Jackie Portillo Ratchet


Jackie Portillo Ratchet

THE DIRTY ARMY: Where to start. She is disloyal in every way. The most mentally unstable adult. She has nothing going for her. She talks trash about her friends and blames her faults and mistakes on them. She lashes out just like a Child. She will tell you that she changed , but nope, she is still stuck in her ratchet ways. She is a hair dresser (quickie included if you’re a guy, so I heard from a reliable source, and I believe that to be facts) . She was on a sugar daddy website looking for sugar daddy’s, acts like she works hard for her money and then judges some of her friends for doing it. If you were her friend, just know that she talked horribly about you. She talks about her friends like they have mental instabilities with guys when reality is, she’s the craziest person I’ve ever met. She is always drinking wine and crying. This girl is a Lieing, Cheating Golddigging piece of work. If you think of sleeping with her use a condom because she is high risk if you know what I mean. She purposefully sabotaged her friends relationship and when the girl called her out on it, she created a huge debacle over it. According to Jackie, AKA Trashie, all her friends are messed up except for her. From first hand experience, I highly doubt she’s a good one of her friends after what I experienced with her. She will fight with you then call you to help her, then go back to being ratchet once she got what she needed.

Discovered on Thu, 28 Jul 2022 19:3:1 GMT

Discovered at: Jackie Portillo Ratchet


  1. Readers. I just want to remind you so that you don’t get Duped by Michelle Corner/Tim Corner. Michelle/Tim pretend to be EUNOHOO on here. So again don’t be fooled by them. Good luck. And I love 💘 all of you.

  2. Readers. I’ll be posting on my FaceBook and yhe other Bloggs. WalkTalk. GoldDiggers. And. TheDirty. I like GoldDiggers the best. I can add pix and better content. And I got 8 Bloggs there all ready. Don’t fret. EUNOHOO aka Michelle/Yim I’ll still be posting on here. With that said. My readers. Love you all 💋 💋. And I’ll even put lipstick on to if you ask me niceley.

  3. Lol…… EUNOHOO said that too on FoulSpeakers to. Lol. (He posted he called all yhe way from Tennessee. And I responded) EUNOHOO. Why would someone that doesn’t even know any one here in Tucson or ever been to Tucson call about people EUNOHOO doesn’t even know. Lol. Jenny said the same thing. She does by Jenny not Jennifer. So that you know Michelle. You would know that if you actually had any conversation. Busted in another lie Michelle. Lol

    • I don’t know, Jolynn. Why do trolls get into flame wars with people they’ve never even met before? It happens. It’s been happening for years. What, have you been living under a rock for the past 25 years?

      • Ya. Just as I thought. You not saying anything cuz I busted you again. And you scared that by setting me up Michelle/Tim. I can use it against you. And you know what. Ya I can. And ya. I will. Thank you 😃.

        • I’m going to show it to Jenny aka Jennifer the next time she’s in the Office. And see what she and the others in there say.

    • No, you’re wrong, Jolynn. Your apartment manager answered the phone as JENNIFER, NOT JENNY.

      At first, I didn’t talk to anybody. I called on my cell phone with my TENNESSEE AREA CODE (865) number. And I did not reach anyone. I hung up, before I got on voicemail. But she got my number from caller ID and called me back.

      Then, I called her on another phone and talked with her sometime later. This was a business line: a landline. Still, it was the same Tennessee area code (865). When Jennifer answered, she said her name’s JENNIFER, not JENNY. Don’t be adding more bullshit to the story, Jolynn. I know what happened.

      Now, my cell phone started ringing, like half a day later. Apparently Jenny did not put two and two together, and realized that both numbers were from the same individual in TN. I didn’t leave a message there for a number to call me back. She got my cell phone number from caller ID. Jennifer thought I was a potential client, I guess. She was returning the call, asking me to come look at studio apartments. The next morning, she called again, leaving another message about studio apartments. I ended up texting her back, telling her that I was not moving to Tucson and I was not interested in looking at a studio apartment.

      So why is Jennifer trying to flog off studio apartments on me for? Usually single men are interested in studio apartments. What, did you run all the men off, leaving those apartments vacant and empty?

      • They don’t got caller ID. And they never call anyone back. Michelle you know how horrible they are. Did you forget about the long Yelp message you posted about Elevate. And you mentioned how bad they are getting back to people. Rebters have to call back again and again. Michelle I think you need to reread what you posted there again. I think you forgot.

        And even if EUNOHOO was real. No way Jose. Diabetes was never posted online. Nice try Michelle.

        And why don’t you look for my other bloggs. GoldDiggers.

        • Nice try. They don’t have caller ID. 🤣 Are you stupid, or what? Just about every business that has a landline 📞 phone, these days has telephones with caller ID. It has been that way for at 15 years, or longer. Stop playing stupid, Jolynn. You will do or say anything to prove you’re not wrong. 🙄 You could have the proof shoved down your throat, and you will still you’re right. No wonder you can’t keep a husband!

          I have a cheap pay-by-month cellphone from Walmart. Even that phone will tell me where the phone call is coming from. Jennifer called me twice. Once on 26 July, then on 27 July. I have the number right here in front of me: Arizona: 520-655-6520. There is no name. It just says Arizona. But Jennifer is on my voicemail. She said her name is Jennifer, not Jenny. Stop making excuses and just admit to the fact that you’re fucking wrong!!!

          And don’t waste your time telling me how your rental office is set up. About 17-18 years ago, I rented an apartment in Christiana, DE . The apartment complex was called “The Vinings”. I was there for a few years. Within that time, I saw more manager changes, contract changes, rule changes and so much other bullshit! Just because your apartment didn’t do things a certain way when you first moved in, it doesn’t mean it’s the same way now. Jennifer called me here asking about a studio apartment. Maybe your property managers were not as desperate to rent a place when you first moved in, but they are now. Probably because you are the one who runs people off, and they can’t get any renters.

  4. Jolynn Farr. Go find some Big black cock. You know you want some. Fat ass bitches like you. Like big black dick. So you smelly cunt. Go get some.

    • You wrote that mess yourself, Jolynn. What are you trying to tell us? 🤔

      • Michelle/Tim stop Harassing me. Just go to your fake pool. And swim.

        • Stop posting about their pool! You’re harassing them every time you post about their pool. Their pool is none of your business!!!

  5. EUNOHOO did not post this. He has a Green Face with Glasses on.

    • Lol. Michelle never wrote that above message. I did about EUNOHOO having a Green Face. I’m surprised Michelle never said anything. Lol.

  6. Michelle. You would be the only one that would know that and the only that would even care. No one gives a rats ass but you.

  7. This is Jolynn I’m pretending to be Michelle.


      • Jolynn, stop posting.

        You want people to stop harassing you, stop posting trash, lies, and gossip about them.

  8. Bringing this one back to the top. I like the discussions here. 😂🤣😂🤣😂

  9. Did you know she uses her EBT card at Churches Chicken on Broadway. I read it on one of her bloggs.


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