Kristina Crypto @Cryptocali808 – floozy blackmailer


Kristina Crypto @Cryptocali808 – floozy blackmailer

@cryptocali808 This is not a professional floozy at all, she will blackmail you and try to extort you or threaten to tell your wife and won’t stop, floozys like this give others a bad rap, stay away boys I’ve learnt the hard way.

Discovered on Tue, 2 Aug 2022 19:3:1 GMT

Discovered at: Kristina Crypto @Cryptocali808 – floozy blackmailer


  1. Michelle Corner made this page a month ago. July 3rd.


  2. Yeah readers check this out.


  3. I got to pick up my son again. He doesn’t have a ride. So I said I’m not wasting the gas. So after lunch. I’lk pick him up. Then we will go to Burlington or some store to get what we need for the Wedding we going too. Be good get away for 5 days. Glynnis say she’ll watch dogs. Feed our other 2 pets to. Shit I opened slider earlier even with the rain storm its hot as fuck out.

  4. Wow. Quiet now. No postings from Michelle or fake EUNOHOO. Mmmmmmmm. Very strange. Cuz usually they do all day.

  5. Im sure will be more later. I’ll read after I get back from lunch an shopping. Michelles on an on an on. And on an on an on. HeHeHeHeHeH.

  6. I’m looking forword to the trip. And where I’m staying real nice to. And has continental breakfast. I’ll be treated like Royally.

    • Don’t count on it. Continental breakfasts have disappeared once Covid hit.

      • https://postalmostanything.com/7295/jolynn-graham-farr-jojo-tucson-az

      • Leave my daughter a lone you nasty ugly twat. And your hair. Orange. And you whinkled skin and your turkey neck. What you husband saw in you when he said yes. Was he drunk. He must of been. Cuz there so many other woman out there that we know he’d love to get with. Where’s he now. Mmmmm mabey hes on his way to get with a nice one. With a nice ass and tits. Why get with a boney ass old woman when this guy your Tim can go bone a woman he really wants. Ya. Where is he. Is he home. Mmmmmmmm

        • Jo, you are so jealous, because Michelle got a man and you don’t. That’s because you keep saying the same stupid bullshit, over and over again. We are tired of the same old song and dance. Yes, Tim wanted to be with Michelle’s smaller body, than stick around Elevate, and degrade himself by sticking his dick in your monster stink cavern; your fat, nasty body that looks like fucking Grimace. Plus your face is a double bagger. Just think, if you used your own ugly pictures on your phone sex profile, no swinging dick would ever call you. You look like an old hag with high mileage that has been rode hard and put away wet. Your ratty old cunt smells like a busted crapper on a leaky tuna boat!

          • 💍Jolynn Graham Farr. 💍 Millionaire and CEO Equis Financial 💍

            No Michelle I am not jelouse of you. And others have talked to all said they not jelouse of you. And when they heard a year ago you moved into your money 💰 💰 💰 pit. Trust me they were happy not jelouse that your Tim married you.

            Hey EUNOHOO. Remember I said call the Office so they can tell me you called. That was what almost 2 weeks ago. Gues what Michelle. No incoming calls from a guy from Tennessee. Lol. Know why. Cuz the nigga dont exist. In you mind EUNOHOO is real. But we all know hes not.Oh ya michelle. If EUNHOHOO was real. He could send a pist card to my address from Tennessee. Lol. He cant can he. Lol if he was real. He would of. But hes fake. And hes you.

            Grab the bag. Cuz i bet after you Tim looking at hot chix online. He will in the mood to pound one out. Then hop on his shoot em up game.

  7. Been Posting on GoldDiggers. Case you readers wondering. Love you all 👄.

  8. Mmmmm I see no nasty comments by the one and only Fake EUNOHOO. And Michelle not online. But usually theres a buch she posts under EUNOHOO. Mmmmmmm

  9. I heard Jo jo. That you are heading to Court to finally face the harassment. I an glad finially this day is coming. You have harassed but you been harassing Michelle alot more.

    I know the Jury will find you Guilty. And I hope you are Sentenced to spend time in a Mental Facility. You have some serious problems. And you need to get some serious help. This has gone on way to far. And it’s been endless. Every day you write stuff on these pages. And it’s all nonsense and you just to love to toil with people and theirs lives. And it look like finally sonething is about to happen real quick real soon. I wish I was there the other day when you were served papers. The look on your face must have been priceless.

    • She got scared. She just tries to hide it, with her bad acting. In reality, her heart started racing and her eyes got all wide, as she drenched her Poise Pad full of old lady urine.

      • We know it’s you Michelle. No one else does what you do. And you done all those bloggs and the Twitter one to. No one ekse but you would do. Cuz you obsesses with harrassing me. And I can proved it you.


  10. I see that you have one aboult me on Twitter to. I screenes shoot it. This is Harrassment big time.

    • Nice try Jolynn. But I don’t even use Twitter. So whatever you have is probably something that you’ve done to try and get me at the hearing.

      • Lier. Lier. Lier. You the only one other than your fake name. EUNOHOO that calls me a narcissist. No one else does. And you alwasys focus on the same BS.


