nna Nguyen Thi Phuong Anh – the Notorious Marriage of Convenience/Marr …


nna Nguyen Thi Phuong Anh – the Notorious Marriage of Convenience/Marr ...

Thi Phuong Anh Nguyen (or Anna Nguyen – [REDACTED] ) – an ambitious immigrant who tries to scam her way into our [REDACTED] Anna first opened her illegal eyelash extensions business called Anna [REDACTED]  back in August 2020. She never registered her business license back then and never paid a cent of taxes for this country. She was a D student at [REDACTED] and was working illegally full time under her student/study permit even though the permit does not allow her to work full time. She was never certified to do volume lashes and had never taken any VOLUME lash courses, but she provides services to innocent Kamloops girls anyways. She does not know how to make fresh volume fans and strictly only uses pre-made fans that she bought from Asia for dirt cheap prices then charging them an arm and a leg. Which is why so many clients of her complained about the bad retention. She talks trash about other experienced lash artists in town behind their backs to her clients while still acts innocent in front of them. But that is not all what is wrong with this ugly inside out Canadian wannabe! Within the span of 6 months, she used her Pu$$y power to try to marry at least 3 guys in Kamloops, so that she could get permanent residency by being their spouse. Her first victim was Derek Brunner whom she asked to help back in 2021. At first he only agreed to a common law relationship but Anna knew the spouse application is always faster and certain even in the case of them breaking up, so she tricked him into thinking they had to get married for the application to work. He agreed to help and they opened a joint account together, bought the rings, did a lot of things on papers together to show that the marriage was legit. But their relationship eventually didn’t work out and so was the deal. Right after the breakup with Derek in May 2021, she slept with a ton of guys in Kamloops trying to find the next victim. Finally in June/July, one of her lash clients hooked her up with Donavin Arkley, who was also a scam artist in Kamloops. He told her he was a law student, flipping cars and doing business as a job, and that he might be moving to Alberta for pipelining and would be making $400k/year. Knowing she has found the perfect victim, within 1 month of hook-up, they became official (only more than 1 month after her breakup with Derek), to have a wedding and to buy a house together soon. However, when they went to the banks, they disqualified for any loans because both of them worked illegally and never paid taxes and did not have enough income or cash. That was when Anna found out Donavin was actually broke and was not doing that well financially as he said. She tried to stop the wedding and break up with him soon after finding out there’s no point in marrying a brokeass just to get the green card. Unfortunately, before she could, he got into a motorcycle accident and died on the scene. The same day that she went to Donavin’s funeral, she met Jessie James Bagabuyo through a friend. This time she knew she found the perfect victim because she knew he has a house, 2 cars, a snowmobile and lots of expensive stuff so he must be rich. She tried to lovebomb him at the beginning, showering with the most expensive gifts in the world to make him fall for her. And soon after, within 5-6 months of dating, they got married on [REDACTED] , a secret wedding that both of them tried to hide from everyone, just so she could get her green card. This is called Marriage of Convenience by laws and is a serious fraudulent activity that Anna committed without hesitance. It had been her plans for years. so if you are in Kamloops, stay away from her. She is bad news and will destroy your life with her scams just so she can get what she wants.

Discovered on Thu, 28 Jul 2022 19:3:1 GMT

Discovered at: nna Nguyen Thi Phuong Anh – the Notorious Marriage of Convenience/Marr …


  1. Readers. I just want to remind you so that you don’t get Duped by Michelle Corner/Tim Corner. Michelle/Tim pretend to be EUNOHOO on here. So again don’t be fooled by them. Good luck. And I love 💘 all of you.

