Jose Vega of Sarnia Ontario / Ipperwash Beach is a Tinder Swindler – T …


Jose Vega of Sarnia Ontario / Ipperwash Beach is a Tinder Swindler - T ...

Ladies watch out for Jose Vega aged 39 turning 40 in 2022 a man from Nicaragua. He is a tinder swindler. Will love bomb and obssess over you, acting like he has money and a job, but he is in fact a bum. Once he has your attention, the obssessive love bombing stops and he will start to try and scam you for money, anywhere from 3-8$k pretending he needs to fix his car or buy a new one but really it’s just his way to scam a living. Hide your wallets and get your beavers checked if you have been with him, or avoid him sliding into your DMs altogether because he is nasty and dangerous.

Discovered on Sat, 6 Aug 2022 2:30:3 GMT

Discovered at: Jose Vega of Sarnia Ontario / Ipperwash Beach is a Tinder Swindler – T …


  1. Glynnis said the alarms went off last night at Elevate. What else is new. Last summer they spent all this money. Rewiring replugging re fire alarming. 2 to 3 months. It ended in October 2021. Ya. It did take that long months. And the fucking alarms still go off. The even had fire hazzard people from 9pm to 8am seven days a weeks sitting around over night durring those months. Paying them. It costed Elevate allot of money. An still the fire alarms went off. And tho’s alarms still go off.

    I met a bunch of new tenants. An they of said. The Office never told them aboult the alarm problem. And I said. A nother reason why people move in an move out so fast. They move in. Deal with the 4 to 6 times a month with the alarms. Then at the end of there lease. They move out. I’m now one of the longest renters. That pervert Micheal Goodspeed and his Gambling addict Wive moved a few months ago. Them two been here Marg told me 9yrs. Stephanie been here 6yrs. Michelle moved in here October 2018. Few months b4 me and the kids. We moved in Dec 2018. Time flys when you having fun.

  2. My severley autistic son said. Post Michelle this and tell her to check what malware is and how worms are used in computer mumbo jumbo. Mabey then she’d get a fucking clue at how autistic I am. So b4 me and Koban go door knocking a gain. I thot I’ld post this.

    Kind of odd that EUNHOHOO not been posting. And you been offline for a few hours to.

    • Yes, I take a break from posting for a few hours. I have other things to do. Michelle doesn’t post, really. She doesn’t go into full detail about her life, or her business, like you do. She only chimes in when you are hanging shit on her, which is often.


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