  11. So. Ya. your head. The way it thinks. Its like a bus. The wheels on the bus go round an round. Round an round. Roung round. The wheels on the bus go round an round. Just like inside you head. No brain just wheels.

  12. I be on my other bloggs. Love all of you. 👄

  13. I’s ways after 9am and no EUNOHOO. Last EUNOHOO was las night. And Michelle was online.

    Lets do a look see. Nope Michelle not online. So thats why no EUNOHOO been posting. Mmmmmmmmm…. But we’ll keep a look. An see when she loggs in. And how many minutes till EUNOHOO posts. Lol. She’s been so Busted.



    • Shut up, Hojo. I was busy last night. It’s about 12:10 pm here, my time. You know, a little after noon time. I’m heading off to lunch over at Ruby Tuesday’s with FREE appetizers. Bye.

      • Michelle.. I still have the screen shot you calling me Hojo from last Fall. And in November/December when I had the page taken down. So if EUNOHOO was a real person from Tennessee. EUNOHOO would never know you call me Hojo like over 100 times. Busted again. Lol.

        Hogo. Michelle.

        Have fun at Ruby Tuesdays.

        Michelle do you remember you saying you hate Blacks. I also have those postings you saying that. Last year. And you talking shade aboult them and faggs. You said Obama shit 💩. Blacks don’t do shit 💩. They feel entitled. Lazy ass’s and you said to that more blacks at Elervate.. An you say. Gays and Lesbos make Military look weak. And Gays and Lesbos should not ever be married. Thats between a man n woman. Not gays an Lesbos. I got those posts to.

        Have a good time at Ruby Tuesdays. Try not to Queef.

      • Busy my fat ass. Lol. That’s a good one.

        Michelle wasn’t online. So EUNOHOO wasn’t either.

        Today. Michelle online posted under her name. Then Boom. Out pops your post. With in minutes.

        Now she’s offline. An no posts from EUNOHOO. I mean we all know Who. Lol. Michelle.

  14. Michelle you an your Tim. Should buy the Yetti 2000. In case your power goes out. Yo’d have a Generater as back up.

  15. Intresting is’nt it readers. Michelles offline. And now she pretending to be EUNOHOO and. EUNOHOO says. Lunch time. Lol. And she posts where lunch is at. No one does that. Unless Michelle really have something to convince us with. Lol. We all know they the same person. Cuz if EUNOHOO was real. He’d say. Heres my Face Book. Look. Most people woud do that. The escuse EUNOHOO will post. Is that. EUNOHOO won’t want people to see his Face Book. Or EUNOHOO will say. No Face Book. Lol. The only person not on Face Book is Michelles schizophrenic Mother. Evreyone one else is. And let’s just say. When they do a tell all. They tell an all. I posted all that on Golddiggers. I’m not gona repeate the same 💩 trice.

  16. And no Michelle/Tim. Im not gona post the Golddiggers link. You want to know. Look. If I just give the link out. Saves you from doing the work. But I did give the link and 411 out to the peeps you know. An intresting. Huh. How no one Post anything. Just her fake EUNOHOO and that fagg Charlie Wilkens. Thats it. None her relatives do. None her real alive breathing human friends. Just that fagg and EUNOHOO and what ever othe fake name she creates. Nope not one. Thats cuz Michelle been out casted by her Family. Her Mother thro her out at 17yo. Michelle was a crazy mental case back then as she is today. Shit 💩 it’s already 9am. Ummm going to be late.

    • Well, that website is a porn site. So are you saying you posted pics of ma and Tim on there?

  17. No Michelle/EUNOHOO it’s not a porn site. And you did those Bloggs. Cuz the content is the same as the shit 💩 you posted last year. And you the only one calls a narcissist. No one else has ever. But you.


  18. Michelle aka EUNOHOO.

    Does your Gay Charlie know you pretended to be him on Foulspeakers. I bet you if he knew he’s be very pist off at you. Oh wait it wasn’t you. It was EUNOHOO. Michelle. You got his last named spell wrong. If it was really him. His last name not be spelled that way.

    Busted. Trying to bet me pist off so I will post shit. Sorry. It didnt work.

  19. Jesus, Jolynn…you’re hanging out on porn sites now? Gross!

    Why don’t you get on Fart Fantasy and blow some rotten, loud farts out of your flabby, naked ass for the perverts? You might get paid for it. I heard there are some sick fuckers on there who’d love to watch skanks break wind. Or put on a real freak show on Chaturbate. There is a nutty fat woman like you who lives out in Tulsa (which is “A SLUT” spelled backwards). She was known as “Bathtub Girl”. She did her nasty shows in her bathtub. Go make yourself some money on the porn sites and leave other ppl alone.

    • What ever you say EUNIHOO. I mean Michelle.
      ….. LOL. HA HA HA HA HA HA HA

    • EUNOHOO. I mean Michelle. Funny isn’t it. When you online. EUNOHOO posts. When you offline. EUNOHOO is at Ruby Tuesdays. Lol.

    • Don’t be no dumn ass Michelle. That link dont go to no Porn site.