  2. Lol…… EUNOHOO said that too on FoulSpeakers to. Lol. (He posted he called all yhe way from Tennessee. And I responded) EUNOHOO. Why would someone that doesn’t even know any one here in Tucson or ever been to Tucson call about people EUNOHOO doesn’t even know. Lol. Jenny said the same thing. She does by Jenny not Jennifer. So that you know Michelle. You would know that if you actually had any conversation. Busted in another lie Michelle. Lol

  3. This is how I know that Michelle Corner Hughes is both Rusty and EUNOHOO. Michelle the only one that post on bloggs Jo Jo. Everyone calls me Jolynn. Well there’s Charlie Wilkens. He says same as her. That Faggit calls me Jo Jo to. I told him 2yrs ago after me and him meet I hate being called JoJo. Cuz of growing up being teassed Blow Jo. Or JoJo the hoe hoe. And other names. And I can tell when Michelle posts shit 💩. Becuz that nasty no good wench all ways says the sane shit 💩 over n over n over. Jo Jo you use your kids fir money 💰. Jo Jo your fat. JoJo you live in an apartment. Jo Jo go fuck yourself. JoJo you and your pussy smells. JoJo you are a cunt. Jo Jo you on Dissabillity and your not Dissablled. Your kids hate you. Your son works two jobs. JoJo get a job. But Michelles on Dissabillity. It’s ok for her to be on Dissabillity. Get Food Stamps. Be on ACCS Arizona Free Health Care System. Get free meds for her Schizophrenia. And all her other Mental Conditions. But not okie for any one else. Oh ya. She keeps saying I’m jelouse of her. Hey any of you Jelouse of her. She’s Married to Tim. A Security Guard. They live in a fixer upper. They got no extra money yo buy anything because it’s a one family income. Tim works. Michelle stays home. They got married at City Hall. No Honeymoon cuz they cant afford it. They been married under 3yrs. Not one trip. I mean a real trip. Vacation. Not a go visit his Family. I mean a real vacation. They are strapped for cash. Today I treated myself and bought a 400.00 dollar watch. That’s my 5th watch. I doubt she even has a watch. She and her Tim dont go out to eat. Movies. Ya so I had lunch today with Janice at Olive Garden on Broadway. I go out to lunch a few times a week. And out to supper once mabey twice a week. Usually once. Other times it’s Take Home Delivery. I bet she never ordered Pappa Johns or Dominos. And Dominos very close to were I live. Oh ya. Hey she calls my house dirty. Cuz I told her to do something today. Dont just sit at home and wait for my next blogg posting and for your Tim to get home from his job being a Security Guard for what hourly wage. I said wash a window vacume and the bitch got mad. And says to clean my dirty house. She knows my house isn’t dirty. She talks to the same bitches that I talk to. And word gets a round. So if my place was a mess. That bitch would of all ready heard. And its not. So Michelle again. I am not jelouse of you or wish I had your life. Yeah I may be fat. And I’ll admit it. But Im not a lonely boney ass orange haired bad dye job house wife. That just sits shits 💩 waiting hourly all day for my next comment I make online. And waits her Tim to come hope so she can make his supper. Microwave his TV dinner and Colt beer. He runs to his computer to play his Shoot em up Game. No Michelle Im not jelouse of you one damb bit. And no. I never wanted your Tim. Hes a fucking Security Guard. Readers. Would you want to be a Newlywed to a Security Guard in his mid to upper 50’s. My sons 24yo and makes a little less than Michelles Tim. And look see. They are strapped for cash.

  4. Hey Readers. Ya

    All you should know. I’ll posting more on my New Bloggs on GoldDiggers. Email me if you want the link to them. Jolynngrahamfarr@yahoo.com

    I love 💘 you all.

  5. Michelle. Aka EUNOHOO.

    I screen shot all that. I can use it to show that you are giving me Social Security numbers and information and seeing if I try and do something with it.

    And I’ll show it to them next month at my next appointment. My son and the Manager here who knows us. I showed it too. And showed your pix too. Hey you and Tim eat here. Well if you ever talk to the manager. The manager will recognize you.

  6. Wow a huge monsoon coming. Both my phones got amber reports. It’s gona be real bad.

  7. Jolynn posted an Amber alert about the Monsoon in Tucson at Elervate Apartments.

  8. Wow

    No comments from Orange top Michelle or her tin man Tim. Or any of there fake names.

