. You sealed the deal at the Courthouse. And didnt have a Honeymoon.


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