  20. As I said Readers. If EUNOHOO was a real human. EUNOHOO would be proving he’s real. And you know what. EUNOHOO cant. Cuz EUNOHOO is Michelle/Tim pretending. Untill EUNOHOO can show real proof. Beyond an are code. The weather report. Going to Ruby Tuesdays for lunch. It’s all bull shit 💩.

    If you are real EUONOHOO it’s time you show us. Cuz last fall said I wasn’t in the Military untill she saw the proof I was. Then she shut her Fkn mouth after that.

    So.. Show us the proof EUNOHOO. Or Michelle shut your pie hole. And stop Queefing in you Tims face.

    • What? You don’t believe I was at Ruby Tuesday? It’s a chain restaurant. They have them everywhere! They have a promotion going on, now. Go spin the wheel, get some free grub, and go stuff yer gut!


      • We don’t have any in Tucson. The closest one to use is up near Phoenix

        • There’s a Ruby Tuesdays headibg to Marana. Dumn shit 💩.

        • The one I went to is in Knoxville, on Chapman Highway. The location is actually East Knoxville; it’s right next to Seymour, TN. Another thunderstorm ⛈ hit during lunch, and I got caught in the rain on the way out.

      • Like I said EUNOHOO. Untill you show more proof not just an area cosmde. Weather report and Ruby Tuesdays for lunch. You and Miserable Deprived Wive are the same.

        • It does matter what proof I give, you still try to debunk it, regardless. Your property manager/landlord had two Tennessee phone numbers calling her, and you still say it’s Michelle, who lives in Arizona. You don’t believe that I talked to your property manager. She answered the phone, saying her name is Jennifer, and you were still in denial. It doesn’t matter if she goes by Jenny to you all, she answered the phone, saying her name’s Jennifer. To accuse me of lying, over something so petty, is stupid Jolynn.

          • You think I’m an idiot. They dont got caller ID at the Office. And even you Michelle calling. They not gona tell you shit 💩. About a tenant. By Law they can not. So you say you called the Office. Why not call me. Lol. Cuz you can’t. Lol. Cuz you dont exist. Michelle is real. But you not. And Jenny can not talk aboult a tenant and personal information.
            I dont think she will risk her job. Even you calling Michelle she aint gona say jack shit.

  21. Michelle should talk to Jerry at Elevate. Jerry know’s what people have said aboult her. He laughed when I referred to her as the Military Nazi that gets into peoples faces. Ya. That was last fall b4 she moved. And I said watch after she an her Tim gone. You will see more renters walking there dogs. People walk in a diffrent direction when they see her.

  22. Jerry the maintenance guy. Studio apartment 2nd floor. 1214. He has a cute as a button lil boy. And his Mom would watch the kid while Jerry was working.

    So Michelle I suppose Im making this all up to. Lol.

  23. And Jerry knows that when Michelle and her Tim moved out of apartment Building 4 seconds floor. Apartment 4206. He can tell yo readers what renters said. He painted her apartment. People see him. Say.. They moved. Good hopefully the new people wont be nosey fuckers.

  24. I got Jerry’s number to. Jolynngrahamfarr@yahoo.com. email me. And I’ll get it to you. And you Readers can ask him and see what he says. If you dont beleve me and wana see what he says. And what the Offuce says to.

  25. Now go be a Wive and go make your Tim a frozen TV dinner and a Colt beer to wash it all down fast so he can go play his game. While you sit watch reruns on TV and wait.

  26. I forgot how much cooler Bisbee is. I may bever want to leave. Hardy Ha Ha.

  27. Michelle aka EUNOHOO. Your just all. KAKA

    Google it if you don’t know the true meaning. Cuz it don’t just mean shit 💩

    No Michelle. I’m not jelous of you. Never was. Never will be. Wich I find it amusing you run you mouth and post it on the bloggs. Cuz with the ammoubt of gossip you do with the neghbors at Elevate. You would know that my neighbors here would tell you. I not onced said I wish I had you life or your Tim. Not to one fucking person.

    You just like to imagine that all up. Cuz it gets you say. Tim picked you. But just like he said yes to marrying you. He will if he ever got the chance to get with a Woman with out boney ass and orange hair. He’ll bone her in a sec. And you fear that evreyday. And one day that will come. You seriously think if a blonde with nice tits and and ass if he was given a chance. He’d say No.

    Nope. Trust me. Your Tim will bone her with pleasure. 🌩🌩🌩And I’ll be there to tell you. I was right.🤓 An I cant wait for that day. When I hear you Tim boned a hot chick. That would be for ne the best News. Hearing your Tim cheating on you with a Woman that so turned him on.

  28. https://postalmostanything.com/7295/jolynn-graham-farr-jojo-tucson-az

    Michelle Hughes Corner created this page. You got to sighn up and register in order to post a blogg. I contacted them 2 weeks ago.

    I provided them enough information to show Michelle/Tim/ there fake EUNOHOO/Rusty been harrassing me.

    They got back to me this past Friday. and looked into it. I provided her email address. They matched it with the one she used to Register with… It’s Michelle’s email.. And it’s Michelle.

    They are going to contact her. And remove the page.

    And now.. I have even more proof to show I’m being harassed by her.


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