    See guys. Michelle knows she harassed me. And I think she got served. Cuz it’s unusual foe her or any of her fake names not to be posting her Fat ass snelly cunt comments. She’s afraid now. Because she knows. If they do anything. I can have the arrested. And if her Tim gets arrested. He looses his job. In Security Guarding 💂 you can not have any arrests or felonies. Abd we know what would happen if he lossed his job. No income. And Michelle SSDI or her as she likes to call it. Military Dissabillity only gives under 890.00 a month. Funny. That it’s the same ammount SSDI gives. Mmmmm. Well this is Michelle. And we all know about her (pool) that she says she has. But no one even ones that been in her house to say the’ve seen. So we’ll let her keep the facade going that she gets military Dissabillity when we all know it’s SSDI. Yeah she get’s EDD too. But Sssssshhh she don’t want anyone knowing that too. So Sssshhhhh it’s not to be talked aboult. Okie dokie

    FAZ54 is one fake nane Michelle used last fall. She hid behind it on older bloggs I had. Those pages I had tooken down. So I used it to fuck with her. Cuz she knows she made the nane up like she did with Rusty Nun Sence EUONOHOO and a few others.

    So ya. Hurray this is a big day cuz Michelle got caught with her panties down. And she knows she did. We all know she’s Busted. And we won’t be hearing from her boney ass again. Or from her faje names. She knows it got traced back to her. And as like I said. She don’t want to chance getting arrested. Cuz if her and her Tim do and he does loose his job. They will loose there trucks. The house everything. Cuz on her under 890.00 a month. That doesn’t even afford her mortgage.

    Now Readers I’ll be on my otger Bloggs. Jolynngrahamfarr@yahoo.com E-mail me if you can’t find me on Golddiggers and I’ll send you the links to all my pages.

    Love you all 💋 💋 and you know I’ll put lipstick on if you ask nicely enough.

  9. Another lie from Jolynn. 🙄 She said she was going to stop posting, last night. NOT! 🥱🙄

    And again, she has to make a looooooong post, talking shit about her nemesis, Michelle. All Jo does is judge her and talk shit. Jo says she’ll stop, but as seen here, she going off on a loooooooong tangent, complaining about her once again, and proving her obsession.

    We knew you weren’t going to stop, Jolynn. Why did you lie?

    • Again, I am not Michelle. But I drive the karma bus 🚌 for Team Michelle. I hope she squashes you in court tomorrow.

      • Michelle who ever is giving you the 411. They given it to you wrong. You should do what we do. When we told some thing. We double check with other sources b4 spilling the beans. Here’s a hint tho. No Court tomorrow. You watch to much Judge Judy. That’s television. Then again Michelle. You have a tendency of hearing something once and thinking that how it is. How many tines have you been told something from Kelsey and she was so wrong. And you believed it. Lol.

        If it was Court. Everyone would be talking aboult it. And Michelle is anyone talking anout it. N O P E.

        But tomorrow is going to be a good day. And I can’t wait.

        • You are fucking stupid, Jolynn, you can’t accept the obvious, when it’s shoved in your face. That right there should tell you I’m not Michelle. If I was, I would have known court wasn’t tomorrow. I was just guessing, as to why you were so happy and couldn’t wait until tomorrow. I hope when you do go, she burns your ass in court!

          • Michelle you just trying to get me to spill the beans. After tomorrow. You your Tim and all you’re fake names won’t be harassing me no more.

            Hey… Ya.. Get out of the pool everyone. We are having another monsoon with thunder n lightning. This don’t applys to Michelle n her Tim. They got no pool.

          • You know where she lives. Why don’t you go over there and see for yourself? Take yourself a little stepping stool, put it in your car, and drive over to her place. Climb up and have a lookie loo over the fence. You’ll see it.

          • ⚡⚡🌩🌩🌩🌩Jolynn Farr. Weather Report Lady🌩🌩🌩🌩⚡⚡


          • ⚡⚡🌩🌩🌩🌩Jolynn Farr. Weather Report Lady🌩🌩🌩🌩⚡⚡

            I screen shot that Michelle. You saying why don’t I go over your place. That will be useful too.

          • I love to be a fly on the wall, seeing your fat, sloppy, loudmouth ass trying to prove to the court that I’m Michelle. That’s about as ridiculous and silly as claiming that Orion is Elvis. 🕺🏻

          • Also, if the court must know that you’re accusing Michelle of asking you to come over there, they will see your post, of you taunting her, telling her that she doesn’t have a pool. It will just prove to the court that you’re a fucking jealous piece of shit. And they will say that MICHELLE IS RIGHT! It will prove that she IS being harassed by you.

            Are you going to kill yourself, if the court says she’s right? I mean that would devastate you, if you someone told you that you were wrong. Your Aspie ass gets all bent out of shape, if you’re told that you’re wrong.

  10. Michelle. I made 88.00 dollard today selling my crafts ar the craft fair. Not bad for 3 to 4 hours being there. I did the craft fair. While you sat around and doing nothing but watching the Bloggs.

    • What difference does it make how much you made? You’ll just piss it away buying stupid shit. If you were smart, you’d save whatever money you get, so you won’t come up short on the rent.

      • Michelle. Don’t you remember. My rent already been paid days ago for August. I have never once come up short. I know you know this already. And I’lk spend my money on what ever I want. I’m sorry you can’t do the same. You live by your Tim’s paycheck to paycheck. Your Dissabillity gives u under 900 a month.

        • Keep up that smart mouth bitch. You’ll be short on your rent again one day. You’ll have to get a GoFuckMe page next time, and actually earn that money for once, you lazy whore!

          • ⚡⚡🌩🌩🌩🌩Jolynn Farr. Weather Report Lady🌩🌩🌩🌩⚡⚡

            Michelle. The only person you can boss around is your Tim. If you say shut the fuck up Tim. He shuts up faster than you finishing what your saying. No one else including me would ever take orders from you. Your Tims the only one.

            Now that supper is over. Why not bring him another cold one in his man cave. You know he lines Colt beer.

          • ⚡⚡🌩🌩🌩🌩Jolynn Farr. Weather Report Lady🌩🌩🌩🌩⚡⚡

            You know. Not once and ever will my rent be late.

            You know this Michelle. You asked where I worked when I 1st met you. And I said I’m Dissabillity. Then you asked me what Dissabillitys I had and I told yoy.

          • ⚡⚡🌩🌩🌩🌩Jolynn Farr. Weather Report Lady🌩🌩🌩🌩⚡⚡

            But I made all that dhit 💩 up to. Because what I have for Dissabillits is none of your fucking business

          • The government doesn’t need to give you any money. The government need to lock 🔐 up your worthless ass in a FEMA CAMP!

          • ⚡⚡🌩🌩🌩🌩Jolynn Farr. Weather Report Lady🌩🌩🌩🌩⚡⚡

            Remember Michelle you contacted them and tried to get me cut off. Well as you found out later it didn’t work and they gave me the months they didn’t pay. They know you made a false claim against me. And I believecI have the screen shot too.

      • EUNOHOO,
        She wouldn’t DARE step foot on my property. She actually knows better than that. I catch her on my property and she’s done!

        • That’s right. Restraining order. 😄

          I knew that telling her to check for herself would shut her up.

          It’s sickening how jealous this rotten cow is over your pool. If she wasn’t such a whore and a narcissist, she probably would have been able to hold onto one of her marriages, and have a pool herself. But she can’t keep a husband. Instead, she prefers to live in an apartment, with her son supporting her, while she claims to be a MILF, a hot mom, and a hard working, single mom. 🙄

  11. Amber alert on both my phones and my celks phone too.

  12. Yaaaaah. Powers back. Yippie


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